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New Doberman Owner

I just adopted a red 3 year old male Doberman yesterday from the shelter. He has floppy ears and a docked tail. I've never had a doberman before, but when I was looking at breeds a few months ago, I briefly read about the breed and watched a few videos. I didn't expect to actually get one! I'm new to the breed, but not to dog owning. I've had a GSD/Alaskan Malamute (guess) for twelve years (old age), a border collie/lab (mother was pure BC and he looked like a hairy lab) for six years (anal gland cancer, if I remember right), a Rottweiler/labradoodle/Aussie shepherd (DNA tested; and yes, she had an interesting build) for seven years (brain cancer that caused blindness; she lived a year after diagnosis via steroids and eye drops), and two sibling American Staffordshire Terrier/labs (DNA tested) for four years (male got bloat last year and was put down; the female is still living, but with my family, not me, as she's a family dog and I moved away). I've never been a dobie person, haven't really cared either way, but recently they've been catching my eye, mostly the natural-eared ones. This boy caught my attention at the shelter by his calmness. He's curious, but not overly eager. If no one was interested in him, he was fine taking a nap. But when I gave him attention, he was all for it, in a calm way. I liked how he behaved outside and how he reacted to other dogs and to people (curious, interested, but not lunging or seeking attention). He did well with my umbrella test. I'm just hoping all goes well from here! I get him some time this week after he's been neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.

I'm in the process of browsing the forums and the web for information. I've already had carts on Amazon, Chewy, Pet Mountain, and Petco for supplies I've picked out, but I've had to adjust some things, such as the crate size. Now I'm just choosing the best deals...and getting sucked into the rabbithole of dog supplies. I've been looking all day at dog stuff.

I'm not sure if I should get the 42 inch or 48 inch double-door crate. He's 70lbs. I'm not sure how tall or long he is, but he's big.
He currently has dandruff, but with a proper diet (I'm going to feed raw as much as possible, or a half raw/half kibble diet, at least for a little while, since I'm new to feeding raw and to transition him), I believe it will go away. His fur is longer and thicker than I'd expect of a doberman. I'm getting a natural shampoo. I've read good things about the KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush, so I'm getting that.
A couple different balls, a few cheap stuffed animals (not expecting them to last long), and I'm currently looking at kongs and puzzle toys. I was going to get bully sticks, but after reading a thread here, I decided against it. I may do a one-time or occasional subscription/order of BullyMake or Bark Box.
I just read the threads about raised feeders, so I won't get those. I've done hours and hours of research on canine nutrition and have a spreadsheet of pre-made, dehydrated, freeze-dried, dry, canned, and cooked foods with ingredients, costs, and cost predication for an estimated size. My dog is 20 pounds more than what I was looking/estimating for, so I'll need to go adjust all that, but it was just to give me an idea of what's available, how long each product will likely last for the cost, etc. as well as to keep track of all the brands and information because there's so much.

I get a free vet check at any associated vet for adopting him, as well as free 30 days pet insurance. Not sure what either entails/covers, but I want to test for common dobie health problems such as DCM, maybe vWD? Anything else?
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Big Lil pup
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Hi CK and welcome from the Pacific NW!

And... Thank you for adopting a Doberman rescue. It sounds like he has a nice temperament.

Does your boy have a name yet? Where do you live?

When things settle down, folks here would love to see some photos.

In any case, keep updating and have fun.

John Lichtwardt
Portland OR
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Welcome to DT Kat ! From East Central Indiana

At 3 years old - he should be full grown -

70 pounds , to me sounds a little light for a 3 year old male - I would think 80 to 90 pound more in line - But he probably is not on a good diet at the shelter .

I see your doing your home work of foods - that can drive a person crazy - of in my case more so than I already am

We have had very good luck with Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive skin and stomach -

As far as Balls - here is one I get from Chewy's and had good luck with them

Always feel free to ask questions on here about your boy - Dobermans are a different breed - lol

And don't forget what John said !! Pictures ?? lol

Have a great day
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Most Dobermans I know do just fine in a 42 inch crate.

