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I'm pretty new on here - And in some of our discussions on here - Kasia ( Big Girl ) would come up - I told SP and 67 that someday I would post up about this very special Doberman that blessed our lives for all most 15 years -

We farm here in East Central Indiana and I use to post up on a farming web site - And have meet many from across the country and if there travels were threw Indiana - they would stop by to meet Kasia - So she was as ZZ Top would say - Nation Wide - lol

So here's her story - Fitting to find this site - She is good company - till we get there - " Someday "

I haven't read this for over a year - Yet I sit here posting this - with tears in my eyes - Boy they sure become a big part of us --- don't they ?

This was in 3/13 - posted on ag web

I thought I would talk - Brag A little about one of our Dobermans - Kasia - After 10 years with out a Doberman in our life's - One Sunday I went down town to pick a Sunday Star to read about Kenny Erwin - who had lost his life in a race car - it was around 1 or 2 that afternoon that Mrs. ECI came running out saying look what I found ! It was a add for Dobie's for sell ! Never will forget - it said they are beautiful - Mrs. ECI said what do you think ? I said if we go up there - we WILL come home with one and I was right ! lol Well Kasia came here at the right time - I was gone a lot racing , then Nanc's Mom got ALS , We did home care for Nanc's Mom along with her Brother and his wife - What a job , is was sad but Kasia was - or had a way to bright'n' up the day or night - she was our rock - she would go in and check on her , in her hospital bed - then walk back and lay down on her bed - or just give her a lick = kiss's . Then one time , I had been hauling beans to town - it was right before New Years eve - 9 years ago - I came in and I always sat on the step to take off my work boots - only to be greeted by Kasia - tail wagging , then she would hop up and put her paws on both shoulders and would lick and lick me - as to say Dad your home time to play and play we did - but this night was different - she would not leave me alone ! she would jump up on me and follow me every where - Nanc said Ken - what's wrong with Kas. ? I did not have a idea - I had just went to the freg. to get a beer and when I shut the door - she drilled me in the chest - nocked the wind right out of me , I sat down and she did too - right next to me - laying her head on my lap - 20 minutes latter I was on my way to the ER - I was puking up blood by the buckets - they admitted me that night - blood pressure was off the scale ! The next day - the doc.s came in and we had a long talk - I told them about Kasia hitting me in the chest and she would not leave me a lone - the 2 doctors just looked at me and then one said she knew ! And she saved your life - What had happened was the BP was so high - as she hit me in the chest with her size 10 paw - the vessels in my lungs broke - and that's were the blood was coming from - She was my hero !! I could type for hours - No days and days about the things - we did funny and not funny - lol Little did we know that one day the role would be reversed - It would be our job to take care of her as she had done for us - The last few years - Big girls rear legs start to get weak - she had a hard time getting in and out of the back door to the Office - NO problem - She would bark and then ole Dad would pick her up and put out here - or vise-a verse-a , then in Aug 2012 - she started to have seizures - Not bad at first But not good either - So we had her on medicine for that - alone with pain pills for her rear legs - She would have a break threw every 5 months and we would have to up her meds some - then on Oct. 29th she had seizure after seizure - She was very sick - we set up a ICU ward here in the office - she had 24 hour care ! for 3 weeks I would carry her out to do her business and then carry her back in - One day I told her - Kasia - your one smart dog - you saved Dad so one day I could take care of you - lol

