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DT Forum Etiquette *** Updated August 5, 2011 ***

Doberman Talk Forum Etiquette

Our Objectives:

Doberman Talk was created with the vision of bringing together all the different facets of the Doberman World. We are not solely a show/conformation forum, nor are we a working/sport forum or any other specific forum format. We are first and foremost a Doberman forum that includes the above mentioned aspects of this breed along with other topics in the Doberman world. We strive, here at Doberman Talk, to be an educational/learning forum, bringing together members from different venues so we all can learn and benefit from each others' experiences and passions. We try to encompass the whole spectrum of this breed, from serious competitors in the different dog venues to just the regular pet owner. Everyone has a voice here on Doberman Talk. Keeping this in mind, we are striving to better the breed, not by population, but by education and learning experiences for our community.

We not only want Doberman Talk to be educational, but we want it to be fun and enjoyable. Your first two priorities in life are always your family and your work. We want Doberman Talk to be your 3rd place. We want you to have a place to share your stories and your pictures, and to connect with other Doberman owners close to you and around the world. We, who are owned by Dobermans, are the only ones that truly appreciate and relate to the breed.

Doberman Talk is a continuous work in progress that will never be static. As our community grows, we continually want to adapt to our members' interests and passions. We all benefit from everyone's contributions, from their insights and knowledge. So Doberman Talk is your community. We can only grow by your contributions and input. As we grow, we will continually adapt to our communities' needs and passions. It is only with your help that we can do this. Make this the place you want it to be.

Our Expectations:

As with every new member that decides to join our community, we ask everyone to have a patient and open mind. You need to look around and decide if this is the community you want to be part of. We have some very strong beliefs here. Our first and foremost is that we want to better the breed, so we are very passionate about this, and everyone needs to be aware of this. Our community is very dedicated to the welfare of the Doberman. We will always have the interests of the Doberman first. You may not appreciate some of the community responses all the time, but you need to understand where we are coming from. New members should not be ?put off? or take offense to responses to your questions just because you do not like the answers. Our community is very willing to help each other. Take the time to learn and understand before you take offense to a response.

We do expect everyone to follow our rules. The Doberman Talk team wants to enjoy this forum as much as you do; it is only with your cooperation that we can make this the place you want it to be. We will try to moderate this forum to the very best of our abilities, but we cannot be everywhere all the time. We don?t get paid for this and we do it because we believe this is a special place. Since DT is your community, we encourage all members to help assist the team in keeping Doberman Talk running as it should. When you see an issue arise, you are encouraged to report the problem to the Doberman Talk team, using our ?Post Reporting? features. That way we can be made aware of this and can get involved quickly. We do not encourage you to try to resolve problems yourself, because this can escalate the issue into a confrontational debate.

