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09-21-2016 11:20 AM
Artemis I believe this is one of the reasons why the WAC isn't available to dogs under 18 months old (someone correct me if I'm wrong because that's what I recall reading).
Dobes can be slow to mature both physically and mentally. Nadia who is shy of 19 months only recently (like since spring/summer) really started to 'bark' at things. Before that she would bark when someone would come into the house. There's a cat that likes to sit in the alleyway that she sees from the balcony and that taunts her, she'll go nuts if I let her (I usually call her in if I hear her).
As others have said this selective barking is ideal since it usually gives me a reason to go check out what's going on. Compared to say my Min Pin who will bark if she hears anything resembling the sound of a door being shut or a footstep (even if it's just the fridge noise starting for example).
And that is still leagues ahead of my Irish Terrier (may she rest in peace) who loved to hang out in the garden and bark for the sake of hearing herself bark (or just get the neighbourhood dogs to bark back!).
09-21-2016 10:31 AM
melbrod Stella’s mom--that’s a really good question. And it IS part of the whole question--teach them to bark, then you have to get them to stop.

Start another thread--I think lots of folks are in the same boat as you are.
09-21-2016 09:57 AM
Stella's mom
Originally Posted by melbrod View Post
I encourage my dogs to bark at something by getting all excited/suspicious--"Who’s that? What’s that?” Even kind of half barking myself.

Then after they’ve barked a couple of times, I praise them big time for letting me know, and then tell them they can be quiet now (unless I WANT them to keep barking). Once they get the point, seems to work pretty well.
I don't want to hijack this thread, but I would welcome advice on the quiet or leave it. Stella doesn't have any problem barking at anything that walks by the window, but we have been very slow in the "leave it" learning.
09-21-2016 03:37 AM
melbrod I encourage my dogs to bark at something by getting all excited/suspicious--"Who’s that? What’s that?” Even kind of half barking myself.

Then after they’ve barked a couple of times, I praise them big time for letting me know, and then tell them they can be quiet now (unless I WANT them to keep barking). Once they get the point, seems to work pretty well.
09-20-2016 11:33 PM
Kaisermaa What a lovely girl you have! As most people have said, she is still quite young and maybe she's also just taking time because of the change of environment factors. She'll come to it one day and you'll know it when it happens!

When my boy came home at 9 weeks, he wouldn't bark at all and my mom was concerned we got a "puppy that doesn't bark", so I taught him on queue to speak at around 3-4 months. Then he found his alert bark at 5 months, which scared the s**** out of me when I first heard it lol. Now he'll alert me to whatever he's concerned about or if there's a perceived 'threat' and we have also conditioned him to get alert/check something out to a specific sound. It will happen though!
09-20-2016 11:02 PM
Beaumont67 Zena is a doll (aka princess) and nicely spoiled / complete with nail polish and

I've never had a dobe puppy,that didn't bark when someone knocked on the house door.
- but since their +10 weeks old / I will wind them up, to a strange noise
- like "whats that - show Dad - good girly"
Some owners discourage their dog from barking, to the point of putting their dog in a bedroom crate, when someone is visiting.

^^ I know you guys are not in this later category / but some people are, and wonder why their dog won't protect the family.
- so my dogs are encouraged to bark & alert me, starting at a very young puppy age

Make it fun & engaging for Zena (by tone of your voice and mannerisms) / encourage the crap, out of a new person alerts & investigations.
- never too late / some just need a little help in confidence & appreciation in the job

PS - choke chains on backwards, don't naturally let go & won't easily loosen off at rest.
- other times, their too long & thick in link size
- take choke chain off and turn it 180 degrees / easier to show, than describe
- remove choke chain with right & left hand / flit hand & re-install
09-20-2016 07:27 PM
Slikkdee She doesn't have it on all the time and it's honestly mostly because we like the way it looks on her.. it's only temporary though until we order her one. That's terrible poor dog! and yes she walks on my right.
09-20-2016 05:37 PM
Rosemary She's pretty.

You might want to not leave that collar on her, though. They're called "choke chains" for a reason. I had a neighbor who's dog strangled herself with one. Also, unless she walks on your right, it's on backwards.
09-20-2016 05:00 PM
Slikkdee @dobebug Thank you for your post! it was very helpful to my husband and I. As far as her age goes I'm not sure if she's 9 or 12 months. His dad isn't sure how old she was when he got her. As far as her silence, thank you for your input! Makes us feel a lot better, She's such a sweetheart and we love her very much. My husband was just used to the German Shepherds and the pitbull and their loud mouths.
She gets along quite well with our dogs here which is why I'm surprised at how shy she can be when other dogs or people are over. Other than that she's great! so loving and kind.

