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OMG, so beautiful. looks kind of like my red HarleyBoy. you are so lucky. God, I miss my dog(s). Harley five years ago.........Jake a week ago..........boy, talk about raw wounds! I need one........soon..........or, I will end up in a psych ward! I know I need time to grieve....but, "I'm old"!! LOL, I can't "stay in bed, looking at pics, eating ice cream, & crying forever! But, that is exactly what I want to do. I had to throw his dishes away.....I can't imagine loving any'thing'/anyone more. I can't imagine surviving without one of those gorgeous, loving, attentive, "velcro" dogs for long. If anyone has an idea on how to rescue, buy, adopt, WHATEVER .....please, please, help!!!!!! My mom just died....I got the car and the diamonds. I will sell either to get a Dobe. I need one. I love them more than anything.
Don't really understand why there are other breeds anyway!!! (sorry for that all "other breed lovers"). J/K

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