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07-18-2019 05:03 PM
Beaumont67 Canadians For Liberty

“What a relief,” sighed many small business owners after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau & Finance Minister Bill Morneau finally began backtracking from their massive new tax increases last fall. The original Liberal proposals, rolled out in the middle of last summer, would have put a 73% tax on the savings income of small businesses, penalized family businesses for sharing earnings and work with family members, and doubled the tax on the sale of a farm from parents to children, forcing them to instead sell the farm to multinational corporations.”
07-12-2019 07:49 PM
Beaumont67 Originally Posted by Beaumont67 View Post
- and part of Western Canada (lead by Alberta), may have to Separate Canada & turn into American States
- hope they take Ontario, with them

GOD help us - we've been ruled by a Left-Wing Dictator ...much damage done !!

Originally Posted by melbrod View Post
I'm not so sure joining the US is an answer. Have you seen the progressive ideas some here are pushing?
MEL ^^ Alberta & Saskatchewan have the 3rd largest Oil Reserves, in the World.
- our refineries are in Quebec or East Coast / to process middle East crude oil
- Liberal Govn, bought a pipeline C$4.6B) to connect West coast to East coast
- and shut it down

Alberta oil gets railroaded now, to TX USA refineries...only $20/barrel & market is $59/barrel.
- plus Alberta gives QE +$13 billion yearly, in Equalization payments
Our Western provinces want a Trump style Govn...loosing a lot of $$ here.
07-12-2019 07:34 PM
Beaumont67 Canada Campaign
7 mins ·

"What happens when theory and practice collide? The theory is that carbon taxes reduce emissions by penalizing people for emitting greenhouse gas. That is the theory.

Tomato farmer Bob Mitchell, owner of Ottawa-based SunTech Greenhouses, is more concerned with practice.

He releases CO2 into his greenhouse to encourage better production. The federal government charges carbon tax on that CO2 even though none goes into the atmosphere. The tomato tree absorbs it, just like they taught us in grade school.

That tax — along with the McGuinty-Wynne government’s decision to double electricity rates to subsidize unreliable and unneeded windmills and solar panels — inflated the farmer’s energy costs so much it became more expensive for Ottawa customers to buy his tomatoes than Mexican ones.

Why? Mexico has only a tiny carbon tax; only a fraction of Canada’s. But it’s tomatoes must travel by truck and train — polluting all the way through North America on their way to grocery stores in the nation’s capital.

None of that foreign transportation pollution is subject to the Canadian carbon tax either.

Yet, the tax signals consumers to buy the more polluting foreign tomatoes instead of the greener local ones."
07-10-2019 10:41 PM
Originally Posted by melbrod View Post
I'm not so sure joining the US is an answer. Have you seen the progressive ideas some here are pushing?

Thks MEL ^^ will review link tomorrow...been dry walling, this week @ condo.


This is happening at a rapid pace in Canada to, Liberals need defeated, in Oct 21, 2019 election. We will become 3rd class citizens here, if not unchecked (in fall election).

Jeff Allen Lindau
July 2 at 5:41 PM
After 8 years of Obama!

"Has everyone lost their ability to see what is happening in the USA?

Think America! Before Obama, there was virtually no visible presence of Islam in America. All of a sudden, Islam is taught in schools. All of a sudden, we must allow prayer rugs everywhere and allow for Islamic prayer in schools and businesses.

All of a sudden, we must stop serving pork in public places and institutions. All of a sudden, we are inundated with law suits by Muslims who are offended by America. (For God's sake, they are IN America) All of a sudden, we must allow burkas to be worn everywhere even though you have no idea who is covered up under them.

All of a sudden, Muslim training compounds are popping up throughout the USA. All of a sudden, Muslims are suing employers for being expected to do their jobs.

All of a sudden, all of our aircraft carriers are recalled for maintenance by Obama rendering the Atlantic unsupported. All of a sudden, our troops are withdrawn from the middle east. All of a sudden, there is no money for American poor, disabled veterans, jobless Americans, hungry Americans, or displaced Americans, but there is endless money for Obama's refugee programs.

All of a sudden, Obama fills the Federal Government with Muslims in key positions. All of a sudden, there is an ammunition shortage in the USA. All of a sudden, Americans are threatened by the Federal government for complaining about Muslims. All of a sudden, the most important thing for Obama to do is disarm American Citizens.

