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2 years old

  1. New Doberman Owner Needs Help!!!!

    General Training & Obedience
    I just adopted a 2 year old doberman. He is doing pretty good, I just would like help with two things. One I have hard time keeping him under control when he is on a walk, Everything attracts his attention and he starts to pull towards it. Second, I have to leave him in the backyard when im...
  2. Look who's turning 2 years old today

    Doberman Related Chat
    :happybirt:happybirt I can't believe my baby Cinnia is two years old today! Her day started with a mini pedi (getting her nails done) which did not make her happy then evil mommie dragged her out into the yard for a photo shoot and to make it worse I made her wear not one but two party hats...