09-20-2016 04:34 PM
dobebug Even if she's almost a year (and not the 9 months shown on your info) and even though she's a bitch (and typically they mature mentally much younger than males) she is still very much a puppy.

Personally I encourage silence in all my dogs--because I'm VERY noise sensative--so quiet is a positive feature in my dogs. But it means when one of them barks I pay immediate attention and over time in several areas I've sent a dog out to find out why he had barked and heard people running and trying to get over the fence before he got to them. I've acquired a nice collection of denim removed from fence climbers trying to get out of the yard--a back pocket, a chunck from a pantleg and once an entire hoody that someone shed because I suspect it had a dog attached to it.

One of the biggest values of a doberman is actually as a deterrent--ask the people on these forums about the people who have crossed streets in order to get away from very young puppies who are still perceived as threats.

What she acts like around other dogs isn't really a good way to determine if she's outgoing or not. Dogs who haven't been well socialized around other dogs are often fairly timid.

But their attitude often changes lot by the time they are actually adults. None of my dogs bark much (well, except for the youngest who is a "mouth" he was at 10 weeks and is at three years--drives me mad because he also barks at me for stuff like being too slow with his breakfast--and I'd be happy to send him and a lot of squirells to you so she could copy him.

I'm with SieYa on this--give her time--she's got a lot of growing up to do and being noisy isn't necessarily the same as being protective.
09-20-2016 03:51 PM
Originally Posted by Rosemary View Post
Thank your lucky stars. I swear, my GSD was born barking....
lol I have 2 German Shepherds outside and my they have a bark also!
09-20-2016 03:47 PM
Rosemary Thank your lucky stars. I swear, my GSD was born barking....
09-20-2016 03:08 PM
Gretchen_Red I'm with Jobey, I have one that WON"T shut up!
09-20-2016 03:04 PM
JobeyV Wish I had your problem, I have one that won't shut up. Wanna swap?
09-20-2016 02:55 PM
SieYa Neither of mine are generally barkers, so when they do I know something is up.

I wouldn't complain about a quiet dog. For one she's young and secondly excessive barking is a nuisance. You generally get one or the other.

Be patient and let her come into her own.
09-20-2016 02:46 PM
Slikkdee thank you! and i know.. she isn't our protection but it is nice to know that she would at least defend herself.. she gets really tense and frightened when going for a walk around other dogs. I will definitely look into doing some confidence building with her! hopefully she gets a little more outgoing.
@CRDobe hahahah I'm sure she would love to chase some squirrels lol
@Mel drew .. YES lol i think the same! but she's such a gentle giant!

Overall she is one of the best dogs we have ever had!
09-20-2016 02:19 PM
Meldrew79 Lucky you, haha!

I'm sure it will come in time, with trust and confidence.

I always feel that even seeing a dobe would detract most people anyway.
09-20-2016 02:07 PM
CRDobe She's still quite young. And just because you haven't heard her growl or bark doesn't necessarily mean she won't be protective of your family when she matures.
PS. I can send you some squirrels for her to practice with!
09-20-2016 02:07 PM
Gretchen_Red She's still young and may need some confidence building. I know some working dogs who didn't start barking until they were over a year old. You could try to find a Schutzhund/IPO trainer who maybe able to bring it out in her. Whereabouts in Cali do you live? Joel Monroe is one of the best. Although, as I'm sure he would tell you, your dog shouldn't be used as protection. That's what security alarms, cameras and guns are for.

Thank you for rescuing her from being an outside dog as that's not what Dobermans were bred for.
09-20-2016 01:27 PM
My Dobie won't BARK!

So.. we got our beautiful Dobie from my dad-in-law. She's almost a year old now but she WON'T bark! We got her at about 5 months and it was an adjustment going from her being an outside dog to an inside dog but we're finally at a good spot! She's potty trained! No more kennel and she's learning new commands as we go! She's the best dog we've had BUT her one downfall is she won't bark! Not once... not even a growl. Anyone have any advice as to why or what we can do to get her to be more of a watch dog? She's our one inside dog and she gets along with the kids so well (we have 4), we just need her to be a little more protective and watchful of who comes close or when she hears a knock or a strange sound around the home? Any advice?

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