Now, why is it so important for Obama to disarm America? Why? Because a disarmed country is ripe for takeover by the Muslim Army that Obama has imported into the United States. Nikita Krueschev, the Russian Dictator who visited the USA in the 1950s said the USA could never be occupied by any army because of it's citizen Army. Obama knows this fact and is doing everything within his power to disarm our Citizen Army. If Obama can't do it legally, he will abuse his power and take every gun from Americans because he knows he must do that to turn the USA over to Islam. Be wary and watchful. Obama's actions speak far beyond his words. Obama won't
06-21-2019 10:39 PM
Originally Posted by Beaumont67 View Post
- and part of Western Canada (lead by Alberta), may have to Separate Canada & turn into American States
- hope they take Ontario, with them

GOD help us - we've been ruled by a Left-Wing Dictator ...much damage done !!
I'm not so sure joining the US is an answer. Have you seen the progressive ideas some here are pushing?
06-21-2019 10:35 PM
Beaumont67 The World Laughs At Canada As We Cripple Our Energy Industry With C-69 & C-48

Canada Campaign

Remember when Canada had a prominent place on the world stage?

That disappeared when Justin Trudeau took the reins of power.

(from the article)
"A gift for Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, the US, and all oil producing nations that we compete with.

With Bills C-69 and C-48 passing the Liberal-controlled Senate, Canada’s energy industry is being shackled to an unprecedented degree.

And behind the scenes, we can be sure that other countries are laughing at us.

Imagine what the OPEC nations are thinking: They’ve built their entire economies and societies on oil wealth, and here they see Canada – a nation with gigantic oil reserves – crippling our own production and robbing ourselves of billions in potential wealth.

Imagine what the US is thinking: They’ve got us as a captive oil seller, and now we are going to have a nearly impossible time trying to expand beyond our dependence on that market. They get cheap oil from us, while they can sell their oil for more on the world market with less Canadian competition. They win, we lose.

We look like fools, and it’s thanks to Justin Trudeau and the Liberals doing the bidding of US billionaires and radical far-left groups that want to cripple our own energy industry.

Meanwhile, the world-wide demand for oil is projected to continue surging, so that demand – and the immense amount of money to be made by supplying that demand – will simply go to other nations."
06-21-2019 12:50 PM
Beaumont67 Our Federal Election, can't come soon October 2019.
- our Liberal Prime Minister is destroying Canada via his Global/UN/Paris Accord agenda

Bill C-69 passed into Law yesterday // with Senate approval.
- ensuring our vast & rich Resource Sector, stays in the ground
- and part of Western Canada (lead by Alberta), may have to Separate Canada & turn into American States
- hope they take Ontario, with them

GOD help us - we've been ruled by a Left-Wing Dictator ...much damage done !!
- close friends of HRC & Obama / that says it all


Opinion: C-69 will allow our courts to be tools of economic demise
CALGARY HERALD Updated: June 21, 2019

An important read this morning:

"It’s well acknowledged that C-69 pretty much guarantees that there will be no more big pipeline projects in Canada. Many think the whole idea was to create a back-door moratorium to phase out the oil and gas industry.

But it also means no more potash mines, no more iron mines, no new refineries or offshore platforms and no more big resource projects are likely to go ahead anywhere in Canada.

C-69 will be used by radicals to fight liquified natural gas terminals. Canada won’t be able to export low-carbon natural gas to a world that wants to buy it to replace coal.

This law means that no one will want to fund any new hydroelectric dams or nuclear power plants. Indeed, the overreach in C-69 means that large wind farms and major solar installations can be fought to an economic standstill.

Basically, any of the types of major nation-building infrastructure that created the prosperous Canada we know would never have been built if they had to go through this process.

The Trudeau government’s thoughtless rush to virtue signal in the lead up to an election tells the Canadian business community and the global capital markets to avoid investing in Canada. "


Shirley Gervais
The Canada we know and love is being destroyed from within by our own Prime Minister. The main priority of a Prime Minister is to protect Canadians both economically and nationally. Instead Trudeau is systematically dismantling Canada and our middle class economy! What kind of Prime Minister would inflict this kind of damage on our own great country. There are only two things worse than this and that is the Canadians who will still vote for Liberals in October and those who are apathetic and complacent who don’t bother voting. My personal opinion is that Trudeau is no longer my Prime Minister! For anyone to cause irreparable division to Canada and knowingly destroy so many Canadians’ livelihoods and families is reprehensible and unforgivable. How does Trudeau and the Liberals even sleep at night? Canadians must unite and fight for our beloved country. The upcoming federal election is the most important election of our lifetime. We must make every effort to get out and vote Trudeau out and vote in a Majority Conservative Government if we have any hope to get our country back. Evil is allowed to grow when good people sit back and do nothing!

