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  1. Puppy Corner
    Hi, My European Doberman is just about to be 7 months old and wow is he a challenge. I have a toddler and training him is by far the most challenging thing I've ever undertaken. He is extremely hyper and very easily distracted, also he is slow to pick things up. Either that or my methods are...
  2. Prince Kemba

    7 months/ 62 pounds, smart, energetic, fantastic with family.
  3. Shaka

  4. Shaka

  5. Shaka

    am swimming
  6. Shaka

  7. Puppy Corner
    i have a 7 month old puppy and sometimes he plays unsupervised in the house when am in the bedroom. when he comes to me uncalled he sometimes has this suspicious look and immediately i know he was up to no good. usually he removes cushion/pillow stuffing or has peed. (we have a chihuahua and...
  8. 7 Months Shaka

    day @ the beach hi
  9. Watching Colts Game

    its Sunday morning we just hanging out
  10. 7 Months Shaka Looking Good

    this boi is 7 months so far so good
1-13 of 13 Results