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Unhappy My little Damien

Im a sorry to half to tell you all this but my little Red boy has passed away this morning.

On Thursday morning I had woken up hearing Damien heaving, I thought to myself oh no what did he get himself into . I had noticed that he had vomited up some small chunk of wood, so I had just thought well ill keep an eye on him, we all know how puppies like to get into stuff.

Late morning he had an appontment with a local Doberman breeder to get his ears re-taped, we go there every week to let him run and socialize with some other dobies.As soon as Judy took a look at him she said that he was dehydrated, and asked what had happened. So after explaining the story to her we had agreed to bring him into the vet asap.

I got to the 1st vet at 4pm we went in to see what was going on with him .The vet pretty well told me that his heart was very erratic and all over the place, and that I should just keep him on fluids for the night, and then go get his heart checked out because she said it was not good. She had told Mel and I that he could possibly have Parvo but was not sure ,she did absolutley no testing on him she was more concerned about his heart then what was causing his heart to beat like this.

I immediately called my breeder and spoke with her on what had just happened, she called the vet immediately and was really upset , because he had just got his first shots 3 weeks ago and had the whole litter looked over bye their vet and there was nothing wrong with Damien. She was also upset that the vet had said it could be parvo but never treated for it and just sent me home. I did not know what parvo was just to let you know and did not know how serious it was.

Around 11 pm he was looking a lot worse then he had at 4 pm. I had been force feeding him with a syringe (Gatorade for the dehydration & kibble mushed up to give him something) I also gave him some Pepto Bismol to help his little tummy. Bye 12:30am he was getting really bad could not lay down and was moaning in pain, so I had said to Mel lets go to the emergency I cant handle this anymore I could not wait the night out.

We got there and they rushed him in and they did a parvo test and gave him IV, The Parvo test came back negative so I was a little relived. The vet had said that they were going to do ex-rays and do blood work and would call us back in the morning .She said his heart had went back down to normal and was feeling more relaxed with the pain killers.

We got a call in the morning that he had passed away in the early morning and could not hold on any longer ..he was bleeding from the nose and had
died from some sort of poison ingestion.I broke down and could not belive what had happened, I thought he was going to pull through.

We Have been looking around the house all day on what he could have been into , but there is honestly nothing I can think of. Until i was told that there has been alot of cases in my neiborhood of people throwing treats into yards that are coated with either anti freeze or Rat poison cause they just hate dogs.

I did not know that this kind of stuff was going on. It seemed like a really nice area and the dogs were going to have a lot of room outside to play.

Mel and I have been just having a horible time with this, we had saved & saved and did research on a reputible Breeder , Got are little guy and was getting very excited on showing him.Everybody that had seen him could not belive how beutiful he was and what great temperment he had, he was not afraid of anything, he was ready to take on the world.

I am having a really hard time with this, and having a hard time to not blame myself for what has happened.I feel at fault for not watching him every second on what he was doing.

I loved him so much and just want him back I miss you Damien
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Dobie Lover,

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Poor little guy. Amazing how deep they dig into our hearts in such a short time.

Another reminder to treat our Dobies like the kings that they are, because we never know when they will be called home.
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Omg how awful for you, I am so so sorry. You and your family will be in our thoughts.

Thanks Bleh
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Thank you both for your kind words

It's been a really long day and just when i start to feel a bit better, I remember something about him, or think about how much pain he was in.

I feel so awful right now.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your little Damien. I lost a puppy once, they thought it might be parvo but it tested negative. I guess it still could have been, I don't know. The symptoms you described particularly the bleeding could have been rat poison tho. A neighbor of mine lost a young cat to rat poisoning several years ago with the samy symptoms.

I know about the guilt, and some day you'll get to where you can remember the good times you and he had, but it is very hard. One thing I would consider if I were you is changing vets if it was your regular vet who sent him home, that's not really correct for treating parvo *or* poisoning. Either one requires quick intervention. I went thru that with a little rescue dog that the rescue's incompetent vet sent home with fluids and I then rushed to my own vet who diagnosed him correctly and hospitalized him and did save him but he would have died if he had stayed under the "care" of the first vet.

We tend to believe the vets because they're supposed to know. I've had dogs for 30 years and I've learned some things the hard way about vets. I'm so sorry this has happened to you and Damien.

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I am so sorry you lost your sweet little puppy. He was so beautiful and I know you loved him already. Please don't blame yourself, you did what you could do. I wish things could have turned out different for you and Damien.

God bless
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Still Here Despite Rumour
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That is so sad, i cannot bear to here of any dobe passing but it hurts more when it's one of our our own, my deepest sympathy goes to you and your family.

My favourite quote "If it's not a Doberman,It's just a dog" Anon
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I am so sorry. I hope you can look at the good times you had with the little guy.

I once had a cat that died from rat poison. She left 5 new born kittens behind. What Damien went through sounds like the same thing. You and your family will be in my thoughts.

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My mind is only 98% here some times!
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My deepest sympathies for your loss. How heartbreaking. You will be in my prayers....
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Thanks everyone

I am just looking back and thinking to myself , if the 1st vet would of treated him, maybe he would be still here with me.

When he got tested for Parvo the 2nd vet had also told me that it could of been still in the early stages, and that is why it did not show up.

I know my breeder is very upset right now, she said it's just awful they put so much work into him and now to see what has happened. I am going to speak with her more on Monday when i have a few days to clear my head.

