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It's been a long time--Toad's son Burma was such a twit that I threw my hands in the air and said "This is a dog I won't be training..." My friend Nancy (who has Burma's litter sister Willow--sighed and took him away and spend months in beginning classes patiently waiting for him to stop looking like a marble in a sink--running around on leash, off leash in the big ring until he finally wore down enough to actually come to her--that was many months ago.

I watched some of the progress and missed a lot mor but Nancy annound early this week that Burma was entered at the Sherwood Obedience Clubs big summer trial at the Clackamas Fairgrounds (Oregon)--except for today when the clinic cats have priority over everything else--I was attending the trials on Friday and Saturday and excused on Sunday.

Last summer Burma managed to get a RN title in Agililty--I know he did because AKC sent the certificate to me.

So in Obedience Burma had one leg for his Beginning Obedience title--he got two more legs and two third place ribbons on Friday and Saturday and a green ribbon and the Beginner Novice title. And then with a lot of prodding from me and Burma--he likes to poke you if he thinks you might not be paying sufficient attention, Nancy moved him up to Novice B--he knows the routines and he can do them all but it tends to be a coin toss whether he'll be paying close attention to Nancy and not6 be lost in gawking at something or someone outside the ring. I haven't hear those results yet

And he was working in Intermediate (Novice) in Rally--and got two legs there on Friday and Saturday and if he managed to keep his wits about him and got another leg today that will also give him his RI Rally title.

His Obedience recalls have vanished--I'm not sure what is going on in his tiny head--but he has 1) failed the recall utterly by sitting as if his butt was nailed to the ground when called, 2) Lost points off when he came (at a slave-like trudge and sat so far away if the judge had called for her to reach outand touch the dog he'd have failed that one too. 3) Lost points off on Friday when he hopped up when called and galloped to her and then stood--looking stupidly confused about what he should do next. 4) And on Friday he leaped up, galloped up to her and slightly past her and realized when he started to sit there was something wrong with his position--he looked at the Judge, he looked at Nancy and then he hurridly made a tight little circle behind her and oozed nervously into heel position. I need to work with him on the recall--Nancy always can get better heeling than I can but I can usually get fail proof recalls.

Congratulations Burma--we always knew you had it in you--but I lack patience and Nancy was the answer for you...

That's what we've been doing folks--the working list for the summer is to put the Novice title on Burma at the July shows and hopefully the Rally Advanced title as well.

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LOl bug... We are so used to Dobermans being so smart that it is almost scary.

Still, dogs like humans run the gamut. Maybe Burma just walks to the beat of a different drummer.

Regardless... Good Burma for your Intermediate Novice Rally Title.

S*** bug, they are just Dogs! LOL.

Seriously, over the years when one of my boys has disappointed me with respect to obedience, I generally say " Yeah, I could have done better, but, "Heck he's a dog...".

Still my thing. I never get pissed off or frustrated. Mostly, I laugh.

Of course since I have never competed with my boys, that is my luxury!

Portland OR
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Glad to see you up and about DB............

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And I'd gotten used to the general dobe personality too. I figured I could handle a lot of stuff but I'm finding out that working with herding-type Harold DogDog is quite a different matter.
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OK folks here's part two of Burma's weekend at the Sherwood Obedience Club Obedience and Rally trials in Clackamas (Oregon).

Burma the Bad did very well over the course of the weekend--basically he was a very good dog--he could have done a little better but John is right s**t, he's a dog.

So in Rally where he went into Friday with a Novice Rally title (RN--Burma the Nurse) and was entered in Intermediate classes each day and let's have some applause and wistles--he not only qualified each day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday but was in the top 4 qualifiers each day and got a ribbon for placing plus a green ribbon for a title earned.

So now he has his RN and his RI and he'll be moving along to bigger and better things--off leash for one and jumps for another--more demanding but a good many of my dogs have found that increased demand of them made them work a little better. Advanced Rally look out--here comes Burma.

And in Obedience--he went into these trials with one leg in Beginner Novice--so he needed two more--he got those on Friday and Saturday--that gave him his fir4st Obedience title--BN and along with that the decision that Nancy needed to make whether to move him up and just leave him in the Beginner Novice class. With enough prodding she moved him up--to CD-B. This was a class where he wasn't going to get any of the placement ribbons--at best he'd make a qualifying score. The CD-B class is for anyone who has ever titled a dog in CD Obedience and some of the people entered in this class aren't just someone with a dog like Burma who had moved up from the Beginner class--they were folks whose dogs often were capable of performing at Utility level but whose owners chose not to show them until they were perfect in all the CD and Open class requirements as well as Utility. You sometimes see these dogs whiz through the regular class--picking up all three of the original Obedience titles in 9 shows.

But in a class where the top four dogs who qualified had scores of 199, 198, 198, and 196--Burma the move up was the fifth place dog with a very satisfactory score of 189.

