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  Topic Review (Newest First)
11-24-2019 02:15 PM
ECIN Now , Now Coco - If I remember right - you said you were going to replace it anyway ??? Right ? AND Sugar just thought he would be the best son and jump in and help yeah
11-24-2019 02:04 PM
Coco Loco In case you have forgotten Doc please refer back in this thread to see his carpet removal skills. He may have been a little less angelic that day!! Perhaps only a tad.
11-24-2019 11:02 AM
ECIN I have to disagree Mel - There angels all the times - lol Even the times they -- they ?? test us ? screw up some - because that's what memories are made of - When one of ours goofed up some - then 5 minutes later we would be sitting there laughing our rear ends off .

Now sitting here looking at Sugar laying there - I think his name fits him to a T I never see him doing anything wrong
11-24-2019 10:51 AM
melbrod Dobe puppies are only angels when they're asleep, but they make up for it by being VERY GOOD angels then.

Hard to believe that he's almost one. I had two that were born in mid-December. It's a good month for birthdays.
11-24-2019 10:14 AM
Coco Loco Good morning DT. Sugar here. I'm having a lazy Sunday morning. I was cuddling with mama on the couch but then moved to my side. Mama said I look like an angel. I love that.

My birthday is next month and I turn 1. Am I still a puppy then? My brain still needs to grow so I think I still will be. Mama said I will always be her baby. I kissed her when she said that.

Mama: Suggie boy you are my big little boy and I see that little brain trying so hard to do the right things. Keep trying my boy that's all you need to do for now.
11-15-2019 09:17 AM
ECIN LO Sugar - Ole Doc loves to hear from yeah ! Your pretty good at such a young age to be typing like you do ! Your a very smart young man !

Thanks for the update
11-15-2019 09:05 AM
Lannie Oh, Sugar-boy, you ARE darling! I'm glad your Mama got your whole head in that one picture and not just one nostril. But I see your dad can get you to settle down for snuggles, at least for a little bit.

Don't worry, sweet boy, your brain will grow. You have a couple more years to wait, but it will happen. Meanwhile, just be yourself and make your Mama and Daddy smile every day. That's your job right now. Serious things can wait until later. Right now it looks like you have lots of new toys to play with! I wish I could come and play with you and your cool new toys, but I can't, so tell your Mama to give you a good ear-knuckling and head noogies from your Auntie Lannie!
11-15-2019 08:39 AM
Coco Loco
Originally Posted by Lannie View Post
Yes, dogs are special. They can read us better than we can ourselves sometimes, and even though they might not speak English, they can communicate very clearly if you know what to look for.

Our male Pyr sings the song of his people, every morning before sunrise. It's become such an expected sound to me, I can't imagine the silence when he finally leaves me. Well, that day is not today, and for that I'm grateful.

I wish they could all live forever.
I wish they could too Lannie. They only get to stay for a short time with us but the impact they have on our lives is truly incredible. A beautiful gift. Before I get too melancholy Sugar has something to say.

Hi DT! Its Suggie boy. I love the snow in the backyard now and want to stay out there and eat it all. Mama makes me come in because I don't have my coat on.

I got my bullymake box. I was so excited while mama opened it. I couldn't believe I got my own package in the mail! I haven't destroyed anything yet!! My favorite toy is the purple zombie head. We know purple is my colour!! They were supposed to send me an extra toy for our long wait but they forgot so they have sent that in the mail for me. Another package!!

Mama always tries to take pics of me but I'm always on the move so they turn out like this.

I love when dad comes home from work. We cuddle on the couch and let it all hang out . Mama Hope's one day I will pose nicely for pictures. Maybe when my brain grows.

11-15-2019 08:18 AM
Lannie Yes, dogs are special. They can read us better than we can ourselves sometimes, and even though they might not speak English, they can communicate very clearly if you know what to look for.

Our male Pyr sings the song of his people, every morning before sunrise. It's become such an expected sound to me, I can't imagine the silence when he finally leaves me. Well, that day is not today, and for that I'm grateful.

I wish they could all live forever.
11-14-2019 09:20 AM
Coco Loco Keep the stories coming Lannie. I love them. That's amazing that Thor knew where Ninny was.

I think dogs are such pure little perfect creatures that are much more in tune with things than we are. I'm pretty perceptive and I feel Coco in the house all the time. Or hear her jump off the bed and flick her ears. The other night I heard Tiki singing the song of her people as she loved to do when she was with us. Sugar heard it too and ran around the house looking for her. Our love never dies in this house!!

Its interesting that you called him Sugar boy because I call him that all the time. Or Suggie boy.

