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08-30-2019 03:26 PM
EmilSilic Oh, ok. Thank God I joined this forum before getting my puppy. Haha. Thank all of you. This forum is a great thing for every future doberman owner, and you are the ones who are making it a good thing. Thank you again. I will open a new thread if I have more questions. But needless to say, I can't wait to get my puppy. I know that I'll be able to get through everything with your help. Nice to have you around.
08-30-2019 02:48 PM
ECIN MC , letís make that a 1,000% not to potty train in the house !

All our Dobers have pretty easy to potty train till we got Mr. Business , a story from hell with him , someway , he got confused , I would let him out to potty , even go out with him and he would just goof around out there , open the door , he would run on a 100 mph , run under the dining room table and then bombs away ! You talk about a unhappy wife , you know the saying , momma not happy , nobodies happy ! This took forever to break , wife will , may disagree here , but I asked. Ali for help ! I let them out together to potty , of course Ali was , is a pro and does her deal as Mr. Misfit watched , then he had to smell it and then pee on it , that was the turn about right there , then in short order , he was good to go ! Thank God !

Question ! About where do you live , the reason I asked is , your getting the pup around the first of the year , right ? And trying to train a pup pottie training in the winter , if you live in snow and cold country that can be a challenge itís self ! These dogs are very smart and they pick up quick , take Ali girl , we got her in Jan , it was warm the day we picked her up , then somebody put us in the freezer , so I would put her little coat on her and we had made a hood to put over her cropped ears to protect them , then take her out , so fast forward , it only took a few days , Ali girl would be out in the house playing and I would ask her if she needed to go potty ? She would look at me , run to the office where her crate was , run in it and poop ! Lol sometimes both ! Then run back in and play , the little stinker didnít want to go out in the cold . I fixed that , I didnít ask no more , just grabbed her and out we went , lol

if You do live in cold weather country , and have her ears cropped , you will have to go very careful to NOT get them frost bit , them little tender ears will freeze very quick .

We have been blessed with my occupation , donít make any money at it , but get time off ,so we were around to let the pup out threw the day , that really helped , I personal think it was a key in potty training , you walk in , let them outside and there teeth are about to float and they donít mess around , they potty , then right back in .

One last story , I promise last year , the gal at the post office got a new lab pup , cute thing , she was so proud of him then one day I had to go to the pickup area, ,she waited on me , I asked about Charlie , she said she was thinking of leaving out a few times to see how he got along , it must have been the look on my face , lol she then asked , you donít think so ? I said Charlie is a good boy , but your asking a lot from a 5 month pup ,I could tell she thought I was full of you know what ! She had trained her dog she said , I smiled and nodded , really it was a big smile .

Next day , Iím not kidding , the next day ! I heard her call my name , she came out front and said , I hate to say this , but you were right about Charlie , Iím sorry , but I could quit lmao at her story ! Well she tested Charlie , and only left him 20 minutes ! In that time , Charlie had found a tube of silicon , he had cut a hole in it , and ran threw the house , up on the couch and got it everywhere , then a couple pair of shoes , destroyed a leg on a table , and there was something else he got , now the funny part , I seen her last week , she just fills in here now and then , so donít see her , I asked about Charlie and then I had to ask ! Now that heís 2 or so , if he has free run , A big NO she said . Lol

Have fun with your dober ! They will test you and your reward will be for a life time ! Trusty me
08-30-2019 02:00 PM
MeadowCat 100% would NOT do any indoor potty training. Very confusing for dogs.
08-30-2019 01:45 PM
Originally Posted by EmilSilic View Post
Thank you everyone.
1st thing: I've put some thoughts into it. I can start with 1 hour separation and add half an hour every week until I start working again(in total 2 months)
2nd thing: The puppy will have a big kennel and some space outside it, 'fenced off' idk what is the fence called haha lol... and inside that area there'll be a PAWISE Green Trainer and I'll potty train him.

What y'all think?
IMO the major training goal is this: Teach dog to pee and poop outside. see dogs do not like to live near their pee or having puppy in the crate encourages them to wait until humans arrive to let pup outside of the home to relieve themselves.

