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Artemis 03-24-2019 09:09 PM

Tried out Barn Hunt and Brush Hunt with the Pinschers
Took Nadia and Vanya in blind today - no prep at all, no introduction for either them or myself. We tried out Barn Hunt and Brush Hunt!
Both girls got their first Q in Barn and earned their Instinct Title in the process! Vanya was 1st in her group and Nadia was 4th (just behind her littermate who was 3rd!)
Nadia came in 2nd of her group for Brush but did not get her Q (I wasn't aware how the rules differed in Brush and I'm a little peeved because even the judges said she found it immediately. However the dog has to mark the find to the judge's satisfaction - except instead of marking initially, she found it, pointed then came back to see mom to tell me she found something. And this was in the judge's own words. She did end up doing a superb marking at the end but by then too much time had passed. Play bow + Bark)

Vanya having been a mouser marked pretty subtly and not to the Judges' satisfaction. (She too froze and pointed, then she started shoving the hay in front of the tube back over it as if to bury her find, something she has often done at home.)


Cressrb 03-25-2019 09:28 AM

Nadia is looking lovely! I know nothing about barn hunt, but we have one girl - Kiri - who I feel would be fabulous. She has caught a rat and is mouser par excellent and when she is on the trail she
is beyond excited to the point of almost screaming! However, I have heard recently of another Doberman in barn hunt that injured her neck that required surgery and that kinda turned me off.
I know Kiri would be just as reckless and unheeding, but I have never been to a barn hunt so maybe there is more control than I know.

Artemis 03-25-2019 10:32 AM

Thank you, I can't wait for next weekend she's getting her Echo done and we are also going to participate in a confo fun match so she can be evaluated by the handler who finished her brother.

I am not super knowledgeable but I think there are a couple of differences between the Barn Hunt Association and - in my case RATS! Canada (Canadian ratting sports association). I believe CKC recongizes BHA titles but not RATS! Titles. Certainly from what I saw here the Barn Hunt and Brush Hunt is more like nosework - the dog shouldn't be touching the rat, and rather instead marks the tube. With barn the handler calls the rat if they think their dog has found it, which is why it's important to be able to read your dog, and so it doesn't matter if your dog doesn't mark it "loudly". with Brush your dog should mark it 'loudly' and obviously to the judges.

There was even a chihuahua with poor use of its back legs that was sort of hopping around in the ring doing it. It's not supposed to be a physically demanding sport, unless we are talking about the go to ground event. I'd be curious to know how the neck injury happened because the way it was set up here I don't see how that could have happened.

One of the people sitting on the committee of RATS! is a breeder - Soulstorm Dobermans, she currently has a red 13 month old Ricky Bobby daughter who was absolutely lovely (Plus a male she neutered/nixed from her program not the right temperament and the RB daughter's mom)! We had a nice long conversation about Dobes and breeding... really liked her vision and approach - in particular where she said that dog sports are the future more than showing (but she'd never breed a dog that wouldn't be able to finish), and if we want to preserve purebred dogs we have to make sure to keep them versatile especially our breed that has natural ability for different things.

There were in total 6 Dobermans that day including Nadia and her littermate, Mayhem, who also got his Q and earned his instinct in the process.

Cressrb 03-25-2019 10:45 AM

How interesting. I understand they way the accident happened the Doberman was so intensely excited she jumped off several heights of hay bales? I can't envision it because I have never been to
a meet. I'm curious now, I will have to check this out.

Rosemary 03-25-2019 12:53 PM

This is the website for BHA.

I'm less familiar with RATS! Canada than I am the Barn Hunt Association, which is the US organization. They have two different types of hunt, I know, the Barn Hunt and the Brush Hunt. It looks like the Brush hunt is more outdoor type hunting?

Artemis 03-25-2019 01:44 PM

Rosemary maybe can clarify then, would that be because at the higher levels it is possible the rat tubes are hidden at different heights? In the Novice they were all floor level!

Rosemary 03-25-2019 02:47 PM

In BHA tubes can be elevated. Instinct tubes are on the ground in a cradle. In Novice, at least one tube must be elevated, and all tubes can be. For Open, at least one rat tube is elevated, and all tubes may be. In Senior, all tubes can be on the ground, all tubes can be elevated, or a combination of ground level and elevated. For Master, tubes may be ground level, elevated, or both.

Bale stack height also varies by level, but your dog has to climb on at least one bale in order to qualify. Tunnels also increase in length and number of turns as the levels go up.

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