We have had snow for the last 3 days. The first night he wasn't sure of it. I put his coat on him and ran around in the backyard because at first he didn't seem to realize we could walk on the snow. Then I made the mistake of teaching him that he can eat snow. What do you think he was doing at 4am today after he had his pee?! Eating snow and running around as the snow fell on him lol. Suggie is a silly boy!
11-14-2019 08:39 AM
Lannie I'm pretty sure he can see (or feel) her there, and she WILL help him. I have another story I wanted to tell if you don't mind me doing it here on Sugar's thread. I had a picture (a big 8x10) of Ninja on the wall in the bedroom, and Thor and I used to go into the bedroom in the evenings and watch TV. He loved to chase the two cats we had at the time, so we'd retire early in the evening and watch the boob tube while the cats had a few hours of freedom to roam the rest of the house. Anyway, one night, Thor looked up at Ninny's picture and then turned and looked at me with a huge question on his face. I said, "That's Ninny, he was here before," and Thor said, "Woo," in the low whisper they do, and looked back at the picture. I didn't think dogs could recognize another of their own breed, and I'd never had a dog that paid attention to a picture like that before.

But any time, ANY time, Rich or I said "Ninny," Thor would race to the bedroom and sit and look up at that picture of Ninja on the wall. It was the damnedest thing. I'm thinking maybe there's a little of that in your sweet Sugar-boy. It's almost spooky, but in a good way, huh?
11-13-2019 07:10 PM
Coco Loco Oh Lannie that is a beautiful story. They surely do give us signs from the other side.

Coco had a planet dog glow in the dark ball. It had an orange raised rubber world on it that when she was a puppy she meticulously peeled every part of that orange rubber world off and spit out. Then she never played with that thing again. That was about 9 years ago.

I forgot all about that ball until Sugar found it somewhere in this house a few months ago and proudly pranced around the house with it in his mouth. I gasped when I saw it and said 'oh Coco'. When I said her name Sugar looked up to the top of the stairs to one of her spots and wagged his nub. I know hes seen her because he always does that if I say her name. Hopefully one day he will listen to her guidance when his brain grows.

Our great love for them doesn't end when they leave us, it just changes. I'm working through this and cannot believe that next month on the 21st is 1 year Coco left us and the 31st is Sugar's 1st birthday!
11-13-2019 08:48 AM
ECIN Hey Sugar ! How you Do 'n' ???

Great story Lannie - we have also had them type feelings before
11-13-2019 08:34 AM
Originally Posted by ECIN View Post
(yes, I did go get a fresh glass of milk)

I very - Very Disappointed reading that statement Lannie ! I thought you were one of them true wild west gals ! I thought for sure that you grabbed the glass of milk and killed it , then handed over the rest of the bone to Ninny
OMG, what HAPPENED? This was a week ago and I didn't see it! No forum notification for some reason. Boo!

Anyway, no I did NOT slug back that slobbery milk. That remnant of bone had been all over the house, outside, under the stove... uh-uh, I have my principles, and although I loved that boy with all my heart and would literally do anything for him, slobber-drinking was not in my plan.

Second-mama, I'm so glad you decided to open your heart to this sweet boy. He deserves all your love, although I can understand your initial reservations. You feel like you're cheating. I had the same problem when I lost Ninja. We buried him in his favorite blankie and I sank into a deep depression for several weeks. The house was SO empty. Then I started thinking I needed another Dobe, but I felt guilty about it. One morning I woke up and found a clump of fuzz from Ninny's green blanket on the floor outside the bedroom door, and I burst into tears (where the hell did THAT come from?). Rich told me it was Ninny telling me it was OK to love another dog, and that I should love the new dog as much as I loved him. (Rich is wise.) Anyway, that night I had a dream that I had found a puppy, little black and rust like Ninny, and his name was Thor. A week later, when I finally got up the courage to contact the local Doberman rescue, they had a two-year old male named Thor. It was meant to be.
11-11-2019 09:42 AM
StrykersPerson Why did I look?

Because I am nosy that way!

I need your address so I can send you a puppy warming gift.

11-06-2019 08:56 AM
Kisha Reinmiller Aw! What a cutie! ....I love when they're little cone heads. I have never had a cropped dobe myself but I look forward to see your handsome little boy grow it
11-06-2019 08:53 AM
Coco Loco Good morning. Mama here. I'm so glad Sugar's antics bring a smile to you Lannie and Doc. He brings smiles to mine and also sometimes frustration lol but I can see that his brain is really working and trying to do the right thing. I always tell him "just try my boy".

I will tell you a secret. I was afraid to love him at first. I most definitely liked him but I felt kind of guilty about loving him. I'm still grieving Coco and Tiki too. But I had a revelation that Sugar has big shoes to fill because Coco was my heart. It's not fair for me to have these expectations of him because although his body is big, he is still all puppy. Coco was the best girl but she also was mischievous as a puppy but you forget these things when they are adult dogs and so well behaved.

I absolutely love Sugar and tell him all the time now. He wags his little nub and kisses mamas cheek. I wanted to share that with you guys because it's been a pivotal part of my grieving and moving through the process.

I will definitely kiss Sugar and tell him Aunt Lannie loves him!
11-06-2019 08:41 AM
ECIN (yes, I did go get a fresh glass of milk)

I very - Very Disappointed reading that statement Lannie ! I thought you were one of them true wild west gals ! I thought for sure that you grabbed the glass of milk and killed it , then handed over the rest of the bone to Ninny
11-06-2019 08:34 AM
Lannie Oh, Sugar, I have been missing you! I'm so sorry your mom and dad were sad and had to go away for a while, but it sounds like you had fun anyway. Manipulation is a very valuable skill, and I'm glad you're learning it at such an early age. You will be a Force of Nature before you know it! I'm very sorry you have to wear the cone again, but it'll come off soon, I promise. You have to be a good boy, though. Oh, and by the way, nice butt!