Regina Weber Komo
I guess it is time for Alberta (and whoever wants to join us) to separate. We make our own rules as our own country. BC couldn’t stop us from getting our products to tidewater and export according to the UN convention law of the sea. Since 1982 landlocked countries are guaranteed tariff free trade and access.

Brenda Suley-Satterlee
I honestly cannot read anymore of this destructive news because I get absolutely infuriated. I. How in Gods name did any one in their right mind vote for that idiot Trudeau. My God he is making Canada into a third world country. I know one thing for sure if he gets in again in October I’m moving to the US and/or I’m all for separating from the doomed Canada.

Wayne Mclellan
In the face of this near treasonous action by the liberals it is worrisome that the their and the Trudeau numbers remain as high as they are. One would expect that any Canadian surveyed would be anti liberal/Trudeau and the numbers would drop to near zero.

Kathy McNeil
How can anyone think that this is okay? How can anyone blindly support the Liberal party and their agenda? How can the moral thinking people in the Liberal party support these bills that will shut down our country? These questions we need to ask everyone who stands behind the Liberals and their bills!

Arlene Yavis
He’s been trying to sell us out since he got elected. He’s been bought out to destroy our Canada. No other explanation. What I don’t understand is the people that follow him. He is a puppet! All for his ego and a seat at the U.N. that most people don’t respect anymore. He has no understanding of economy or actually earning a living!
06-01-2019 09:59 PM
Beaumont67 Matt Gurney: Desperate Liberals get set for a gun control splash
Bill C-71

- Canada’s gun control debate has always been politicized. Even setting aside the merits of the various arguments, there’s a political reality that underlies all the positioning of the various parties: the Liberals (and NDP) see gun control as something that pleases their urban-voter bases while the Tories know it’s unpopular in their rural strongholds.

- That reality was evident when the Liberals introduced Bill C-71 in March of 2018........

Matthew Robertson For my gunnie friends. This is long but worth the read:

OICs significance

It is not the Liberals who give 30 days notice. The Canadian Firearms Program revokes your registration certificate and it is the CFP that gives 30 days to comply. And they have ALWAYS given 30 days regardless of what government was in power.

30 days is not an arbitrary amount of time. The firearms act gives you 30 days to appeal a revocation, and the 30 day compliance window is to allow you to file an appeal. Once you file the appeal the revocation is stayed until the judge settles it.

No one is interested in getting an injunction to an OIC because in order for it to work you need to know the wording of the regulation before its published which is almost impossible. Its also unnecessary.

Familiarize yourself with the details of the administration of law and you will realize that a ban by OIC is nothing to fear, and if you want Trudeau to lose the next election it is actually something to hope for, as long as you possess the stones to fight it.

Walk with me. (Metaphorically)
Government bans (hypothetically) handguns by OIC on June 1st. Regulations typically require 30 days before coming into force, in order to allow the affected government department time to respond, but let's assume Justin goes full retard and it comes into force immediately. The CFP gets notified, reviews the law and realizes approximately 900,000 restricted firearms and 100,000 prohibited firearms, all handguns, are registered and those registrations must be revoked.
By law, revocations need to be sent registered mail. That's almost 1 million pieces of correspondence that need to generated, reviewed, stuffed in an envelop and posted. Thats one green sheet of paper for the address, one for the revocation notice, and possibly one for a new registration certificate if grandfathered status permits ownership as a prohib. Go to your local office supply store and look at how many boxes three million pieces of paper is. Imagine 1 million envelopes. Ask your mail man how many letters he can deliver in a day. The roll out of this will be anything but quick.

The CFP is already allegedly having trouble with their printers keeping up with the routine issuance of 400,000 licenses annually. You think that the CFP is just going to up and deliver 1 million pieces of registered mail at the drop of a hat?

It will take months and it will be a gong show. Summer vacation is coming and the CFP has been chronically undermanned already. The malingerers will all take stress leave and the union will be stepping in to signal crushing workloads and lobbying for more staff. There will be an epic number of complains when other routine work goes undone, and their performance standards will drop below the acceptable service standards to such an extent that managers performance bonuses will be affected; The first time a manager throws a hissy fit there will be accusations of toxic work place, investigations etc.

The CFP simply does not have the manpower tools or funding to roll out mass revocation of registration certificates. To contract that would take months and probably involve privacy violations. Either way the costs will be significant and immediate.

