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[email protected] 11-29-2018 02:32 PM

New Member

My name is Angela I live in ATL and have a 3 year old dobbie Duke. Can anyone recommend the best dog leach for dobbie 75lbs. he's strong and I have no control when I'm walking him, he pulls a lot.

greenkouki 11-29-2018 03:34 PM

Welcome to DT! Have you done any obedience training with him? Taking obedience classes might be a good start. A properly fitted prong collar (there are MANY types) or a "no pull" harness (with the D ring on the front) would be my recommendation for a dog that likes to pull.

Gretchen_Red 11-30-2018 11:08 AM

Hello and welcome.

I agree with the prong collar and training classes. Prong collars can look scary but I promise you, if used correctly, they cause no harm to the dog. My dogs get excited when they see the prong collar because they know something fun is going to happen, like a long hike.

LadyDi 11-30-2018 01:53 PM

Yep Prong.....USED PROPERLY.....sorry to yell but there is a real good reason that will get repeated.
A lot of YouTube videos on proper use of prong collars.......but here’s the thing....
Prong collars must ride real high on the neck......not low.......high and real real snug.....IMO “Springer” makes the best Prong Collar .....
People will give you stuff about using these collars .....they look awful.....but they are great. Especially if you have shall we say “a strong willed” pup.
when you look at one .....put the collar around your arm..pull it will note you have equal pressure on the your arm ...versus all the pressure hitting one spot on the dogs neck . When the prong collar is riding up pressure applied to the trachea/voice box/ safest riding high on the neck.
So check it out ...find some good training.......
Hoss amazed me .....started with prong 4 months ago.......he knew what to do.....Hoss is no longer trying to be the line leader so to speak.....:wink2:

Oh yeah..I go with 6 foot Leather..1 inch leash.......will last forever!

4x4bike ped 11-30-2018 04:46 PM

Hi Angela

I use both a front attached (D ring) harness. Here is my favorite:

Its inexpensive, wears well and also has a top attaching ring.

I also use a prong. To avoid the stigma of a Dobe out in public on a prong, McCoy walks on a prong collar that looks like a martingale. These are hand made to order:

They are well made, and very handsome with a variety patterns. I use the 2.3mm 10 prong on my 85 lb. boy.

I would avoid face (head) halters like Halti. Dobes are prone to CVI (neck vertebrae) issues. Hauling a dog around by it's face is not a very good idea. JMO

If you do use a prong, learn to use it properly. I also second (third?) GK's and GR's suggestion at taking your boy to a training/obedience class.

Best to you and Duke

Portland OR

BTW, this is my favorite leash. I use the 5 foot version:

greenkouki 11-30-2018 04:54 PM

The Lola limited and keeper collar hidden prong collars are great. If you want one I'd recommend going to a big dog show or pet expo. There will be vendors there who have them in all sorts of patterns and sizes and you can try them on and see what looks and fits best on your dog.

MeadowCat 12-01-2018 09:05 AM

No matter what tool you choose, nothing will make a dog walk loosely on a leash without training. Period. If your dog is a determined puller, they WILL pull through a prong, through a no-pull harness, through a head halter. They will just cause themselves an injury doing so, and some tools will be a worse injury than others. There is NO substitute for training. Yes, using a tool to assist you in controlling your dog WHILE you train is helpful...and any of them has pros/cons. I would choose one that you are comfortable using, but you absolutely need to get into a training class or work with a trainer to train your dog not to pull so hard, too.

theservicedobie 12-03-2018 04:07 PM

Try training him! Paracord or rope leashes are best, in my opinion. Pretty durable. I used a paracord leash for my previous service dog and the leash was given to me, but was used by a GSD/Dobie mix for 5 years and (other than being a bit dirty) was in perfect condition! Lasted through all the puppy stages of biting, chewing, and pulling. I recommend using Progressive Reinforcement training and then using a head halter. Try teaching him heal, focus, and leave it, and then try to head halter!

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