I've never heard of a Bullymake box, but I can gather by the name that it must be something supposedly indestructible? I remember going to a pet supply store once when Ninja was young, trying to find a toy he couldn't destroy in 24 hours. He got bored with the Nylabones, and Kong hadn't come out yet (or I hadn't heard of them). His favorite toy was one of those rope things with the knots on both ends, but he destroyed every one I got him in hours, literally hours. So anyway, this nice young man told me that THIS rope (two or three times bigger than the standard ones) was guaranteed unchewable, and that if Ninja COULD destroy it they'd give me my $12 back. (Back then, that was a lot for a chew toy.) So I got it and took it home. The next day, I brought a paper bag full of strings back to the pet store, and got my $12 back. It took him all night, but he did succeed in completely disassembling that indestructible knot toy.

I finally just got him a selection of different sized Nylabone toys and that was that. Funny story on the side: His very favorite Nylabone lasted forever (I still have the lump of chewed whatever-that-stuff-is) and by the time he was 10 or 11 it was down to the size of maybe half a hotdog, but man, he loved to chew on that. One night I was on the couch watching TV after dinner with a glass of milk on the end table, Ninny was lying on the floor by my feet gnawing that piece of yummy Nylabone, and he flipped it into the air. I watched it in slow motion, unable to react, just watching it arc through the air, bits of slobber flying off (also in slow motion), tumbling over and over, until it landed SQUARELY in my glass of milk, lengthwise, never even TOUCHING the sides of the glass. It was a perfect "10!" The look on his face was priceless - "WHERE IS MY BONE??" but the look on mine might have been better. I'm not sure.

I know that's a gross story (yes, I did go get a fresh glass of milk), but I sincerely hope that Sugar gives you as many fond and silly memories as Ninja gave me. Kiss his boo-boo for me, and tell him I love him.
11-06-2019 07:30 AM
ECIN Sorry to hear about your Lose Coco

Just sat here and read Sugars post to the Mrs. ! She was laughing pretty good !

The part about --- She's not my friend any more was great - I will laugh about that one all day

Serious note -- Kasia use to chew her pads and lick the rest off Like Sugar = Trip to Vets to get her a steriod shot - Doc said it was from Allergies ! Once she got the shot - she was good to go . The shot would last a month .

Thanks Sugar for your post - Always enjoy reading them so much ! Makes Doc's day
11-05-2019 10:00 PM
LadyDi Hey sugar so good to hear from you and glad things are getting back to normal.
Sorry for your loss.
11-05-2019 09:56 PM
Coco Loco
Originally Posted by melbrod View Post
Well, ummm--you've got a cute butt, Sug...

So sorry about your loss; it's nice you at least had some relatives to "board" him with for a while.
Thanks Mel. It's not a very flattering pic of Sugar but its apropos of our life together sometimes. He certainly can be a pain in my butt!!
11-05-2019 09:48 PM
melbrod Well, ummm--you've got a cute butt, Sug...

So sorry about your loss; it's nice you at least had some relatives to "board" him with for a while.
11-05-2019 09:30 PM
Coco Loco Hey DT Sugar here. Sorry we've been away but we had a death in the family and we've been busy. It happened overseas and my auntie and uncles had to look after me while mama and dada dealt with things. I got properly spoiled while they looked after me. They were worried that I wouldn't eat my food so they all handfed me my raw food. Mama is still laughing about that because she doesn't do that for me. Mama said maybe my brain is starting to grow since I was able to manipulate them. I don't know what that means but I did miss mama while she was gone.

Prior to that I was playing with my friends and one of them bit me really hard at the bottom of my ear. It was so bad I had to get stitches. She's not my friend anymore. I've been in that blasted cone again so I couldn't scratch my ears. I also ripped part of my paw pad off and want to lick the rest of it off.

Mama says boys are so different than girls. Coco never did any of this stuff!! I can't help it. My brain hasn't grown yet. One day I will be the best boy. Mama says I try my best.

I love to play with mine and Coco's toys but I'm pretty rough with them. You know how well I did practicing my skills on the carpet removal . Mama has ordered me a Bullymake box so we shall see how their guarantee holds up for destroyed toys. It has landed in Canada so I hope it gets here soon. I'm so excited for new toys!!

Uncle Doc asked for some pics but we only have a few to show since we've been so busy.

I love my handmedown coat. It keeps me warm. I'm too busy exploring when I'm out for mama to get a good pic.

The blasted cone!! But it's so much bigger now!!

Talk to you soon. I've got to get ready for bed. Good night DT.
10-11-2019 09:13 AM
New Puppy

Hey All. Reading the post on the new puppy, Sugar. Congrats! So exciting. Wondering how many of you crate your new puppies at first. We have always done that. Do any of you let the puppy sleep with you right from the start?

Edited to add: Pamlocke, I started a new thread with your puppy crating question. You can find it here:
Anyone wanting to respond to that part, please go over there with your posts.
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