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Gretchen_Red 08-20-2019 02:13 PM

Different training
So I know all dogs and all Dobermans train/learn differently. I've always said Mav is a super quick learner, almost like he understands English (the owner of his sister states the same). I've always said Kya is a slow learner but once she "gets it" she really "gets it" and you can change the scenario 13 ways and she still gets it. Where as If you teach Mav a "come front" and then stand 10 yards behind him (instead of in front of him) and say "come" he'll just start doing weird things trying to guess what you were wanting. He's very much more situational.

I had a dog door installed in my house and steps put up outside of the house. My dogs have used a dog door before but it was slightly different. So I show the dogs the door from the outside and I leave them outside. Then I go in the house and reach my hand out of the dog door and I call Mav. He comes through door and gets his treat and praise. Kya is a little more timid, needs more encouragement but comes, treat and praise. I do it all again, this time Mav comes with gusto and but Kya is still slow and I have to lift up the dog door flaps so she'll come in. So I do it again, this time as soon as I put them outside Mav comes right back in through the dog door, Kya still requires me to help coach her through so I did it a few more times with her to help build her confidence.

Then I did the opposite, I went outside. It took Mav maybe 5 seconds to figure out where the trick was going and he met me outside without calling him. Kya, I had to continue to coach and praise...

It's not often that I am doing the exact same training with my dogs at the same time, in fact, I've never done it, but I thought it was truly interesting to see how the two dogs learn differently and comparatively.

Have you all experienced the same thing before? How would you say your dogs learn differently?

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