If they have to much room they will pee and poop afar and learn this bodily function is regularly performed inside the house.

This may be totally fine with you forever (to use the pads)......but beware of actions if you take them to your friends home or a store........wink wink........

IMO best to teach them when they are young...........trying to change an established habit is real real hard..........potty training is hard also ......but undoing inside potty habits on an older dog is so much harder.....

One other thing I will mention when I first viewed your link that shows a PIC of the pads........these dogs can be real hard Hoss was quite the sharkey...........teeth like razor blades ......he would have shredded anything he could have gotten ahold reads that the pads stay in place ...but our little Dobie Sharkeys are smart and could eat some of it causing an obstruction internally.

Either way ...what goes in ...will come congrats......and looking forward to more of your stories.
08-30-2019 10:42 AM
t_ranle So youíll be with him till heís around 4.5 months. What about the rest of the time till heís 6 months? You just really have to find what works best for your pup. I started crate training a bit late, around 4 months and he made a potty mess in it once but now he is 6 months old and is able to hold it in for up to 7 hours and gets let out from his crate when my brother comes home from school. I donít make him hold longer than that. So first thing is you want to make sure that you establish to him that the crate is his sanctuary and that he needs to respect it and keep it clean, so if he needs to potty he needs to call out to you and let you know. Once you got that down, your pup will hold it for the hours equivalent to his age plus 1. So if heís 6 months hell be able to hold it for 7 hours MAX, and this is only when crated. When not crated, please let him potty when he tells you!
08-28-2019 03:59 AM
EmilSilic Thank you everyone.
1st thing: I've put some thoughts into it. I can start with 1 hour separation and add half an hour every week until I start working again(in total 2 months)
2nd thing: The puppy will have a big kennel and some space outside it, 'fenced off' idk what is the fence called haha lol... and inside that area there'll be a PAWISE Green Trainer and I'll potty train him.

What y'all think?
08-26-2019 04:15 PM
EmilSilic I am planning on buying a PAWISE Green Trainer(google it) and put it in the bathroom and potty train him so that he doesn't need anyone to take him out to go potty. By theory it works. But practically...?

The 1st floor of my house is pretty exposed to outside light(I do have AC, warm and cold weather isn't a problem). He will have limited space to move for the first two years.

Thank you all for taking your time to write replies. I appreciate it. Great forum with great owners with great advices. Thank you again.

Fun fact:I live in Bosnia so most of the Serbian kennels are 5h-6h driving.
08-26-2019 02:41 PM
dobebug MeadowCat's advice is really good. It's true that many people arrange to be home with a new puppy for a couple of weeks to the six weeks you are planning and forget that they need training in being alone too.

What I do varies--for some puppies I was working fairly close--they were crated when I left and I made a deal with my employer to come in early--take a three hour lunch and close the store. During the three hour lunch I went home--took the puppy out--pottied him--gave him lunch if he was still on three meals a day. Took him for a walk and when I had to go back to work he went back in the crate. I DON'T ever leave puppies uncrated until I know for sure that they no longer get into things they shouldn't get into. Most of the puppies were a year old at least before they could be trusted. One was three before he got the run of the house. And the miracle puppy was reliable at 7 months. So there is a big variation.

The other thing that happened with my later puppies I went to work a a vet clinic and the puppy could go with me. They got lots of socialization, my co workers regulator took them out and pottied them. They hung out with older well behaved dogs (Labs and Goldens mostly) who would play with the puppies and they learned not to be noisy via a bark collar (the employee runs backed up against the surgery wll). But I still made sure that there were times at home when I went places and didn't take them so they could handle being left alone.

I don't leave baby puppies crated with no break for 8 or 9 hours--but I have had no problems with a young dog being able to wait to go potty for that length of time once they get to around 6 months or so but believe it when you hear that each puppy can be different.

Good luck with your new puppy--when you get him...