Slowly, eventually, the revocation notices will start to show up. They will allow 30 days for compliance. By now we are well in July, with the seizure notice effective in August. Just in time to ruin everyone's summer vacation and when the media will be hunting for some salacious political happenings in the middle of the summer doldrums. Gun owners everyone vowing non compliance. Others claiming its impossible to comply due to a lack of responsiveness from the CFP. Local forces will claim way too cash strapped chasing actual criminals to follow up. Municipal forces still haven't followed up with the half a million prohibited handguns that went dark after the last round of bans 20 years ago. This will make news, and in a bad way for government, right in time to kick off the election.

Every revocation notice is supposed to include instructions for filing a S74 judicial review. Every single person subject to revocation is entitled to review by a provincial judge. Now we are certain to lose that appeal, but that's not the point. First, filing the appeal buys you time, as I mentioned, the revocation noticed is on hold until the judge settles it. Second, if even 20% of affected owners filed appeals, we would be talking 50k to 100k court cases that must be handled by an already overloaded legal system where legit murderers are being acquitted due to excessive delays in court times. With 100k judicial reviews on the books crown prosecutors will be first in line begging the government to rescind the revocations, otherwise more murderers will walk free. Organized criminals will take note. The provinces would need to create whole new courts just to handle the backlog and demand the federal government to cover the costs while the media will be there asking at what cost and at what benefit. While the gun orgs may not have the resources to fight to the fight directly, they will be advocating everyone file their judicial review application. And not only is this a perfectly legitimate exercise of our legal rights, its also an excellent PR stunt and act of civil disobedience that will force the government's hand.

Not exactly something the liberals will enjoy campaigning on and even the NDP would campaign on putting an end to it, especially with thousands of gun owners in every single riding begging any party that will listen to put an end to it.

Under normal circumstances it takes months, 6 or more, for the court to get around to handling revocation reviews. With that many all at once it will take years, which is plenty of time for the next government to reverse.

Now, remember that per section 12.8 of the firearms, all guns prohibited by OIC are entitled to grandfathering. Banning by oic can't change that. Only legislation can. So the government goes through the ass pain of the ban and doesn't actually get to remove any guns from circulation.

Further, 12.6.1 handguns are already banned and grandfathered. Even if they were banned again by OIC, only legislation can repeal the original grandfathering because it is baked into the firearms act. So even if a new handgun ban by OIC was successful the ban would ironically let the allegedly more dangerous handguns stay in circulation while trying to seize the longer barreled sport pistols. A curious irony that no Liberal will be able to convincingly explain.

If anyone in the Liberal party had two brain cells to rub together (remains to be seen) there is no way they would ban anything by OIC this close to an election. And as we already know, there isn't any time for legislation. While the Liberals may be stupid enough or desperate enough to try, if you familiarize yourself with the logistics you quickly realize it is nothing to be afraid of.

The only thing to fear is a future government that has a four year majority and the determination to stay the course. Then there will be some tough choices ahead.

Between now and October the only thing guns owners need to do is take a deep breath, shoot all summer and help an unlicensed friend get their license, help a licensed friend buy their first restricted, and be vigilant. If a revocation notice comes file your application for judicial review get your court date and vote accordingly.
05-31-2019 07:13 AM
Beaumont67 These two politicians kicked out of the Trudeau Liberal party, became Independents (this week)...LOL

upload your picture
05-30-2019 11:08 PM
melbrod Yeah, I could go along with this. But it has the kind of tune and lyrics that tend to stick in your mind and play over and over (and over and over). Rather like all the repetitive back and forth stuff that consumes the airwaves these days.

John Rich Shut Up about Politics

05-18-2019 10:15 AM

Carlen Jansen
March 28 - Canadian Conservatives United Against The Left

Prime Minister Trudeau should not receive one vote in October's election..... after you read this.

"What did Trudeau and the Libs do that’s so bad?

The minister of defense is guilty of public perjury, gross negligence causing a threat to national security and should be in jail.

The minister of finance engaged in insider trading – should be a 10 year sentence.

The minister of immigration actively and quietly attempted to remove protections of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) from the Canadian citizenship guide, which HAD he succeeded would have provided a lawful excuse under current Canadian laws for practitioners of this crime on humanity to never face sentencing or punishment if they performed it here. DOMESTIC TERROR


1/ according to sec 83:01-83:09 of the criminal code of Canada; any political leader in Canada who incites, endorses, supports or forces ANY IDEOLOGY upon the citizens of Canada is guilty of domestic terror.

