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Treats/Bones for Puppy?

Hey Y'all it's me your residential newbie.

What treats do you guys give/recommend for your Doberman Puppies/Adults?

What type of bones do you use if you do use bones?

Are smoked bones bad?
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Hey! I don't give my dobie bones because he broke two teeth on one (it was one of those big ones you can get at the pet store) when he was about ... eh 10 months maybe? Unfortunately they were adult teeth and they had to be extracted! It doesn't hinder him from eating or chewing, but I'm super cautious about what chew toys I give him. The veterinary dentist advised not to give anything that's hard and doesn't give or soften as they chew. So he only gets rubber toys (mostly Kong since it's the only type that seems to last!) or natural chews like bully sticks or pig ears because they soften up as he chews. I stay away from the hard stuff like power or extreme toys from Nylabone, although they always seem tempting, because they're rock solid and I'm paranoid about breaking another tooth.
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No bones here ! They can break off and cause big problems

Pigs ears -- No way ! Just take one pig ear and put it in a bucket of water and then leave it - after a few hours - check it - still leave it in the water for some more time - then recheck it - I'm pretty sure you will pick up what I'm say 'n'

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Raw marrow bones and knuckle bones are good. Soft Rubber toys are good for teething puppies.
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Any chew that is hard has risk - you have to decide for yourself and your dog what risk is acceptable to you. Dogs NEED to chew, and you have to figure out what their chewing preferences are and provide something they'll chew on. Some dogs are "bigger" chewers than others.

Both of my dogs are chewers, but Richter especially has been a pretty hardcore chewer most of his life - he's turning seven in July. He can't have any "soft" toys because he will utterly destroy them. Both of mine chew really regularly, and they choose hard things to chew on, so I have to decide what risk I'm willing to accept for them.

I personally allow them to have Benebones, which are quite hard, because my dogs love them and will chew on them. They get raw knuckle bones, which are softer, but they only get to chew them in their crates for about 20 minutes at a time, maybe a couple of times a week (or less, if I just don't have time or forget to offer them). I don't give bully sticks often, because they are high calorie and sometimes they will gulp the last few inches, and I worry about obstructions. Their favorite toy to "chew" is their rubber Chuck It balls - not a tennis ball, but harder rubber, and the size just larger than a tennis ball size. We also do Kongs pretty regularly - stuffed with whatever I feel like, and frozen. I often just use a little canned food to hold together some kibble, and freeze it. Or some yogurt, dog-safe fruit, kibble...canned tripe...whatever I have around that they like and can eat. Freezing is key, because then they last a long time.

I don't give pigs ears, either.

As far as just random treats, I tend to keep a big jar of the Old Mother Hubbard mini bones - they are only 3 calories each. I often even break those in half. It's really easy to overfeed your dogs with treats, so make sure you cut back meals when you're giving a lot of treats!
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by Shanoa Delta, on Flickr

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I mostly don't give treats--if I'm cooking, puppies and grown dogs get bits and pieces of whatever I cutting up (celery, carrots, lettuce, string beans etc), I hand out individual pieces of their kibble as training rewards (and use string cheese, home made liver treats and a commercial cat treat (greatly loved by the dogs) for high value treats when training.

For chewing--mostly knuckle bones, nylabones, kongs. What I don't give are bully sticks (they stink and I can't stand the smell although the dogs love them) or pigs ears, hooves or any kind of rawhide chews--some of them give my dogs instant diarrhea and others (mostly the hooves) are a danger because they can be chewed into sharp edges which will lacerate the mouth and throat).

I also don't give any chewable specifically sized for puppies--I learned with my first Dobe puppy that the huge chew objects the older dogs in the house had were much more desirable than puppy sized stuff. It also means they are less likely to try to gulp down something that they are trying to protect from an older dog and can end up choking on it.

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Got mutt?
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I use the Old Mother Hubbard Mini bones that MeadowCat mentioned as "go in your crate cookies" (open the lid on the cookie jar, and they both run to their crates). For training, my dogs love Charlee Bear treats and Pupperoni sticks (yeah, I know... but they will do darn near anything for them). Bedtime treats are usually a largish biscuit, a small biscuit, and something meaty-ish.

After years of living with a serious resource guarder I haven't had the nerve to leave bones or chews out yet, but they get bully sticks and stuff like that in their crates.

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I too give bully sticks but only about 5-6" My (dogs') favorite treats are Papa Psuka They're healthy and easy to break into whatever sizes you need. Sometimes a little hard to find so if you're not in Southern California, get them on Amazon. The other treats I use occasionally are teeny Greenies. They only last a second but they work great as a reward
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Deer antlers, Melania loves them! We buy the large or extra large online. She's an aggressive chewer and one antler will still last over a month.
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