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Re: Caesar

...quick question...just wonder if the white marking is still there...and if so...has it gotten bigger, smaller, or remained the same size...the reason why I'm asking is breeder has advised me of a small white marking on my pups chest...about a hairline...he indicated that the marking may go away...have you ever heard of these markings dissappearing on their own...or do they generally stick around...he's giving me the option to pick from a future litter if that's a problem for me...but at this point, I don't really see why that should breeder produces quality doberman's...and a responsible breeder at that...he says this thing happens from time to time...I don't plan on showing the dog...just curious...I suppose this is personal for the owner...i'm in the middle with this right now...maybe its just a validation issue coupled with the amount of money going into this...but this could be a special pup...just never know...

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Re: Caesar

Hi mistervaldez,

The white marking is still there and it does not just go away as such. The size of the marking is the same in proportion to his body, and the white spot if under 1/2 square inches is not a problem in the show ring.

My breeder had informed me abt this marking in the beginning itself and also some of the books i read up before getting caesar mentioned about these markings

The marking is usually a resultant of one of the parents having the same or being a carrier of the gene pool, but apart from a few white hair, i am sure our pups are all dobes.

Hey sorry for writing to you so late. i was traveling because of work with no access to the internet.

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