2/any citizen who is actively sending money by donation or otherwise to any org that has KNOWN affiliations to terrorists is committing domestic terror.

He blew the Asia Pacific deal. He blew the helicopter deal with the Philippines. He blew the pipeline deal. He blew the deal with China. He blew the deal with Europe. He‘s screwed up immigration. What more do people need to realize Trudeau is a complete failure at everything he does?
Do we need to mention the fiasco at our Southern border?

-At the G7 he pledged $400 Million to Education around the world along with another $180 Million to the Global Partnership for Education in Europe. None of it is going to fix our messed up school systems here at home. Meanwhile education costs are skyrocketing for our youth making university a mountain too high for many to climb.

-He pledged $241 Million to Family Planning around the world including a $20 Million donation to the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation (because they have integrity!). This all happened while he told vets that they were asking too much.

-He pledged $2.65 Billion to climate change at the Commonwealth Leaders Summit and now he is trying to bully the provinces into new taxes to pay for this pledge.

-He pledged $300 Million to the Rohingya Refugee crisis while we have a refugee crisis of our own flooding into Quebec that he won't address.

-He pledged $125 Million to Caribbean Reconstruction while our own infrastructure in cities is falling apart.

-He pledged $650 million to Sexual and Reproductive health in Haiti and around the globe wanting safer abortions for woman while many women in our own country are left without a family doctor.

-He has pledged $50 million to Palestine for flood relief when NB had some of the worst flooding in decades this past spring.

-He pledged $840 million to Syria for Humanitarian Assistance when half the native reserves in our country don't have clean drinking water.

-He gave $10.5 Million to a convicted...CONVICTED terrorist in a backroom deal that has lead to another $30.8 Million payed out for three other fellers who say they were wrongfully detained.

-And just recently he spent $4.5 Billion on a pipeline, and now the courts have ruled it shut down. Good investment for Canada he said.

Pressured Jody Wilson Raybould repeatedly & INAPPROPRIATELY with several different high ranking officials to offer SNC Lavalin a DPA instead of prosecution for repeated & sustained corruption AFTER the former AG had determined they were ineligible for such a deal.
Lied about the above having ever taken place.

Replaces Canada’s old F-18s with Australia’s old F-18s.

His love of all things Castro and all things Red China.
Imposes tough regulations and taxes on oil from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland but not oil from Saudi Arabia.
Every new project has to undergo strict environmental assessments...except cement plants in Quebec.
Says that a proposed pipeline must consider “the intersection of sex and gender with other identity factors” (what does that even mean???)
Thinks older Canadians should be replaced.
Chases foreign companies (and their investment capital) out of the country like they have the plague.
Chases our WW1 soldiers out of our national anthem... lest we forget.
Brings in 10s of thousands of unemployable “refugees”.
Tweets out a welcome to 10s of thousands more fake refugees from the US (even gets the RCMP to be their bellhops).
All his fake refugees get better healthcare than Canadians do, while they put a strain on all our public services and contribute little.
Continuously uses identity politics...then complains about identity politics.
Forgot Alberta was a province.
Called small business owners “tax cheats”.
Ask questions about money spent on illegal immigrants and he calls them intolerant racists.
We have an equalization program but he gives half of it to one province.
Says “diversity is our greatest strength” but his divisiveness tears us apart.
Screws up our trade relations with our most important trade partner because he failed to stop Chinese steel from flowing through to the states and he won’t give up supply management which hurts Canadian consumers.
$8 million for a skating rink. $4.5 billion for a 65 year old pipeline (and KM uses that money to build a pipeline in Texas)
Billions added to the national debt.
Kokanee groper.
Elbowed a female MP while dragging another MP by the arm in a petulant huff.
Illegal migrants are just “irregular border crossers”.
Gets India to invest $250 million in Canada but we have to invest $750 million in India first.
Compared returning ISIS terrorists to Italian immigrants and says they will be an extraordinary powerful voice for Canada.
Lets Terrorists keep their Canadian citizenship.
Thinks Canada is 100 years old instead of 150.
Generally making life less affordable for the average Canadian.
Gave Canadian taxpayer’s money to Hamas.
Increasing the number of personal pronouns to 50.
Outrage over fake racist attacks, says nothing about real terrorist attacks.
Spent a little over $1.5 million on the trip to India that did nothing but worsen ties. Plus paid over $17,000 to Vikram Vij, a chef from Vancouver to prepare a meal for a meeting in New Delhi.