The lady that was helping me out with Damien ears offered us to burry him at her house with the other dobies.I agreed and was in a better mood when leaving, we put him in the Red section right beside another Doberman that she had lost in St louis when showing him. I felt at ease when leaving, because Judy was reassuring me that it was not my fault, and that I was doing everything in my power to help him and that's what great owners do.

It's just very up setting I only had him 3 weeks but I was with him like glue for that time either going for a 1 hour long drive to get his ears re-taped or bringing him to the mall to socialize with other people.

Thanks again everyone

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I am really sorry to hear this. I'm not too pleased with how your vet responded either.........maybe it is time to find a different vet. Poor little guy - I sure hope it was not someone throwing poison over the fence.

Mary Jo Ansel

AKC GRCH/UKC CH Fitzmar's Command A Minute CGC "Harvard"
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I am really, really sorry to hear what has happened. Don't blame yourself, who would have thought of anyone doing such an awful thing. This also happened here in Ontario in High Park. A man was leaving hot dogs laced with poision in the park. Dogs were dying but they finally found the source. I just don't understand some people. Anyway's try and think of the goods times you had together, again I am sorry.
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Ryan, I am so sorry you are going thruthis. what a horrible experience for both of you, not to mention poor baby damien. I agree with the others about the vet. it hink you may want to try to find a new one. there are some great ones out there that will go to the ends of the earth to help our doberkids and then there are the 'wait and see'. pErsonally, I would rather have my dobe and a big vet bill, than the awful alternative.

I don't know where you live, but if someone has been poisioning dogs, that has gotta be a crime and should be reported to the police. Not only are they a menace to the pet (and wild life population) in your neighborhood, if they are leaving out poisioned anything, that is a risk for toddlers as well. little kids are like puppies EVERYTHING goes in the mouth.

you may also want to take a look at some of your houseplants and landscaping, to see if they are chewed up. there are some plants that are quite poisionous - rhododendron (SP?) is one of the more common highly toxic plants.

again, I am soo sorry for your loss. there is little in life that is worse.

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awww Im so sorry about Damien...He seemed like such a great pup! I hope you are feeling better and you know like you said It's not your fault. People are so reckless with other peoples things and actual living creatures! During the night on halloween some kids Kicked in our fence and broke two boards...they don't think at all that first they vandalized property and second it could have been possible for the dogs to get out and we live next to a kinda busy road at times. even though we are out there with them...they could have found it before we have.
I saw an animal planet with 3 corgie puppies the first one came in with some seizures etc...and they discovered it was poison...then sure enough the next two puppies followed expierencing the same stuff...after watching that one show I think it would make think something like this was poison...I would think the vet would have suspected poison I think we can all learn from your expeirence, especially all the members that currently have dobe puppies right now and even the older dogs.

Im so sorry for your little guy! but you did everything you ever could for him

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The whole vet issue just has me so so mad, the reason I had gone to him was he was highly recommended bye another Doberman breeder here in Ottawa. I don’t know if we could of saved him, but I had told the 2nd vet if it cost me $5000 I will do it I don’t care. but it was just too late.


my breeder is from Woodstock, Ontario and she had told me the same story, I will be getting in contact with my local police to find out if anything like this has been reported
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We are all thinking about you. To lose someone you love is never easy, but at least in the end their pain is gone.
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I'm so sorry This jsut happened to someones schipperke on another forum. There vet didn't catch it eitheir. Seems like most don't. Don;t be too hard on yourself,it could have been happeneing for a while.tehy act normal often right up to the last minute. they told her the pup could have gotten inot it a week before. I hope yuo can figure out exactly what happened. Some people are sick and I hope if he was poisioned on purpose they get caught. I'm soo soo sorry

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That is horrible. People can be so cruel. Poison is scary because there are SO many things that it could be. It sounds like you did everything you could, I know it is hard to cope with, but don't blame yourself. Our thoughts are with you. RIP Damien.
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Im very sorry to hear of your loss. Poor little guy. I know he was loved very much and I know he knew it too. Please let us know how things go. I would like to know what the police say and all as well. I have yall in my heart!
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I am so sorry to hear about Damien. It is so sad when you hear of anything like this. I hope that you find out your answers and it helps put you at ease. There were issues in the city with people doing the same with poison covered treats and dogs. They were throwing steaks and meats soaked in anti-freeze and rat poison over fences. They had it on the news so people could watch their animals just in case while the police investigated. I believe it was huskies and they did autopsies on them and determined it. It is sad no less that people could be so cruel. You did all that any good owner would. You will be in our hearts and dobie prayer.
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I am so sorry for your heartbreaking loss
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I am so sorry and heartbroken to hear about this. Princi and I send our prayers.


Originally Posted by TracyJo
You know that the growling is just his way to assert his dominance and attempt to control the world, don't cha???? It's caused by his brain growing faster and larger than his skull, be very careful, he could snap at any second now!!!! :-)

Here's the proof..........

RIP my sweet Princess.
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Oh I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My prayers and thought go with you at this time of great sorrow.
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just a member
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I am so sorry to hear this. Losing one after a good life is hard enough, but losing one this way is a tragedy. This is just horrible. You and your pack are in our prayers.

"Never sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things" - George Carlin

Dobiegirls Videos
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Oh gosh. I'm so sorry to hear This is my first time on the boards in a few days, so I'm just reading this now.

I don't know what else to say, except my thoughts and prayers are with you.

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