That being said, it is up to everyone to follow these guidelines to make Doberman Talk a strong, active community. The following rules are not up for discussion and are not debatable; they will be fact.
  • 1) Each member will treat other members with respect, and be tactful and courteous at all times. There is always a proper way to respond to someone. We encourage good discussions, because this is the way we learn--different people have different methods to achieve a goal. We want members to respond with honest straight-forward opinions, but members need to refrain from injecting snarky, degrading personal feelings that add no value to a post, but instead cause disruption. If you cannot do this, it is best that you do not respond to the post at all.
  • 2) Each member will be held solely accountable for their own posts or remarks. Unfortunately posts do not contain the feelings that you can project while talking to someone face to face. So be aware that you need to ensure that you project the actual message you want to express. It will not be the responsibility of others to do this. This is solely your responsibility. Please take a few moments before you hit the post button to make sure your post expresses exactly what you want it to say.
  • 3) We will have disagreements from time to time. In many ways, we learn from this, because there is more than one way to do certain things. Having members internationally almost guarantees that differences will arise. Just because there are differences does not mean some are wrong and others right. Each member who posts responses that are unconstructive or composed of personal attacks that turn the discussion in an inappropriate fashion will be held solely responsible for their actions. We feel it takes multiple parties for this to happen and we will be forced to take actions for each and every party involved in these discussions. This will also include posts that are considered provoking in nature. This will not be tolerated.
  • 4) Members will not post any messages or use the private messaging feature to harass, insult, belittle, or threaten another member or guest. If you cannot make your point without resorting to a personal attack then you are not welcome here. This is what we consider Flaming.
  • 5) You will not post any topic that disrupts the peace and harmony of this forum. Don't create meaningless threads with the sole purpose of starting a dispute among the community. This includes "I'm leaving" threads, and messages in private messages, profiles and signatures. This is what we consider Trolling.
  • 6) You will not double post or cross-post the same message in multiple forums. You will not mass-PM or mass-email multiple members of this site the same message. You will not post for the sake of increasing your post count. This is what we consider Spamming.
  • 7) You will not post any messages that are considered obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, racist, sexist, discriminatory or otherwise violate any local or international laws. This includes links in your signature, profile and bookmarks as well as posted images, photos and avatars. The Doberman Talk team will ultimately decide if something is appropriate or not.
  • 8) You will not post any messages anywhere on this site that are primarily for the promotion or advertising of any website, forum, product, email address, business, MLM activity, or other entities that you have an affiliation with (No Self-Promotion). If you wish to become a forum vendor or sponsor please contact the forum administrator.
  • 9) You will not post any messages that pertain to advertising/selling dogs or puppies (or any other live animal), or advertising/seeking any breeding services such as a stud dog or breeding your bitch. DT does not act as a medium to facilitate breedings, and all such type of threads will be deleted.
  • 10) You will not upload, attach or post anything that is known to be copyrighted or licensed material.
  • 11) You will not create more than one account on Creating duplicate accounts is not permitted and will result in a permanent ban from the site. If you have a log-in problem or other issues with your account, please contact an administrator instead of creating another account.
  • 12) All signatures should not exceed the following size limits:
    1 image up to 500 x 200 pixels or 30 KB (whichever is smaller) in size. Breeders may include their kennel name/website as part of the text. The only other hyperlinks allowed are to areas within and to other doberman related educational material. Again, there is to be no self promotion of any kind. You must be a forum vendor/sponsor to promote your business. if you are interested in becoming a forum vendor please contact the administrator "doberadmin". Paypal and affiliate links are NOT permitted.

What will happen when these rules are violated?

Any member found to be violating any of our rules will go to our ?Dog House? The ?Dog House? is a specially created group that will revoke all your permissions to participate on this forum for two days. After that, you will be able to participate on the site again. We do not want you to view this as a punishment, but as a cooling off period. There will be no warnings for this. When the Doberman Talk team has determined a violation, they will assign you to the ?Dog House? and your access will be suspended for 2 days. A personal message will be included in your denial of access message from the site.

The Doberman Talk team wants to enjoy the site as much as you do and does not want to have to moderate everyone all the time. We want everyone to be on the same page we are on so there is no misunderstanding of what is expected of you. Continual disregard of our forum rules can and will lead to a permanent suspension from this site. We will try our best to look at issues with an open mind. Our decisions will be based on what is best for Doberman Talk. The Doberman Talk team has the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread or post, or suspend or ban any member for any breach of the rules or for any other reason, with or without warning or notice.

We would like to point out that claiming unawareness of these rules will not be a valid excuse for breaking any of the stated rules. Likewise, even if someone else does something and it appears no action has been taken, that does not mean you can do it too. We can't view every thread or post, and rely on reports to tackle the issues that arise on the site. Therefore if you're unsure of an action, please contact the Doberman Talk team to check first, or use some common sense and don't post something potentially troublesome.


Please take a moment to read our DISCLAIMER FORM, for further details of the forum.


The Doberman Talk community is YOUR community. Only with your help can we make this a community you can be proud to be part of. The rules are there for the protection of the community as a whole and to prevent abuse, conflict and disruption, but they also provide the guidelines we expect each member to follow within the forum. The Doberman Talk team has the right to change these rules at any time without notice. It will be the responsibility of every member to remain updated with the current rules and expectations.

Thanks Staff

~ Smile lovingly supplied by the founder of the N.O.M.

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