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  1. Central Florida Family Looking for Family Dog

    New member introduction
    Hello everyone! We are a family of five including three children, smallest is 7 years old. We have been reading a lot about Dobermans over the past few weeks and we have decided they would make an excellent addition to our family! We are looking for reputable breeders in or around the Central...
  2. Nervous about new doberman puppy

    Puppy Corner
    Hey guys! as per my last post I was able to fix the fencing situation for my future puppy. I was able to find a really good caring breeder and Ive put down a deposit for the puppy! She's a black/rust female and she's about a week old so I have to wait some time before I get her. I am nervous...
  3. New Rescue

    New member introduction
    Hi everyone! So I just adopted a 2 yr and 5 month old doberman a week ago. He is my first doberman. However I'm having a little trouble and could use some advice. The first few days we went on walks with no problem (he has good leash manners) but the last two days he has completely refused to...
  4. New and Adopted Our First Doberman This Week

    New member introduction
    Hello everyone! My name is Jessica and my family [husband, son and current dog] are 5 days in on our in-home trial period with our adopted Doberman. A little bit about us, my son is 6 and hubs and I are 30, we adopted our first dog a year ago who is a German shepherd mix. He was about 3 months...
  5. First time dog mom (rottweiler owner)

    New member introduction
    hello, My name is Brittany Jones and I have 2 Rottweilers that aren't perfect and I am still working on after almost a year and a half of owning both of them. I have alot to learn and a lot against me with my location and my lack of knowledge on being a general dog owner. I am willing to listen...