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Loose Stool


I've perused other posts about loose stools, and I think I may be overfeeding my pup a little. He eats Taste of the Wild, High Prairie Puppy Formula, and we were feeding him 5 cups a day, divided by 3 times a day. (2 in the morning at 5:30am, one at noon, and two at around 6:30pm) But, after reading the old posts about feeding too much food causing loose stools, I looked up the feeding guide and realized that now that he's 5months, he should be eating between 3 and 2/3 cups and 4 and 3/4 cups a day. So, no overfeeding by a ton, but still more than the recommended amount.

He's not overweight to my knowledge. Last time we weighed him, he weighed about 48lbs, and that was a week and a half ago.

His poop has been like pudding, off and on, for about a week and some days. We've put 100% pure pumpkin mixed in his food for a few days, which didn't seem to help too much. Do y'all think cutting down on his food might help? And at what point do we start feeding him twice a day?

He likes to eat random things in the yard: dirt, grass, weeds, and he even at one point was eating his own poop. (I called the vet about the poop eating thing, and they said it was very common in dogs and if he continues to do so there was something that could be prescribed to sprinkle in his food that'll make the poop taste bitter to discourage him from eating it. Luckily...he's stopped)

If decreasing his food doesn't help with the loose stools, is there any other natural remedy that anyone could recommend other than the pumpkin?
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I would try decreasing his food a little bit. I would maybe cut down to 4 cups per day - (1.5 morning, 1 noon, 1.5 evening) and see if that helps. Does he get treats or chews throughout the day? You could try taking a portion of that 4 cup ration out and using it for treats if you are doing training during the day. Try to keep him from eating stuff outside - with spring coming up, you never know what kind of nasty stuff he might find.

If that doesn't work, I would consider consulting your vet. You may need to change food brands, it is possible that TOTW just isn't a good fit for him.
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The amount you are presently feeding sounds like just plain old too much food--and if he has soft stool he may not be overweight because his body is moving the food through his
Gi tract so fast he's not getting maximum nutrition from it.

Generally my male puppies would be getting right around 4 cups per day at your pups age and I generally change to 2 meals a day when a puppy is leaving any part of a meal--usually it would be the middle meal--because that's the one with the least amount of time between meals and they end up not really hungry. So sometime between 4 and 6 months most of my pups are switched to 2 meals.

If your puppy is still intact and will remain so until he is 2 or 3 years you may find that he eats a lot more about the time he hits puberty--I've had 10 and 11 month old puppies who were being fed twice a day and getting 6, 7 or 8 cups per day and still not carrying quite as much weight as they should--by two years most of my males--even the big guys drop back down to around 4 cups per day split into two meals.

FYI--there is a pretty fine line when using pumpkin to help with soft stools--first of all if the stools are a result of just too much food it won't help. But if you give too much pumpkin it can actually cause soft stool--the fiber in pumpkin is what makes it help in cases of diarrhea or soft stools but for chronic constipation cases you give more pumpkin and it will cause stools to be bulkier, softer and easier for the dog to eliminate.

Radar's suggestions are excellent--particularly the information about making sure you are including treats in the amount of food you are giving a puppy--it's easy to forget about that when you are trying to reward proper behavior--but treat can really add to the food per day and cause soft stools.

Good luck...
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Certain kinds of chews can cause diarrhea too, depending on the individual dog. If he is getting the same treats or chews every day, you might want to cut the amount or even take him off of them for a bit and see if he gets better.
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What every one else has said. ^^^^ Still not all dogs are the same. McCoy normally has a cast iron stomach and bowels. I could have fed him until he exploded. and all that would have happened would have been him getting fat and me having to pick up many more poops. However... To touch on what Mel said. One bull pizzle (bullystick) and his poops go all to H*ll. The same is true of rawhide chews, although not to the same extent.

I'm sure that you will figure this out.

Portland OR
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We had the same problem when Kuchen was young. We thought the same about the over feeding, we used the pure pumpkin mixed with some rice and a small amount of yogurt to get his stool solid. But then when we would wean those additives out his stool would loosen again, We figured it must be the high protein in the Origin brand we were feeding and switched to Acana (still by the same company but less protein) poops have been good ever since. Trial and error, Good luck 😃
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Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food - and he weighs, 48#.

Many quality meat/protein rich kibbles, free of low quality fillers are nutrient dense....therefore, feed much less.
- in All Life Stages formula (4-5 star), a 50 lb adult dog usually gets 2 cups/day max. / 100# dog = 4 cups/day
...puppies get 50% more, by body weight / intake compared to adult feeding chart
- in All Life Stages formula, often a 50 lb puppy only gets 3 cups/day , in total

^^ Look at the puppy feeding chart (by weight), on side of kibble bag...what does it say ?
- when I sold holistic & premium dog foods, I put all pups into All Life Stages Adult
- didn't even stock puppy kibbles
- for joint health, slightly slower growth vs quicker....is ideal, even in race horse colts

Kelly is 5.5 years old, and weighs 90#.
- 1.67 cups/day of Nulo Lamb & Lentils (5 star) and 1/2 cup of cooked meat/veggy stew (homemade) / almost zero treats.

5 cups of premium puppy kibble, is likely way too much (for given weight) / exact feeding chart, will shed more light.
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We are going to lower his food to 4 cups a day and try feeding him only twice a day. He eats all of the food that we give him, but like y'all said, I'll factor in the treats he gets when we're working with him. We haven't given him any more pumpkin, so hopefully the change of quantity and frequency of feeding will help. If not, we'll take him to the vet. We've already discussed doing that before I came to you all for advice.

I know what they'll say about the food though. They'll want us to buy Science Diet Large Breed because that's what they carry. They told us to feed him Science Diet on his first vet visit with us at 8 weeks old. The breeder we got him from fed him the same food we're feeding now, and I don't think Science Diet is one of those high quality foods (or am I wrong?) IF what we're doing doesn't work and the vet suggests a change of food, is there a brand that anyone would mind recommending?

@Beaumont67 , to answer your question. on the side of the bag it says a dog 40-60lbs would get between 3 and 2/3 cups and 4 and 3/4 cups a day. I was still using the bag's recommendation of a 3-4 month old puppy that's 30-40 pounds. So I was feeding him too much, yes.

Fingers crossed! Thanks everyone!
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loose stool

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