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List of transports by state (and a few in Canada)


Leslie Glass Cooper [email protected]

Amy Giblin ---- [email protected]

Rose Heath ---- [email protected]

Lee Ann Maples ---- [email protected]

Beth Mizzell ----- [email protected]


Janice Hutto ----- [email protected]

Kathleen Lee ----- [email protected]

Casey Carter Tyree ----- [email protected] - APPROVED


Christina Treger Achilles ----- [email protected]

Sue Higbee ----- [email protected] - APPROVED

Betty Kryszewski ----- [email protected]

Patricia Land [email protected] - APPROVED

Stephanie Linder ----- [email protected]

Lin Maine ----- [email protected]

Jessica Mcclellan ----- [email protected]

Victoria Lynn Pitcock ----- [email protected]

Debbie Trueblood ----- [email protected]


Lynn Marie Abid ----- [email protected]

Chris Burns ----- [email protected]

Debbie Chao ----- [email protected]

Cheryl Diano ----- [email protected]

Chef David Edelstein ------ [email protected]

Amanda Jaeger ----- [email protected]

Wren Kellogg ----- [email protected]

Carie Maniscalco ----- [email protected]

Michele McKay ----- [email protected]

Stacey Naito ------ [email protected]

Peggy Piscopo ----- [email protected]

Donna Power ----- [email protected]

Megan Siddall ----- [email protected] ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED

Skip ----- [email protected]

Shelly Skoog-Smith ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED

Deana Whitfield ----- [email protected] ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED


Jennifer Currie Rose Depp ----- [email protected]

Jennifer Gaudo ----- [email protected]

Pam Keetch ----- [email protected]

Julia Mccron ----- [email protected] - APPROVED


Peter Wise ----- [email protected]


Christine Mendall Fournier ----- [email protected]

Robin A.F. Olson ----- [email protected]

Beth Rodriguez ----- [email protected]


Una Stites ----- [email protected] - APPROVED


Rachel Whisenant Allen ----- [email protected]

Donna Alsbury ----- [email protected]

Sharon Kaufman Athanasiou ----- [email protected] - APPROVED

Belinda Binkley ----- [email protected] - APPROVED

Debby Bradford ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED

Dena Calivas ----- [email protected]

Jan Calvin ----- [email protected] - APPROVED

Jay Cannaday ----- [email protected]

Marianne Richards Castiglia ----- [email protected] Com

Kim Pezzone Chambers ----- [email protected]

Peter Chiavaro ----- [email protected]

Catherine Coe ----- [email protected]

Kristie Corson ----- [email protected]

Pat DeWald ----- [email protected]

Barbara Fee ----- [email protected] - APPROVED

Amy Fletcher ----- [email protected]

Dione Garnand ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED

Janice Bagnato Green ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED

Adrienne Harris ----- [email protected]

Renea Harris ----- [email protected]

Rene' Schultz Hinton ----- [email protected]

Pat Hose ----- [email protected]

Pilar Llanos ----- [email protected]

Nikki Medved ----- [email protected]

Christopher Neary ----- [email protected]

Sue Ocker ----- [email protected]

Lori Hill Powell ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED

Amanda Leigh Proctor ----- [email protected]

Fawn Gray Richter ----- [email protected] - APPROVED

Jackie Ross ----- [email protected]

Sylvia Shofi ----- [email protected]

Jana Sheeder ----- [email protected]

Beth Southard ----- [email protected] - APPROVED

Tracy Stitt ----- [email protected]

Silvia Valles ----- [email protected] ----- CERTIFIED -(specializes in cats)


Susan Ahl ----- [email protected]

Susan Black ----- [email protected]

Joy Younginer Clemons ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED

Laurie Filsinger ----- [email protected] - APPROVED

Kelly Goad ----- [email protected]

Liz Henderson ----- [email protected] - APPROVED

Rochina Millin ----- [email protected]

Tara Sherman Trainor ----- [email protected]

Virginia Yates ----- [email protected]


