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Stp2m95 10-31-2018 04:03 PM

New dobe owner
Hello. My husband & I are new Dobe owners. We are in love with Athena & Venus.

Cressrb 10-31-2018 05:17 PM

Welcome to DT from Utah! Where are you from? How old are your Dobes? Are they puppies? So many questions and have to add that we all love pictures here. :)

melbrod 10-31-2018 06:33 PM

Hi! Welcome to DT from Colorado.....cold snowy Colorado today. Always on Halloween.

We neeeeeeeed pictures :D

4x4bike ped 10-31-2018 11:15 PM

Hi Stp! And welcome from the Pacific NW.

So by the names, I am assuming 2 bitches (girls). I would love to hear how you came by them. How old?

As Cressrb mentioned.. Photos would be great!

Best to you and your new kids. As first time Doberman humans, you should stick around and keep us updated while asking any questions that arise

Portland OR

LadyDi 11-01-2018 06:02 AM

Welcome from Florida....yes PICs please....more details pretty please !!!

ECIN 11-01-2018 06:35 AM

Welcome from East Central Indiana - current conditions - 45 - raining - hard -- winds gusting to 35 mph

Look forward to you posting here !


yuki_cos 11-01-2018 09:20 AM

Welcome! Like everyone else, I'm dying to see some pics of your babies!

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