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adinafloyd 07-27-2014 03:30 PM

Hi everyone, newbie here!!
Hi everyone, I have been snooping around and learning a lot on here...I am trying to provide the best care possible for our new adoptee.
Maja (pronounced May-yah) is a 10 week old blue dobe and a z-factor to boot. She needed a home so I adopted her, just to be clear she will NEVER be bred. But she is here and I will give her the best care I can. I have been reading and studying feed and supplements and currently have her on Chicken soup canned for puppies, Taste of the wild dry for pups and I mix some Maxxiomega oil for dogs with the canned food every morning. Does this combination seem good to you experienced Blue dobe owners??? I am trying to help her skin and coat as I can see a lot of Blue owners have strict regimens for their dobes and I will be joining those ranks. Any help and guidance is appreciated.

I will post a pic as soon as I figure out how to:mad:

adinafloyd 07-27-2014 03:49 PM

HAHAHA!!!! Got It!!!!
Please meet Maja

JuneDog567 07-30-2014 06:41 PM

Welcome! Hope the site helps you! Love the picture of your new pup :nicejob:

Beaumont67 07-30-2014 09:00 PM

Maja is adorable...I love the sock monkey, my wife made one 20 years ago...he-he.
- looks like a great stuffy toy, for the wee princess

Can't comment on the pups diet, but sounds like she is in great family hands...:P...enjoy and thanks for sharing.

Rosemary 07-30-2014 10:51 PM

Aw, she's cute! Did you get her from GCDR?

Patches Mom 07-30-2014 11:35 PM

Pretty girl good luck with her coat, welcome to DT.

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