Friday Night Kasia had another very small seizure - after a few minutes she popped right up - played ball - ate , drank , barked at ole Dad to rub her - you name it - Saturday - she got a bath plus blow dry - in her younger days as well as older - she loved a bath - but you pull out that hair dryer and the fight was on - but as she got older - she loved the dryer - I guess is was the warm air making her old joints feel better - then she would sleep for hours - Sunday was the same as any Sunday here - pills started at 6 - then 6:15 - then 6:30 - tie for breakfast - then after she ate is was potty time - by then it would be 7 , then time for what we called stinky pills - dam she hated them - had to use a pill shooter to get them down her - then after that battle of the minds - it was time for her 7:30 seizure pills - then she would what to back in the house to be with her best friend - then we would start this all over at 6 at night . I didn't mind - she was a kid we never had - Kasia ate a big supper plus treat then the pills - well she just acted a like different - Her sister spotted it to - she would walk up to Kasia and smell her then cry - I knew she knew something - Well at 8:22 Kasia had another very light seizure - Again she hoped right up and went to bed - I grabbed my pillow and laid down with her - but she just was nervous - could not get her nest made - she got up and walked over and laid down again - I went to bed - about 10 feet from her and just watched her - she got back up and went back to her bed - finally she went to sleep - I heard her get up and was watching her - dam if she didn't have another seizure - still very light - I gave her some special meds for if this happened - it would melon her out - I had used it before - Monday Morning - she went out and did her business but was very weak - very weak ! She seemed to be OK - I took out her rug and laid her down on the patio - she loved laying out there ! Her breathing got very fast - Nanc sat next to her and was petting her - big girl calmed right down - but I was getting a bad feeling - Nanc said to bring her back in the house - which I did and sat her down - Nanc sat there and rubbed her head - by then I thought every thing was going to be OK - Nanc had to go put some things in the dryer so I laid down next to Kasia - at about a 45 degree angle - my head next to hers - Just loving on her telling her she will feel better soon = as the meds wore off - Then she turned and lifted her head and laid her neck across mine - for about 30 seconds then lifted her head back up and gave me a lick on the cheek - Nanc came back out and I was telling her what Kasia had done - Nanc had sat back down with her and then her breathing started to slow down - we were talking to her - praying for her - then I knelt down and put my head to her chest - boy her heart was beating slow - We knew we were about to lose her - I told Kasia lets go get a treat - her beats picked up as I still had my head on her - then is slowed again - I started to cry as I knew as was about to lose somebody that could never be replaced - then I told Nanc - it was really slow - We were both holding her . telling her how much we loved her -- then I heard - beat ----------- Beat ------------ then no beat - I had heard her last heart beat - Need less to say we both cried a river , plus a great lake - After a hour of sitting there with her - I called my good friend Chuck to see if he could bring his hoe down to dig her grave - as the ground was still froze - he did and barely got it - froze 8 inch's - but we got it - I told him the keys were in the dually - take a ride and come back in a half hour - We took her big bed out there along with one of her blankets - then it was my time - to pick up my girl one last time - to lay her to rest - Every time I every picked Kasia up -she would lay her head and neck across my bent elbow - like to rest it there - As I carried her out ---------- the last time -- her head came across my elbow - like it always had - it sure as he11 hard to walk with a 60 pound Dobie in your arms - walking in mud and tears dripping off my cheek that looked more like a Indiana down pour - We Laid her down on her bed and put her favorite toys in there with her - Rest in Peace our big Doberman .

This was our big girls story ! Kasia - You will always be in our hearts till we meet again
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Thank you so much for sharing a bit of your girl with us. How incredibly special she was! Run free Kasia
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Kasia tribute......

ECIN - Beautiful story - I call these "heart dogs" / "a one in a million".
- fewer people ever get to experience a truly humanized Doberman, that will put its family needs first always

Our former Amy was also like this and when she got old, she could not go up the steps to the upstairs master bedroom.
- plus her sleeping alone, was not possible
- so the older leather couch in the living room was junked & the new Futon bed in the basement, was relocated
- for the next 4 months, Dad and Amy slept on the living room Fulton and shared the same pillow
- to start the night off, I gently whispered in her ear...shared a true story, every night

"Amy you were a beautiful baby and I asked for pick of the litter, you were my only pick. But you were too perfect and destined to a show ring & promised to a co-breeder. But your first mom (breeder) knew you needed the most loving mom & dad and big brother...the show ring life, would not suit your need for constant Love...so we got the puppy of our dreams / and I tell her more story's, like when Dad risked his life to shave puppy Amy from 2 GSD attack (I submissed them) and several years later you risked your life to protect your Mom from a GSD/Lab attack...you were so happy that night, protecting family. Than when Dad retired, we had each other 24 hours/day. Soon you were reading my mind.
- we kissed good night
- and I said, don't die on me in the middle of the night...we need proper goodbyes
- we so lucky, to have you Amy...our big baby / and a few more kisses
She went to heaven, at 11.7 y/o.

Ken - Bless you and your family, you fit right in with the good dog lovers here.
PS - my wife is also a Nancy & so is 4x4's wife...small world.
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------------Kelly & (Amy - RIP @ 11.7 y/o)

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Thanks 67 - You brought up a good point with the one out of a million - Nanc all ways said she was a one in a life time dog - Don't get me wrong - we have had some pretty good Dob's -yet she just stood out - Like yours did - But as Kadin is growing up - boy - We may have hit the jackpot - again

How true - Heart dogs ! -- that's for sure .

Thanks again !
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That was difficult for me to take. Thank you so much for sharing someone so precious to you. What a wonderful dog. I'm glad you have another one, even though it would impossible to take her place, Kadin will have his very own place.

"Lots of people talk to animals...Not very many listen, though...That's the problem. " ~ The Tao of Pooh
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Thank you so much for sharing Kasia's tribute. Sleep softly sweet Kasia!
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