Darla Golden ----- [email protected] - APPROVED 

Lindsay Eaves-Johnson ----- [email protected]

Teresa Kopel ----- [email protected]

Sally Knapp ----- [email protected]

Kristin Reams-Redenius ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED

Sarah Siperstein ----- [email protected]

IDAHO - need volunteers


Tammi Burns ----- [email protected]

Paula Cloat ----- [email protected]

Deb Conner ----- [email protected]

Gwen Dubay ----- [email protected]

Ellen Harrington ----- [email protected]

Amy Shorter-Koenig ----- [email protected]

Kristy Schroeder ----- [email protected]

Barb Smith ----- [email protected]

Linda Stepp ----- [email protected]

Christel Uhde ----- [email protected]


Melanie M. Balzer ----- [email protected]

Paula Copper ----- [email protected]

Jennifer Hoffman ----- [email protected]

Robin Hubler ----- [email protected] - APPROVED

Amy James Lacy ----- [email protected]

Marla Mc ----- [email protected]

Tracy Caccavella-Perrin ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED

Marci Reyes ----- [email protected]

Gail Storm ----- [email protected]

Nina Vietti Vaughn ----- [email protected]

Debra Harold-Winter ----- [email protected]

Marilyn Mañani Zeidman ----- [email protected]


Danna Jones ----- [email protected]

Kathryn Kimbrough ----- [email protected]

Aleah Mahan ----- [email protected]

Jeane Petersen ----- [email protected]

Monica Noble Prewit ----- [email protected]

Becky Roeckers ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED

Chuck Vaughn ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED


Rainey DeLotell ----- [email protected]

Virginia Gregory ----- [email protected]

Richard Hardy ----- [email protected]

Kimberly Gabbert-Iacono ----- [email protected]

Bobbi MArtin ----- [email protected]

Stephannie Caudill Wilson ----- [email protected]


Henry Berger ----- [email protected]

Mary A. Howe ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED

Teresa Rowell ----- [email protected]


Christina V Loveland-Dupuis ----- [email protected]

Dorothy Patla White ----- [email protected]

Carrie Wingate ----- [email protected]


Sharon K Chaffee ----- [email protected]

Stephanie Goehring ----- [email protected]

Bobbi McGettigan ----- [email protected]

Rachel Vaughn ----- [email protected]

Donna Zeigfinger ----- [email protected]

Theresa Jones Zuccarello ----- [email protected]


Liz Bondarek ----- [email protected]

Julie Busa ----- [email protected]

Laura Lunn ----- [email protected] - APPROVED

Marlo Colson ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED


Mary Anthonis ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED

Donna Rinehart-Biggs ----- [email protected]

Tonya Brewer Choryan ----- [email protected]

Stacy Dodd ----- [email protected]

Andrea M. Elkins ----- [email protected]

Jeanne Kaiser ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED

Tereasa Michalak ----- [email protected] - APPROVED

Susan Campbell-Moore ----- [email protected]

Melissa Dockery Palmquist ----- [email protected]

Nicole Schramm ----- [email protected]


Bobbi Brandt ----- [email protected]

Kim Machutt ----- [email protected] - APPROVED

Josie Moen ----- [email protected]

Gracie Van Vugt ----- [email protected]


Tara Wrede Albert ----- [email protected]

Tom Barr ----- [email protected]

Laura Rachel Conroy ----- [email protected] - APPROVED

Paula Conroy ----- [email protected]

Cynthia Gander ----- [email protected]

Beverly Nation ----- [email protected]

Karen Huskey Rice ----- [email protected]

MONTANA - need volunteers


Lois Dixon ----- [email protected]

Dean Feazelle ----- [email protected] - APPROVED

Dawn Ham ----- [email protected]

Sarah Mead Johnson ----- [email protected]

Laura Kelley ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED

Peg Payne Kulp ----- [email protected]

Willie Wonka ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED

Janelle Wolves ----- [email protected] ----- CERTIFIED

919-341-5700, 919-816-5967


Sally Knapp ----- [email protected]

