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  1. Doberman Pup desired

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hi, Shelley and myself have had 3 rescued dobermans in the past. We currently have 3 rescued dogs (non doberman) and would like to adopt a Doberman pup. 6 foot fenced yard. Puppy will "hit the jackpot" here and we are in the beginning stages of the search. Location Delaware County PA Will...
  2. Should I get a doberman?

    Doberman Related Chat
    I am thinking about getting a doberman in the future and have done some research on the breed but I am still on the edge about getting one because of my limited experience with dogs and the size and strength of a Doberman. As much as the type of dog is appealing to me, i fear that if it goes...
  3. I Want a Rescue!!

    Doberman Rescue
    I am new to this and have been searching for hours on end. This is my last resort. I am looking for a young (1-3 yr) female rescue up in the Portland area in OR. I have looked at all the rescues nearby...there are only a few and none are even in this state. I can't even begin to explain how...
  4. Four Doberman mix puppies

    Doberman Rescue
    We're fostering four Doberman mix puppies looking for a home. ? North Carolina Doberman Pinscher Rescue ? ADOPTIONS ?*RescueMe.Org Currently in Eastern PA. Contact Furever Homes Doberman Rescue (found in Facebook) [email protected]
  5. 5.5 month fearful female Dobie in CT

    Doberman Rescue
    It's with a heavy heart I am writing this. We have been having issues with our female dobe being very fearful with dogs and barking at them excessivly. She has a very high prey drive and has recently started chasing our cat and tthis is not play. She is also being extemely rough with my mom's...
  6. I have 2 kids and I want to adopt a 10 mouth female dobe

    Doberman Related Chat
    I want to adopt a 10 mouth old female Doberman But I have a 5 year old boy and 19 months old little girl I'm afraid that the dog won't like my kids Any help on what should I do??
  7. 2 Dobermans for adoption in Northwest Arkansas

    Doberman Rescue
    I have 2 Doberman Pinscher (AKC) adults, 3.5 years old, that need a new home. We moved recently, and they just are not getting the exercise they need in our fenceless yard. :( Ludo, a red and rust male, and Reecie, a black and tan female, have been together since early puppyhood and must be...
  8. Hello from Kansas City

    New member introduction
    I have a 15 month old red doberman mix? My 10 year old daughter and I adopted him when he was 4 months old.... Maybe I should say that he adopted us. We went to the pound "just to look" but my daughter was set on getting a dog and we walked through 5 times before we noticed this quite pup in...