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Her right ear wouldn't stand!
Chloes right ear would not stand. I posted for TWO YEARS AND TWO WEEKS! We saw two different vets and I toyed with the idea of an insert. (Didn't go that route). She did have a "corrective" procedure but that also didn't work. I was ready to throw in the towel. My family was no support. The general consensus was to let it go. One daughter threatened to make signs for the front yard stating "Free the Ear". I'm posting these pics to give another person incentive. If it wasn't for this group and the support given to me, I know I would have gave up. But the members gave me the mental "Keep going!" I needed. The pics were taken right after they BOTH stood. Honestly, I took pics also because I wasn't sure the one ear wouldn't fall again! But the pic is almost a year old and nothing has changed. I've also realized she has the ability to lower JUST THAT EAR (generally just when lying and relaxing and not always) But I also have the ability to raise one eyebrow REALLY high and not the other. So I chalk that up to free will!! So thank you to everyone who encouraged me. It meant more than I can ever say. Now when I look at her and she's on full alert and both ears are perfect (to me at least, LOL) I ALWAYS think, "Worth it all!!!!!!!!" THANK YOU EVERYONE!


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