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01-14-2020 05:46 AM
SammyS778 I guess it depends on genetics. Our dog is shedding like crazy, like there is no tomorrow, even with brushing multiple times a week. At this point, we generally take her into the groomers because they do a much better job than I ever could. Without our groomer, the house would be plagued with golden tumbleweeds year round! We are even considering buying a Robotic vacuum cleaner reviewed by . I have heard from many pet owners that these robots do wonders
07-19-2019 07:51 PM
triciakoontz All of my Doberman’s have shed like crazy. They all have gotten baths when they got really dirty or smelly - they have all spent a lot of time running around outside daily. Boon is like a dirt magnet. I have to wash his dog bed covers every week and they are filthy by the time they get washed. When I see the amount of dirt that comes off of him in the tub and the amount of hair, I’m just flabbergasted. And amazed that some people never have to bathe their dogs. I’ve had to bathe him far more than the other Dobermans I’ve had but I’ve never had kids or dogs that were “clean freaks”. I think it’s an individual dog by dog thing but a lot of year round shedding is common for this breed, in my opinion.
07-19-2019 02:20 PM
4x4bike ped Hi bov...

When McCoy was a pup, I used a masking tape style lint roller on a regular basis. It never did him any harm and sure kept a lot of his shedding hair off the floor!

Portland OR
07-19-2019 10:40 AM
bovineoxy Thanks, everyone. We will try to cut back on the grooming and see if that helps.
We're just not used to a dog losing so much hair! We were actually laughing about it the other day because the sheer amount just seems so ridiculous lol. It looks like we don't own a vacuum.

He doesn't appear to have any dander or bald spots/thinning. His coat looks great, but if you pet him or he comes up to love on you, you will inevitably leave with a more than a handful of hair.

For awhile we thought maybe he was stressed, then we thought maybe the undercoat was having a hard time coming out and maybe that's why he was all oily......but I'm thinking he's just a naturally greasy dog. Too bad. I will have to come to terms with it.

Thanks for all the input! Good to know he's not abnormal in the shedding department. We might just consider upgrading to a Roomba hahah.

07-17-2019 12:05 PM
dobebug Hi Bovineoxi,

For starters I'll tell you that the shedding sounds pretty normal and I'd try what MeadowCat suggested.

Here's some general information on coats an shedding though. Puppies shed multiple times in their first year. It more obvious on long haired (coated) dogs than on short haired dogs like Dobes--not all short haired dogs are created equal--some have undercoats and some don't. So Dobe puppies shed out puppy coats roughly 5 times in their first year--sometimes more depending on when in the year they were born. And every time they shed you get a different coat texture until finally sometime around a year = or - a few months you get the real adult coat--it won't be soft--it'll feel smooth with just a little texture and I've really never had a Dove whose coat felt oily or smelled dirty after a few days. I think all the grooming you are doing is creating more shedding and oil production than is really common.

I don't bathe my dogs monthly--in fact unless they are showing they get bathed once or twice a year. They get bathed in very cool water and rinsed very well. They do often get wiped down with rough textured damp towel--this removes loose hair and dirt and it's usually all they need.

Dobe hair is sometimes more obvious when it was shed--it's heavy, if falls on surfaces and stays there and I see it and clean it up--I can sweep the kitchen floor daily and get a pile of Dobe hair. When I had an Australian Shepherd even though he shed about the same about as the Dobes do on a daily basis during the spring and fall sheds my house had drifts of Aussie undercoat everywhere. Dobes shed all the time a little more during the shed seasons but nothing at all like coated dogs shed.

I never brush my Dobes either--I use the damp towel and run it over them.

The oily feel and smell you are having with all that groom is probably related to the skin trying to repair itself--leave it strictly alone except for the damp towel and don't RUB with the towel--just wipe--gently. Try that for several weeks and see what happens.

I think, as MeadowCat suggested that you are fussing over the coat to such an extent that you are creating a problem.

I don't know what breed your Bostie is so I can't compare the shedding of the two dogs but adult dogs do shed less than puppies and at 10 months you are still dealing with a puppy and puppy coat shedding.

Ask your vet too when you are there--see what he has to say and good luck.


PS I wouldn't change foods--I seriously doubt that the shedding has anything to do with his diet and I've fed that food (ProPlan Focus Sensitive Skin And Stomach--through three name changes) to all my Dobes and my Aussie for years--probably close to 25 years now. It's my fall back food for everything including coat problems.
07-17-2019 05:07 AM
allmightyodin All around my puppy's crate is a barrier of dog hair. It's crazy!
07-17-2019 02:18 AM
4x4bike ped OK...
Tagging on to MC's comment: My youngest has never been bathed. He will be 5 yo. in September. Thats not to say that he does not get gently hosed down if he gets dirty. In the winter, our rains take care of it. LOL. Still, shampoo has never been used. He is never brushed.

Does he smell a bit sometimes? Yeah... He's a dog. I'm sure he thinks that I smell.

Bottom line: With the exception of puppy things, I have never had an issue with his coat or skin. If you saw him today, you might even comment on his lustrous coat.

I personally believe that a lot of owners (of all breeds) over bathe their dogs.

I can't, in good consciousness recommend never bathing a Dobe, but I can tell you that it has worked for me.

Oh... And compared to my past boys, he sheds much less.

Portland OR
07-16-2019 09:07 PM
melbrod I guessing you're not seeing any signs of flaking or skin irritation?? Or a thinning coat so that you see skin through the hairs?

I'd try MC's suggestions above and see where that gets you.
07-16-2019 06:36 PM
MeadowCat They do shed, but I'd recommend you cut down on the bathing and brushing. My dogs almost never get brushed, and they only get a few baths a year. You might be creating more shedding by over-grooming...?

My dogs also eat Proplan, and they don't have any strange residue and don't smell unless they get in the pond at the park. You might try cutting back on what you're doing grooming-wise and see if that helps. The only supplement mine get is fish oil/vitamin E.
07-16-2019 06:09 PM
VZ-Doberman You better believe they shed. I would find little black hairs even in my sneakers.
07-16-2019 04:39 PM
ECIN Hate to say this , but the hair loss , to me sounds normal ,

We have 2 in the house I think we have saved enough dobie hair to weave a king size blanket

As far as oil , some just produce more than others , as they get older ,we have noticed it not as oily .

Good luck and btw , what is your puppies name and pictures are more than welcome !

07-16-2019 04:29 PM
How much shedding is normal?

Hi all,

I'm curious to know what a normal amount of shedding for Dobermans is. I naively thought because they had short coats, they wouldn't shed as much. Our Bostie has a similar coat and hardly loses hair at all.

I understand it's summer and they shed their winter coats, but I'm amazed by how much hair this guy seems to be losing. His hair coats the window sill and floor by his crate almost on a daily basis. It's enough to look like somebody shaved their head and left the mess behind. We bought a fine tooth comb and comb him out every couple of days and we bathe him about once a month, but it just doesn't seem to be getting better. I would've thought he would have shed most of his winter coat/puppy fuzz by now.

Is this normal? He's about 10 months old. Curious if there's something we can tweak in his diet (He's on Purina ProPlan Salmon/Rice for sensitive stomach) or if we need to resign ourselves to vacuuming multiple times a day.

Also, I noticed his coat seems to be oily or have some type of residue. Every time I pet him, my hands feel dirty afterwards. We can bathe him and he's nice for a day or so and then the residue seems to come right back. It makes it hard to enjoy petting him.

We'll be taking him in to the vet, here, soon for his Bordetella vaccine so we can board him in a few months. I had planned on asking about this then, but if anyone has suggestions, they will be gladly received.

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