So now he can go to the next trials with one leg for his CD title and working on his RA title.

He was entered and shown in 6 classes (3 Rally and 3 Obedience) and got qualifying legs in all the classes he was in--got two new titles and even paid attention part of the time.

The only reason Nancy ever gets upset with him is when he is NOT paying attention because it's like having an entirely different dog in the ring when that happens.

She said "Yeah, he wasn't always paying attention and I know he can do better but most of the time he was trying--you just don't always get everything that might be possible."

Yup, I'll agree with that Nancy. And I'll confess that my goals are much lower than hers for Obedience--I'll settle for total scores of 171 in Obedience (71 for Rally) which are qualifying if you also qualified in all the parts of the class. Nancy has higher goals--she's seen Burma's potential and she wants really high scores from him...

And therein ends this part of the story of Burma in Obedience (and Rally)

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Originally Posted by LadyDi View Post
Glad to see you up and about DB............

LOL--I do somewhat better standing than I do sitting (which always hurts and is sometimes impossible for me). But standing on dirt in a big arena isn't like having to stand for hours on cement so I did pretty well--went home both Friday and Saturday exhausted--and went to the clinic to take care of the kitties and laundry and a variety of other junk...that was evidently harder than the dirt arena on my sciatica--I got up this morning and could hardly walk--I'm still pretty lame but it's getting somewhat better.

I'd really like to take advantage of this very nice weather we're having and get some stuff planted but bending over plays merry h3ll with the nerve pain in my left leg.


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Originally Posted by melbrod View Post
And I'd gotten used to the general dobe personality too. I figured I could handle a lot of stuff but I'm finding out that working with herding-type Harold DogDog is quite a different matter.
In general the manner in which working dogs (those categorized as "Working Dogs by the AKC) work, and train, and regard their doggy world is very different from the breeds that occupy the Herding Group--then if you really want to get 'different'--try some of the breeds in the Hound Group--particularly the sight hounds.

And having trained quite a few Dobermans, one Australian Shepherd and one Afghan House. I found some remarkable sinilarities (along with some interesting differences).

My Dobermans were (with one notable exception--who, frankly was dumb aa a stump) bright, very trainable, quick to learn and never forgot anything they'd been trained for. And they all, without exception if you bored them by trying to drill on stuff they already knew were very inclined to give you the finger and shut down.

By the time I'd put a CD on the Afghan Hound I was very glad I'd had experience with Dobermans because--as hard wired the hunting instinct is in a sight hound--these are NOT--no matter what all those "How smart is your dog" lists that dog magazines like to put out that usually have Afghans at the end of the list--calling them dumb. Afghan Hounds are definitely not dumb--in fact my particular Afghan was very bright indeed. And he didn't like being drilled on exercises any better than any of my Dobermans did. Guess what he did? He shut down--he was more polite than the Dobes==at least he didn't give me the finger first. But you did have to take into consideration that hard wired hunting instinct. I was once doing recalls with him in a big field--what I didn't realize was that the field had rabbits--lots of them. My dog realized this when he was sitting waiting to be called--he stood up (unheard of) and looked to the left and was gone in a flash--that very primitive part of his brain and taken over and less than five minutes later my dog was back with a rabbit for me. I reluctantly took it and we left the field--we didn't go back--I didn't want wild California rabbit--for one thing most of them are disease carriers and dead ones pass that particular disease along to anyone who handles them.

The Aussie was different too--he was bright and like a good herding dog didn't need a lot of training--but he was also a classic ADD case--as long as he only had to deal with training at home or at most a small class of dogs who well trained and well handled he was OK--get him into the chaos of a show building--forget it--he could hardly remember he had a name much less what it was.

The similarity is that all of these breeds were designed to be independent workers--the Doberman took more direction to work well than the Afghan or Aussie--but both of those dogs were expected to do stuff independently.

Afghans were originally the home do it all dog just like the general purpose farm dogs of Europe. They were guards of the livestock and people and hunters for the families that owned them. Herders when the families moved--pretty impressive.

Aussies were independent herders--sheep was their main stay but they can and have been used to herd domestic fowl, sheep and cattle. Doing all of this either without direction at all or direction from a distance.

Pretty impressive what these dogs can do without any help from us.

Stuff like the Dobe bitch that would let people into the family home if no one was there--but she wouldn't let them out again. Try training a dog to do that.

I like training dogs--I like going to trials and watching some of the very unlikely breeds out doing things you would never suspect they might be good at. And I like it when we've got the only Doberman in a very big set of trials and a woman came over to tell us she loved our Doberman and had been watching him qualify for both days--he was very beautiful and so very well behaved.. She was petting Burma the Bad--he smiled at her--we said thanks and thought--we have a very nice dog--so what if he forgets to sit in front of Nancy during the recall.

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