08-26-2019 02:25 PM
LadyDi If a pup does something negative it is so easy for it to become a habit..............negative habits are real REAL difficult to undo and can be quite dangerous.
Many Dobes end up in rescues because they develop bad habits from being left alone and having free run of the house and the owners just cannot undo the bad habits the puppies have developed from being alone and allowed to make their own decisions while Mom and Dad are at work.
So many posts on here regarding things that puppies have ingested..............serious surgeries......and lives lost.
With the activities you are doing prior to departing for work........puppy should be ready for a good nap in crate while you are at work..........
So if you cannot be home with pup........have them is a safe area or a place where nothing can hurt them.......just think like a puppy.......
Hummmm : Mom and Dad had fun with they have left I howl........that does not lets just roam around and entertain myself........these pups are just like little toddlers...........they will get into trouble...............there are exceptions always......but I would not take any chances........
My dog Hoss is 3.5 years.........we work an 8-5 he was in a real large dog crate......we had an older lady that lived acrossed the street that would come over let pup out at noon .....she would sit in the garden with Hoss......then after 30 minutes would crate Hoss back up...and then we were heading home to him at crated in 4 hour segments.....
We discontinued crating at 1 year old.........we moved his crate into 1 he had options to lay in crate or roam around the bedroom............then at 2 years he got a bigger floor plan....a total of 4 at 3.5 he has full run of the house. So Hoss had to earn his access to free roaming in the house (done in stages).
So I understand many of us go through the stages of .......oh ......don't put the dog in a cage..........we trust......then we go through all the problems of destruction of things or worse the pup getting ill because of something swallowed.........then we humans learn to coral them in a safe area......but NOW......the pup has developed bad habits that you might never be able to undo..........either way its hard work ........first thing I learned from my trainer is: Be a good advocate for your dog........protect them from everything ....even themselves !!!
Congrats on your future arrival..........looking forward to hearing more from you.......welcome from Florida.......
Just the fact that you are doing your homework shows that you are going to be a good Dobe parent!!!!! Stay in touch !
08-26-2019 12:29 PM
EmilSilic I am going to buy a PAWISE Green Trainer(Google it) and potty train him so that he can go and do his bussines whenever he needs to.
08-26-2019 12:24 PM
Gretchen_Red Welcome. MC gave great advice.

I personally would NEVER leave a 6mo. old Doberman alone in my entire house for 7 hours. I likely wouldn't leave them crated for that long either. I don't personally trust anyone walking my dogs besides me but I would hire someone to come to your house to let your dog potty in your yard and play with them for 30min every day. It's not as expensive as you think, my dog person only charges $15.
08-26-2019 12:20 PM
MeadowCat First thing...when you say you're going to stay with him all day for the first six weeks....don't What I mean by that is, make sure to leave your puppy alone for short periods of time, at least a few times a week. It's one of the biggest mistakes people make with pups, either taking them with them absolutely everywhere, or never leaving them home alone. That's a recipe for separation anxiety! Your pup needs to learn that you leave, and you come home, and it's no big deal. Of course with a young pup you start with short times - maybe an hour or two. You can leave your pup with a safe toy, like a Kong stuffed with yummy things, in their crate, to make leaving something good and fun and stress free.

Every six month old is different...your pup may or may not be mature enough to hold their bladder that long. You might need to hire a dog walker/pet sitter to do a quick stop in for a 15 or 30 minute mid-day break for a while. An older dog can certainly make it for a normal work day. Do you live close enough that you can run home on your lunch hour to give your puppy a quick break outside? Even a 20 minute break can make a huge difference.
08-26-2019 06:36 AM
5 month old puppy vs separation anxiety

Hi everyone! I am getting a dobie puppy on the beginning of next year and the puppy male will arrive when he reaches 3 months of age and I will be with him all day for the first month and a half of him coming to my home. I am wondering will a 6 month old puppy be able to stay in the house alone for 7 hours? I know that 7 hours is too much for a dobie, but I am planning on taking him on 1 hour walks(because puppies shouldn't be stressed with a lot of running with the hip and elbow problems in mind) and some obedience training every morning before I go to work. Weekends are work-free. Is that going to help or?
I feel bad...

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