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12-06-2019 02:43 PM
ECIN I have no idea on what is going on with his toe - he is still licking it - but not bad - like a couple times a day - now today - I lonely seen him lick it once and only a few licks and then he quits - it still looks like the picture I posted up , well, maybe not as red . Like I said , this has been going on for 6 months , I get ready to call the vet , and he quits for months , then he will start licking it again . Think I will make another appointment for next week , I sure don't want it to get worse
12-06-2019 02:09 PM
melbrod We used cold laser treatment on Kip to help us get control of one particular lick granuloma that he just kept at, no matter how he was bandaged, etc. I think it helped....but that was on a full blown angry-looking granuloma; not justified here I don't think.
12-06-2019 01:57 PM
dobebug I dunno Kenny--I've had Dobes that licked (feet especially) enough to develop the beginnings granulomas--soaking the foot in chlorhexadine a couple times a day, drying it thoroughly and using mupirocin (prescription only) on it and doing bandage wraps and a muzzle and or e-collar so they couldn't lick it an make it worse was about the only thing that worked.

And there was nothing going on with the foot/toe that could be detected by skin scrape or x-rays to cause the licking to start in the first place.

But it's always kind of worrying because there are some pretty nasty things that can cause the licking in the first place--I did have one dog who started licking a foot--sort of between two toes and after a couple of weeks of licking his vet and I discovered he had a nest of things that looked kind of like tiny pink worms--eventually he removed them and the pathologists report said that they were papillomas--WARTS--his were digital papillomas--affecting only feet. Chit! Who knew--even his vet who had been a vet for a zillion years had never seen anything like it.

But it did explain why he was licking and eventually went lame--feet are well laced with nerve and the pressure of the growing warts against the nerves in the toes was exceedingly painful.

12-03-2019 10:18 PM
Control_Freak I donít have any good photos when it was flared up but if you look closely at his left foot you can see itís kinda scary looking as it was healing

003AE890-E6CC-4E28-8527-41543D32103E by Corinna Morris, on Flickr
12-03-2019 10:05 PM
Control_Freak Sully gets an interdigital cyst occasionally, Iíve never had one drained but treated them with antibiotics, Epsom salts, chlorohexidine wipes and an all natural balm (canít remember the name). This last time it really lasted awhile and I thought he was going to need to have it drained, at the same time he gets a spot on his toe by the nail just like your boy even had the ďdirtĒ spot on the nail by the skin like him too. I think he gets this all from in grown hairs which cause irritation and the licking makes it worse...Iím not sure if the licking causes the toe issue or itís in grown hairs but it only happens when he has the cyst in between his toes. I would check to see if he has anything going on with his foot that might be causing him to lick, like a cyst or arthritis. I would add warm epsom salt soaks twice a day and see about the wipes. Also, I thought Sully wasnít licking much but found him to be doing it in secret.

77C0C40B-6A05-4FF7-B3E3-F884AB179E15 by Corinna Morris, on Flickr
12-03-2019 08:40 PM
Control_Freak Sully has a toe that gets like this occasionally, at work now will try to comment later.
12-01-2019 05:56 PM
MeadowCat That does look odd...I'd probably want further investigation of it. I'm a worrier, and a dog that wasn't a "licker" before seems unlikely to become one. Just my opinion. I'd probably be looking for something in there that's prompting the licking.
12-01-2019 01:42 PM
LadyDi Taking pictures each day is good, closer up if you can to pick up the hair follicles.
Daily pictures allows you to note the progression or improvement.
My vet loves the pictures summaryís.
The PIC of that same nail notes to some discoloration.
Would not be surprised if licking upward to get into/under that nail bed.
Hoss was a granulation licker and sneaky as hell until I figured it out....
Take a pic at bedtime.......then in the AM for a comparison read.
Dogs will do anything for fresh meat, even their own!
12-01-2019 01:34 PM
ECIN I'm wondering if your vet means to do a skin scraping or a biopsy if the swelling/irritation doesn't improve??

Yes Mel- That's what she's talking about - if it's not better - Was wondering if it could be some Autoimmune going on , but she really didn't know .

Like I said - it just comes and it goes - Ali had a Lick Granulomas and Kadin is not doing that - today - he licked it once a few times then quit - but something is bugging him .

There is no lump or tumor on it - he just gets it raw from a few licks .


12-01-2019 01:15 PM
melbrod It could just be an infection or skin irritation...and he might be a closet licker. Kip was good at licking when we weren't around and managed to keep his lick granulomas going for quite a while before we could get them under control. Every so often, something would flare up and he'd start with the licking--which we would manage to stop, with difficulty...until the next time.

Another thing to consider is whether it is a tumor. Kip developed a lump on his nail-bed (in the same area) which we watched closely, because he had already had a mast cell tumor somewhere else. Seems to me we had it removed before it became troublesome, almost on a just in case basis. I mean, I know we had sound reasoning behind that decision, but I can't remember exactly what symptoms what made us decide to remove it.

I'm wondering if your vet means to do a skin scraping or a biopsy if the swelling/irritation doesn't improve??

Anyway, here's some info from online:

"Three Potential Causes of Lumps on Paws

1. Infections caused by foreign bodies

If thereís a large knot, sore or lump on your dogís paw, this may be due to an infection caused by a foreign body. Cheat grass, plant material and thorns/stickers are common items Iíve found lodged in pet paws, and they all cause uncomfortable infections. Any foreign body is extremely agitating to animals and may cause abscesses in addition to lumps, which may appear knot-like. Typically, minor surgical removal is required, along with medication to help rid the body of the infection.

2. Lick Granulomas

A lick granuloma can form due to excessive licking, in which case youíll need to determine the underlying cause of the licking. Some common causes include anxiety, boredom and even arthritis. Your veterinarian and perhaps a behavioral specialist can help get to the bottom of the behavior.

3. Tumors

Some tumors may feel itchy and cause the dog to lick excessively, causing a knot-like appearance. Hydrocortisone sprays can temporarily alleviate the itchy feeling, but they obviously wonít get rid of the tumor. This is why itís extremely important your dog see her veterinarian for a proper diagnosis."
12-01-2019 12:57 PM
Any Idea's on This ?

For the last 6 , months or so - Mr. Business will lick his toe - right paw - he will give it a few licks and quit , then may not do it again for a month or 2 - then he starts all over again - Took him to the Vets for check up - all is fine - that night - he started to lick his toe , he takes the hair off of it - its red , today - only has licked it once . While trimming his nails a little bit ago - I took a few pictures of it to show you .

Took him back to the vets office Friday - Vet said she don't know what's going on - maybe he banged it up in the first place and it may have some bacteria in it , Or it could be a allergy that comes and goes - Put him on Cephalexin and Apoquel . If not better in 2 weeks then do a skin scrape and send it off and see what it says .

But was wondering if any of you have had one of your Dobermans do this . Like I said - its on and off and he never licks it non stop -


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