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ECIN 02-12-2019 07:49 AM

Westminster Juniors
I have attached a article from the Washington post on the Junior Showmanship's from Westminster - A well wrote piece .

I love watching the Junior Showmanship class - as the article says - it's the ones that will fill others shoes --- someday and so fun to watch :grin2:

As a former 4 Her - I also showed showmanship - No - I didn't bring home the Big blue ribbon - But was fun to do - to learn . The last season for us ( My Angus heifer and I ) we hit the circuit - showing all over Central Indiana - to end with our fair in Aug . , Old Doc here - was full of confidant's ! We were on our game - so to speak - yet the day of the show - the wheels fell off ! The heifer went into heat - and was a mess - I had been offered another animal by a friend to use - Yet - her and I were the all season team - and it would be us together that won or lost - that may sound silly - but that was the way it was . When we enter the ring - as I said she was a mess - I could not get her to stack up - but would get her close - then she would side step out or in - then she stepped on my show stick and bent it really bad - Another friend - ran back and got his stick and gave it to me - One of the good thing about 4 H --- friends for ever !

I guess where I headed with this - That it is so important to help and to bring a long the new and up comers as back in the day - others gave me advise .

I'm pretty sure that Sandy has seen the same things with her kids and Grandkids that are now in the ring - Yes - I may be talking Livestock here - But showing is showing and showmanship is showmanship - what ever it is .

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