And the only PM convicted of ethics violations.

That’s the short list."
04-27-2019 06:49 AM
Beaumont67 This Sunday - new episode of The Simpsons, from Canada.
- our idiot boy Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau takes center stage
- Liberal Federal Leader has to meet, newly elected Provincial Conservatives ...against his policies

Doug Ford .................Ontario Leader, just swept Liberals (last year)
Jason Kenney............Alberta Leader, just swept Liberals (month ago)
Andrew Scheer...............Federal Opposition / re-election coming in Oct.

^^ All fighting the Carbon (Climate Change) Tax...for example.

04-16-2019 10:09 PM
03-27-2019 11:04 PM
Beaumont67 From YELLOW VESTS CANADA...

Nikki Wells To: All Ministers of Parliament

The disgusted voices of Canadian citizens of all political stripes are publicly sounding the alarm regarding the reckless political decisions and destructive actions of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada. Since all Ministers of Parliament have been elected to represent and serve Canadian citizens, the call for accountability is sounded and Canadian citizens unequivocally demand answers to the following questions:

• Why are the Liberal Members of Parliament allowing Justin Trudeau to send millions of dollars to foreign countries at the expense of Canada’s needs?

• Why are the Liberal Members of Parliament allowing Justin Trudeau to carelessly accumulate vast amounts of national debt at the expense of Canada’s future generations?

• Why are the Liberal Members of Parliament allowing Justin Trudeau to wreak havoc at our borders by admitting mass immigration of illegal migrants (such as Haitians) who are not from war-torn countries at the expense of legal immigration applicants?

• Why are the Liberal Members of Parliament allowing Justin Trudeau to completely disregard the needs of the more fragile elements of Canadian society such as our veterans, seniors, and disabled? While refugees are given free products and services, why must Canadian seniors pay to receive eyeglasses, dental care, and prescriptions? Why are Canadian seniors taxed on their pension incomes?

• Why are the Liberal Members of Parliament allowing Justin Trudeau to neglect and avoid legally recognizing all activist groups which violently seek to suppress and eliminate freedom of speech as “terrorists”?

• Why are the Liberal Members of Parliament allowing Justin Trudeau to send Canadian money to countries around the world, but to neglect Canadians who are in dire need. Forest fires in Alberta? Native Canadians? Veterans?. Low income Canadians? Canadians with disabilities? Seniors? The list is a long one and growing.

• Why did the Liberal Members of Parliament allow Justin Trudeau to issue a payment of $10.5 million dollars to a convicted terrorist without an official Supreme Court ruling?

• Why did the Liberal Members of Parliament allow the Liberal Party of Canada to pass Motion-103 (M-103) which only explicitly records one religion by name (Islam) at the expense of all the other recognized religious groups in Canada in its pathetic attempt to curtail “Islamophobia”?

• Why do the Liberal Members of Parliament continue to allow Justin Trudeau to constantly renege on the fulfillment of vital economic agendas and sensitive social issues which were blatantly promised to all Canadians and First Nations peoples during his election campaign?

If these are the types of questions that need to be asked at this moment, then Canada is truly in a sad state of affairs. Members of Parliament are clearly not working for the benefit of Canada. It is apparent that all government strategies and decisions are not geared to a “Canada-first” mentality. Liberal Members of Parliament should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for allowing the great nation of Canada to embark on the destructive path of socialistic elitist globalism.

Does any other Liberal Member of Parliament possess the loyal determination to publicly stand against the globalist agenda of Justin Trudeau?
Will any Liberal Member of Parliament fervently seek to honestly fulfill their responsibilities towards Canadian citizens?
Will any Liberal Member of Parliament demonstrate the courage to answer all of the questions posted above?

Sadly, it appears that hard-working, tax-paying, country-loving Canadians do not have a champion in the political arena. Therefore, Canada is quickly progressing towards moral and financial bankruptcy, and Canadians hold all the Liberal Members of Parliament responsible for this collapse. All Canadians are appalled and disgusted by the uncaring passivity displayed by the Liberal Members of Parliament in all facets of government.

Beware, if the Liberal Members of Parliament choose to continue to facilitate the implementation of Justin Trudeau’s globalist agenda and do not act immediately to stop the bleeding of national decay, all true Canadians will eventually band together and use any means at our disposal to prevent the destruction of the foundations of our great nation.

Just remember that you may not be re-elected and thus all people that rely on you - your staff and family for example - will also be out of an income. Look what happened in Ontario with the Wynne Government. Reduced to non party status!

