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Lil Pup
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Cold weather

Hi! I'm from PA and have a 7 month old doberman pup. Past breeds I've owned have been more than comfortable in cold weather and I know that is not the case with dobies... Now that it's getting colder outside, I was wondering what temperatures your dobermans have shown to happily tolerate and how you deal with exercise in the winter. I'm looking into buying a coat/shoes for my pup too for the extremely cold weather that's to come, so any suggestions would also be helpful.
Thanks! Christian
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I used to live in New Hamphsire with my previous Dobe. We went in the woods or walking almost daily in the winter and he never needed shoes or a coat. However we were always moving about.
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From an old post:

I live in Colorado Springs; this was written for someone who was moving to Colorado. Some of this applies our weather here, but may not work for a higher humidity place.

I tend to use a fleece coat whenever the temperature drops below 35 or so under normal cold conditions. (Look up Made by Meadowcat's [she's a member here] custom made coats). It is so sunny and dry here that it usually feels warmer than it actually is. But you have to take into account things like whether dog is able to run freely, is on a leash or is standing around, the humidity, the wind speed and the amount of sunlight when you try to figure out what kind of apparel your dog needs.

I generally figure that if I need something more than a heavy sweatshirt, my dog needs a coat.

It doesn't snow here (if you're not actually in the mountains) as much as you might think, but there can be a big difference in snow amounts between Denver proper and just 15 or so miles up into the foothills. When there is snow on the ground, a fleece coat works well (IMO). Generally summer rainstorms are infrequent and short, so you can just wait it out--I don't think I've ever used a waterproof coat. I've never used boots on my dogs either, but if I were walking in an area where they salt their sidewalks, etc heavily, or where there was a heavy crust of ice on top of softer snow I probably would. Their footpads can get dry and cracked if they are spending a lot of time walking in the snow and ice, so regular application of something like "Musher's Secret" is a good idea.

Let your dog tell you how long your walks should be. I usually feel their ear tips from time to time; when they start to feel cool or cold, I go inside. I don't dress them up in a coat when I let them out for their business--rain, cold or snow (though it will take some effort to persuade them to step out of the door). They'll just dash out and come back in faster. I do find that I have to watch a bit to make sure they have actually pottied, because sometimes they lie and try to persuade you that they have...I just "cruelly" send them back out into the "horrible freezing unbearable" weather.

In the winter, I don't go out if we are having one of our windy days. About 3 or 4 times a winter, we get massive windstorms (they call them chinook winds and usually call a high wind warning) The air can warm up in a few hours maybe up to 50 degrees or so, and the day is sunny and fair (they occur more often at night though), but the wind makes it un-fun to walk in. You almost feel as if you might blow away and the dogs won't want to go out either anyway. If you are really close to the foothills on the west side of Denver or anywhere right up against the front range, wind speeds can sometimes be as high as 90 mph (or even higher if it's really bad), but usually the wind speeds are more like 40-50 mph during these storms.
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Welcome CL from Indiana . Is the Dobers ears cropped ? The reason I ask was they are very tender and can get frost bit easily - some to watch when its really cold out .

You asked -- I was wondering what temperatures your dobermans have shown to happily tolerate

Well ours prefer 65 to 75 the best

We live out in the country here and the winds really blow across our fields - this has been a problem with exercise - so I just work with them in the house - Wife Does NOT approve of this - but I will throw the ball down the hallway - or put there lead on and have OB classes in our basement or the office - any movement is good .

The MC coats are great - need to order one for Kadin - I did order a pair of Weatherbeeta Coats last winter - they are great coats for cold temps and wind + water proof , sort looks like a horse blanket if you ask me .

Hope you stick around - ask all the questions you want and PICTURES of your pride and joy

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Here in Minnesota, I keep my house on the cool side - about 64-66 degrees. Richter is chillier than Sypha - he likes a fleece on inside and outside from about October to April, depending on the temps. Sypha can tolerate it a bit cooler than he can, but she also likes a fleece on. I layer on a Weatherbeeta (the one with the chest wrap) once it really gets cold if we're going to be out for very long, although when it's just brutally cold we don't do much outside - they don't enjoy it and neither do I. We do indoor stuff - Nosework, little training games, etc. I have boots for them (I prefer the boots from Kondos Outdoors, which are made here in Minnesota for sled dogs). They don't wear them often, but they do appreciate them on the really cold days.

by Shanoa Delta, on Flickr

Richter & Sypha
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I'm in Portland, Oregon--the lovely Pacific Northwest--temperatures here are generally pretty mid range--if we get a week of freezing weather in the winter it's rare and temperatures above 90 in the summer are also fairly rare--we might get 8 o4 10 +90 degree days in a summer.

My Dobes are comfortable in the same temperature range I am. Outside and moving around anything from 60 to 80 degrees is fine. Inside not doing much I'd be happy at 70 degrees but 65 is as warm as I keep it so I either put on a lot of clothes or go to bed. The Dobes seem to be comfortable to as low as 60 inside but there are big plush dog beds in every room.

About the only time they wear coats is at dog shows where we may end up standing around--mostly they wear fleece and flannel combo's and it's really never cold enough around here that I have to worry about ear protection or foot protection.

I have one rain coat which is fleece on the inner layer and a waterproof fabric on the outside. I might use that at a show or trial but generally I don't walk the dogs much (have an adequet yard that is all theirs) so that's about the only time it gets used.

But across the board--if the temperature is in a range that I'm comfortable with my Dobes are too. (A note--black Dobes heat up fast in the sun so even when the ambient temperature is comfortable for me I try to keep the black boys close to shade or in shade.)

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Boston dobie mom here- when temps drop down into the 20s or so and below, I stick a fleece or a thin down coat on Anubis. That said, I generally also keep an eye on him while he's outside. He LOVES the snow, and usually once he's been running around for 20 mins or so, he warms up enough for me to take the coat back off. Notably though, he's on the thinner side for a dobie of his height, so I am a little extra cautious.
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