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New puppy coming in - crate size

So, we're about 10 days away from our new Doberman puppy. She's of the South American variety. My family is so eager for her to arrive after months and months of researching, discussing and planning for this.

I've found the YouTube site "Doberman Planet" to be very good for practical information and have read tons of guides on the gear we need.

I've been purchasing stuff and it's arriving as we prepare the puppies place and how we will care for her.

I ordered an extra large crate (dimensions are 30x48x32). It has 2 doors and a divider to make it smaller while she's little. We were wanting something she can grow with, but this thing is huge! Space is a bit of an issue for us, as we're trying to figure out where in the house we'll place it. The description for this crate on Amazon lists Giant dogs such as Danes and Newfoundlands.

They also have a 42x28x30 that is listed for breeds such as German Shepherds and Boxers.

While I don't want to crowd her and I'm not going cheap, this 48" crate is SO BIG...does anyone else have a 42" crate? Does it suffice?

My breeder did tell me these pups will be on the larger side of the breed.

i've been watching this discussions on here for a while, and I'm eager to become a contributor!
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Hi! Welcome to DT from Colorado!

I'm not that familiar with crate sizes (I mean, I just use an old one I was gifted with if I need a crate; I have no idea how big it is officially….)

But I did find this info from Artemis on another thread:

Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
In terms of crate size, I usually recommend a minimum of 42"ish for a comfortable fit for an adult dobe. Smaller individuals might fit into a 36-39" while growing up, or for transport purposes but they aren't going to be really comfortable for every day use. Luxury size for a dobe is gonna be 48" and over, and is truly ideal if the dog has to spend a lot of time in it even once grown.

Some crates come with dividers and barring that you can use cardboard boxes (covered in blankets) to put at the back of the crate for example.
I've also used plastic file boxes to take up room in the back of a crate to make it small enough for a puppy (in the housebreaking process you do NOT want to give them more room than they need when it's time to sleep, or they will go potty in that extra space when the need strikes.)

When I scan other threads, it looks like others here agree that 42" is adequate. I guess a big part of that decision is whether your grown dog will mostly be using it as an at-will sleeping den, or whether it will be crated for a substantial length of time. One thing I did with the one ADULT dog I had to leave crated for a longer period than I liked while I was at work was to set up an X-Pen in the kitchen so he could stretch his legs a bit.

With a puppy though, a crate is definitely the way to go—it can be hard to foresee what they might get into (and where there's a will, there's a way for these smart puppers) and the whole housebreaking thing is SO much easier, it is definitely worth it to accustom your dog to a crate.

Once mine got to be trustworthy though (somewhere around 8-9 months), they were allowed basic free run (just in a few dog-proofed rooms at first) But that ENTIRELY depends on the individual dog—some are never entirely trustworthy in the house alone, so it is worth it to be prepared.
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I own a the larger size that you are mentioning for giant breeds.
The one I have has 2 doors on the crate.
The divider allows the space to be smaller during puppy stages allowing use of one of the doors.
Although Having two doors is great allowing you to position in different ways.
It’s important for the dog to be able to stand without the top of the crate touching the dogs head when standing.
I have a European Doberman and he used every inch of the giant crate once fully grown.
Especially when laying on his side stretched out inside the crate.
The other size you mention will most likely work for you if you lack the room for the giant breed size.
I went the larger size because I did not want to have to purchase another crate later in the event to small.
Also Hoss would spend 4 hours at a time in that crate while we were at work so I wanted home to be able to stand and turn around while he did his nesting moves without bumping his head on the top of the crate.
Good luck with your new sharky !!! Looking forward to your tales.
Oh yeah...catch up on your sleep its like having a newborn baby in the house for awhile.

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I have two 48 crates with Kuranda dog beds inside. I like them as they allow my dogs to stretch out completely We keep them in our family room. The dogs come and go to their crates as the doors are never shut. My dogs are 5.6 years old and 2.6 months old I also have two 42 crates that are in the bedroom they can not complexly stretch out with those crates. They are always using the larger crates. I believe it is the most comfortable for them.
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LOL! I have crates of every size and description. And I keep only males. The crates sized for Danes are huge and I once traded a lady whose puppy I was posting ears on a 48" wire crate for a VariKennel (heavy plastic) in a size that fits adult Dobermans nicely. I use it for confining cats post surgery because it's big enough to accommodate a bed,litter box and food dishes so that the cat still have some walking space--I mostly loan it out to friends who have post surgery cats or puppies between crate sizes..

My general size is a 42"--there's a wire one that size in the kitchen and all my dogs and my cats have learned to go hang out there if I'm doing things in the kitchen--hoping for a handout of some sort. It's also the size of one of the two VariKennels that live in the back of the truck in the canopy. The other on is a 300 VariKennel--couldn't even tell you it's measurements but it's the perfect size to fit next to the bigger crate and it only comes out to live in the bedroom if I have a brand new puppy in the house. (Brand new = 10 weeks or so--cropped but not yet in posts or just in posts) It will stay beside my bed until the puppy really needs a bigger size. Then I have this array of crates which if numbered like VariKennel used to do (they aren't VariKennels and are off when it comes to size ID--but they would be something like 350, 375, 400, 425. I do have a VariKennel 500 which I've used occasionally for very long trips.

But what I've found is that my adult dogs mostly sleep on the dog bed (beds if there are multiple adult males)in my bedroom at night. Riding in the car even when the big crate is available there is always a race between dogs if I have more than one with me, to see who gets that 300 puppy crate. Some of my males have been BIG--watching them come out of the little crate provides a certain amount of entertainment for people watch--it reminds them of the circus act where a million clown climb out of a VW sedan.

I figure that the ride feels less--who knows?--bouncy (it is a truck and it rides like a truck) but that's the prefered crate for all of the Dobes--and they sleep curled up in a small ball which often makes it look like there ism't a dog in the crate at all.

And even in the house the Dobes mostly don't sleep flat out (this last several weeks have been the exception since the non AC house is suffering from 90 to 100 degree weather. But Joey the loaner just moves to the kitchen floor if it's REALLY hot in the house to the floor in the bedroom and then to the dog bed and if we're back to normal temperatures he'll move into the crate (and that door is never closed and I was about to put a bigger crate in there but he seem to really like that small size for curling into a ball on chilly nights.

There's my take on crates from experience over the years.

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42" is plenty big enough for a Doberman - especially a bitch. I use a vari kennel that is 40Lx30Hx27W and it fits any size Doberman I've ever had including my male.
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