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  1. Doberman Health
    My 8.5 year old boy Enzo was diagnosed with wobblers a few weeks ago. He had degeneration of the 5th and 6th disc. His symptoms were neck pain and an abnormal gait of the hind legs. If you didn’t know he had it you probably wouldn’t notice, he was still quite agile, but I noticed the changes...
  2. Ear Cropping and Posting
    Hello! I am a new doberman owner and my pup is 11 weeks old. He just got his ears cropped yesterday and they sent him home with a piece of cloth under a sock-like cloth on his head. They also gave me an e-collar and some pain medicine. When I picked him up, they told me to leave the bandage on...
  3. Ear Cropping and Posting
    I just brought Max home from his ear crop surgery. I have meds to start tomorrow because he still has meds in him from his stay at the vet. It obviously is new to him and itchy. He doesn't seem to be in pain, only itchy. Can he have a benedryl? I know the rule of benedryl with the 1mg per pound...
1-3 of 3 Results