For all Liberal Members of Parliament, you can stop the insanity by crossing the floor and joining another party, until there is no longer a Liberal government and then all members can vote on what the Prime Minister is doing to our Canada!

John Burke
A very concerned Canadian citizen
03-26-2019 08:06 PM
alan j.
01-28-2019 08:58 AM
alan j.

or a good training video for Di and her new baton.
01-19-2019 09:09 PM
Beaumont67 wrong thread / back to the Chicken fun
01-18-2019 09:18 AM
alan j. It is a very long list that is being perpetuated by the same characters since the turn of last century. I do not see the future as being lost since I believe it is a small minority that is pushing this Ideology , it is just not going to be pretty. Censorship should hide the ugly for awhile!
01-18-2019 07:51 AM
LadyDi I agree ........when those commericals arrive I turn the channel........we ALL deserve to be respected.
01-18-2019 07:37 AM
Originally Posted by melbrod View Post
Interesting quote:

"If we open a quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we have lost the future."
Winston Churchill
If we keep this constant chit up, our Future is indeed Lost !!
- the non-stop media attack ...on Male Masculinity
- proven guilty without court evidence / False Rape allegations & freq. lack of no proof
- & giving boys Ratilin in school, to drug them up early / Males dumb downed, for life
Consequences are adding up !!

01-04-2019 03:03 AM
melbrod Interesting quote:

"If we open a quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we have lost the future."
Winston Churchill
01-03-2019 07:48 AM
12-27-2018 03:01 PM
Beaumont67 Canada Matters
December 26, 2017 ·
This article should tell you everything that you need to know about Boy Blunder!
- on this day a year ago

Justin Trudeau" by Garry Harrison

Say what you will about Pierre Trudeau – and you may say
many negative things about a man who deliberately chose to spend the Second World War sitting on the sidelines, who shilled for Red China while it murdered tens of millions of people, who was a life-long apologist for Soviet Communism, who began a relationship with a teenager when he was already an old man, who nearly spent Canada into bankruptcy, who tried to steal the wealth of the West and ruined a generation of Albertans, whose quest for personal glory nearly broke the Canadian federation, and who recklessly fathered a daughter when he was a septuagenarian and therefore left a little girl of nine without a father when he died – but it is beyond dispute that he was at least an intelligent man.

It is true that he was also a cold, reckless, and destructive man, but there was definitely something there.

Of Justin it may be said that he has managed to inherit all of the
flaws of his father – his recklessness, his arrogance, his
willingness to apologize to and appease enemies of our civilization,
and his almost-unique ability to be wrong about every issue of
significance. Whether or not he inherited the other qualities of his
parents – that is to say whether his personal life is as dissolute and
debauched as that of his father – is not currently a matter of public
record, but I imagine that it will be soon enough. However, it can besaid with certainty that J.Trudeau did not inherit his father’s sole
virtue: everything that is already in the public record suggests that
Justin Trudeau is a profoundly stupid man whose only qualification to be Prime Minister is that he has a famous name. That he should, a this particular juncture in history, be elected Prime Minister of Canada ought to shame all Canadians.

What, pray tell, has this man ever accomplished in his entire
life? His biography is available for all to read. Young Master
Trudeau, so far as I can tell, has never held anything resembling a
real job for any length of time. His biography describes him as having been a teacher, but he was still a substitute teacher at least as late as 1999 (he worked at my High School) and he appears to have begun a never-completed graduate degree in 2002. Before that – when he was already in his mid-twenties – he was a ski bum in Whistler. In other words, this Prime Minister appears to have – at the absolute most – had about three years of full-time work experience before seeking to lead the nation. This man never led anything in his entire life. Quite literally he doesn't have the requisite experience on his resume to be hired as the Manager of a Starbucks. Indeed, to be very clear, the last sentence wasn't intended to be at all insulting to anyone who either manages or works for Starbucks – I'm a frequent customer and it is, by all accounts – a very challenging job. But, surely, we can all agree that Prime Minister is a job that requires at least the same level of previous management experience as Starbucks management?

Consider all that you have achieved in your own life. Most of you,
I presume, are from background rather like myself. That is to say that you are from middle class families and had to earn your way through life. You had to work to pay your way through school. You had to worry about paying the rent, about saving money for a down payment, about how much of a mortgage that you could afford. Most of you have probably worked bad jobs or taken work beneath your education and dignity because we simply needed the money. Some of you probably missed out on having fun – on ski trips to pick one relevant example – either because you could not afford them or because you simply had to work. That, you and I probably both believe, is simply a natural part of life. All of that is quite foreign to Justin Trudeau.