I personally won't have a dog without insurance...especially a Doberman! I have mine on Embrace and have been really happy with it. Make sure if you choose to get insurance your policy covers genetic/hereditary conditions, and prescription drugs.

You'll get tons of opinions on food. I personally feed Proplan and my dogs thrive on it. Recommended by veterinary nutritionists, fed by lots of Doberman folks that have had dogs live long, healthy lives. I'm happy with it.

by Shanoa Delta, on Flickr

Richter & Sypha
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Kip, my last male, was only about 70 pounds...One way or the other, your dog at 3 is likely the size he's going to be. It's possible he could add a bit of muscle mass if he has been really under-exercised (or of course if he is malnourished), I suppose.

But really you just need to look at your individual dog and see if his weight looks right for his height and body type. At a good weight, he should have a tuck-uo in his belly when looked at from the side, a "waist" right in front of his hips from the top. You should be able to see the last couple of ribs and feel the rest, without a layer of fat on them. There should be no rolls of fat in front of the tail or where the neck joins the shoulders. His muscles should be firm, with clear delineation between the muscle bundles (I think there is a better way to say that) when they are in use.

I consider Capri to be a good weight here:

Her conformation wasn't wonderful, but she was in good shape for her body type.

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The 42" crate should be plenty big - my 90 pound male does fine in a 40" plastic crate (airline type). You can try whatever food you want, just remember that the food they do best on may not be what you want to feed. Try it, but tranistion slow - this breed sometimes has a very sensitive stomach.
As far as vet stuff, VWD in a DNA test that you order - it is a simple cheek swab and your vet will not have it. Vetnostics is who I've used the last couple of litters I tested. It's not expensive and is a very good thing to have. DCM testing is also not done by your regular vet. A Cardiac Ultrasound is done by a specialist and is not cheap (about $400-$500 at the specialist) however, many clubs will have a cardiac ultrasound clinic for a reduced price. The other test is a 24 hour Holter test (a 24 hour EKG) - it is specialized equipment that again, a regular vet will not have. Some clubs have one that they will rent out. To buy one is about $1200. What I WOULD use that coverage for is a full blood workup with a thyroid panel. Low thyroid is very common in the breed and medication is pretty inexpensive.
Good luck with him - hope to see some pictures of him here!
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Mary Jo Ansel

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Hm, I'll do the VWD test, but the DCM will have to wait at that price unless the insurance covers it, since I just spent a few hundred dollars on supplies. I keep wavering on pet insurance. I did some brief research, trying to figure out if it's worth it or not.
My sister knows someone at the stable she's working at who used to sell pet supplies; they're going to send me some stuff, too.

I'm in Southern California, USA.
I had great fun looking at names. I first looked at German names but didn't find any that felt right and kept looking. I've decided on Quynh. I listened to several pronunciations online and decided to go with Kwoi-n. It's Vietnamese. The meaning I came across was "deep red," but the common meaning seems to be "night blooming flower," and another meaning is "ruby phyllocactus" which is a rather cool red flower that blooms at night. I don't know why, but the name attracted me immediately and I like saying it.

I did notice that Pro Plan is very popular among doberman owners. The German Wirehaired Pointer breeder I spoke to a couple months ago also fed it to her dogs that live long lives. I've considered it, but I'm not sold based on ingredients. I'd prefer to stay away from dry food as much as possible after I learned how dry dog food is made. But who knows. We'll see how he does.

I'm on my tablet and there is not a way to add a photo in this reply screen, so that'll have to wait. I took photos at the shelter. I don't have any of him standing or anything. He doesn't feel or look underweight, although he doesn't seem to have a typical Dobie build. However, I'm new to the breed and can't say I pay much attention to conformation to begin with.

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