Now, I am both a conservative and a capitalist. I do not begrudge
or resent great wealth and privilege in and of itself. One of the
primary aims of my own life is to eventually earn (and manage to keep, in the face of a rapacious state) enough so that the next generation of Yoshida's doesn't have to make compromises when it comes to fundamental life decisions for financial reasons. I think that people have a right to earn as much as they can and to pass that along to their children. But, as the children of privilege get to enjoy certain advantages in life, so do I believe that those to whom much is given have a profound moral responsibility to contribute to the world in some fashion exchange for all that they have been given in life.

And what, we ought to inquire, has J.Trudeau done with his life
and privileges? His accomplishments such as they are – eternal years as a student, two partially-completed Masters’ degrees, and perhaps a few years of work experience – are scant when compared with those of the average middle-class Canadian of modest means and background. I could literally walk down the street outside of my home and pick out a hundred random people with more work experience, education, and life experience than J.Trudeau has. When you consider that this man is the
child of a multi-millionaire and carries arguably the most famous name in Canada, his below-average record is particularly shameful. This man had every single advantage that it is possible for a young Canadian to have and that is all that he could do with his life?

In general, I view the idle rich to be more objects of pity than
ones deserving of hatred. That calculation, however, changes rather rapidly when they aspire, as J.Trudeau does, to translate that unearned privilege into power over the rest of us. If “Justin Trudeau” were instead “Justin Thompson” it’s pretty safe to assume that he'd be collecting EI and writing a screenplay on a battered laptop at some local coffee shop. The only reason why we are threatened with this man in 24 Sussex is that he carries a famous surname.

It is the greatest of ironies that so much of the support for this
particular man came from the sort of people who spend the rest of
their time re-blogging articles on “white privilege.”

Now, as Canada prepares to join the fight against ISIS and the
other Islamic barbarians who threaten our people and way of life, we see that J.Trudeau intends to use his unearned privileges to carry on his father’s tradition of serving an apologist for and appeaser of all of the enemies of our civilization. In this he is, most
regrettably, simply carrying on in the long tradition of a Quebec
political establishment whose behaviour in the face of our enemies has long been disgraceful and immoral. Just as the Quebec political establishment took seditious and at times almost traitorous positions in the face of the German threat in both World Wars (shameful episodes that are somehow generally hushed-up in the retelling of our history), today J.Trudeau is, as his father once was, on the other side in the great crusade for civilization.

Justin Trudeau in 24 Sussex – will likely be fatal for the Canadian Federation.

How long do you think, in this day and age, will the Western Provinces remain willing to accept the dictates of a Quebec-controlled government hostile to the very basis of its entire economy?

This child doesn't have the political skills or the experience to navigate such a potentially-perilous situation, for not only is he unfit to lead the nation, but he is also an unworthy successor to his predecessors as Leader of the Liberal Party who, for all of their many faults, were at least men of accomplishment and substance.

If you believe in individual merit – if you believe that we should
have a country where accomplishments matter more than your name – then we should have rejected this haughty and arrogant child who would presume to rule over us all.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Trudeau has sold out just like Obama, Hillary Rotten Clinton.

All part of the plan that includes:
1) Removing our sovereignty
2) Create division in Canada
3) Mass immigration to ensure his second term
4) Ruin Canada's economy
5) Massive debt
6) Heavy promotion of the climate change scam
7) Burden Canadians with more tax
8) Destroy the energy sector
9) Create the environment for terrorism
10) Produce massive dependency on government
11) Start the process for Sharia law.
Canadians better wake up and realize that what is going on in other parts of the world is planned for Canada and USA.

UN Watch's Hillel Neuer on i24NEWS English: "Nikki Haley did the right thing in cutting the U.N. budget, but it's not enough. The U.N. is in need of serious reform. They just elected Qatar, Pakistan and Afghanistan to the Human Rights Council, joining Saudi Arabia, China, Cuba and Venezuela. And the U.N. General Assembly condemned Israel this month no less than 20 times. Much more needs to be done."



By Dena Gallant
11-28-2018 02:53 PM
alan j. It is even sadder to realize that we are all being used for someones political agenda. I know rules are made to be broken but broken with consequences.
11-28-2018 02:41 PM
melbrod I'm sad to think that many of these people are simply being used by those who have a political agenda to push.
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