Susan Skaggs ----- [email protected]


Scott VanderMolen ----- [email protected]leen Wiley

Natalie York ----- [email protected]

Colleen Wiley ----- [email protected]


Marie Savasta Dalzell ----- [email protected]

Debi McLean ----- [email protected]

Deb Marino O'Connell ----- [email protected]

Barbara Rossell ----- [email protected] - APPROVED


Billie A. Monaco-Duncan ----- [email protected]

Debra Nathan Wevers ----- [email protected]


Vicky Johnson ----- [email protected]

Tiffany Nicol ----- [email protected]

Marie Privett ----- [email protected]


Gina Blum ----- [email protected]

Jennifer Fedele ----- [email protected]

Rita Gallagher ----- [email protected]

Gina Garofalo ----- [email protected]

Sarah Johnston ----- [email protected]

Phyllis Ottomanelli ----- [email protected] - Certified

Melissa Robar ----- [email protected]

Mary Jean Sprague ----- [email protected]

Mary Thompson ----- [email protected]

Christine Walters Townsend ----- [email protected]


Bobbi Brandt ----- [email protected]

Amy Huderle ----- [email protected]

Brenda Riskey ----- [email protected]

Barb Scholler ----- [email protected]


Stephanie Clements ----- [email protected]

Anne Dachenhaus ----- dach[email protected]

Debbie Eades ----- [email protected]

May Heckman ----- [email protected]

Harold Highland ----- [email protected]

Jami Hutchinson ----- [email protected] ----- APPROVED

Melissa Miller ----- [email protected]

Marion Misch ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED

Becky Neeley ----- [email protected]

Sue Ocker ----- [email protected]

Vanessa Corbissero-Petrosky ----- [email protected] - APPROVED

Lyn Fawn R ----- [email protected]

Suzanne Shaps ----- [email protected] - APPROVED

Tammy Walters ----- [email protected]


Cindy Adams ----- [email protected]

Neil Golden ----- [email protected]

Tanya Kittrell ----- [email protected]

Marti Lombardi ----- [email protected]

Kelly Ross ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED


Leslie Jones ----- [email protected]hy - APPROVED

Russell Kahn ----- [email protected]

Linda Watkins ----- [email protected]


Carla Boyd ----- [email protected]

Linda Brenner ----- [email protected]

Monica R. Patitucci Buck ----- [email protected]

Barbara Rosenthal Daskal ----- [email protected]

Angela Leve Furino ----- [email protected]

Cindy Gironda ----- [email protected]

Debbie Azarian Heitz ----- [email protected]

Michelle Helms ----- [email protected]

Stephanie Hopkins ----- [email protected] - APPROVED

Rosanna Krenn ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED

Bobbi McGettigan ----- [email protected]

Kelly Moravek ----- [email protected]

Jo Muchorski ----- [email protected]

Michele Murphy ----- [email protected]

Jennifer Lowe-Pappas ----- [email protected]

Dana Grygo Romer ----- [email protected]

JoAnn Schwerthofer ----- [email protected]

Susan Senn ----- [email protected]

Carolyn Starner ----- [email protected]

Beth Strecker ----- [email protected]

Julie Townsend ----- [email protected]

Deborah Verne ----- [email protected]

Tina Weaver ----- [email protected]

Tammy Paris Woods ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED

Theresa Jones Zuccarello ----- [email protected]

RHODE ISLAND - need volunteers


Randy Clemens ----- [email protected]

Christine Hume ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED

SOUTH DAKOTA - need volunteers


Beth Mersack Brody ----- [email protected]

Ann Cushman ----- [email protected]

John Jerdon Eastern ----- [email protected] - APPROVED

Joan F41526lores ----- [email protected]

Kristen Odom-Holland ----- [email protected] - APPROVED

Jennie Bain Huettel ----- [email protected]

Jenna Joey Krabacher ----- [email protected]

Jenny Magill ----- [email protected]

Jean Russell ----- [email protected]

Lorene Steffes ----- [email protected]

Michelle Sirois ----- [email protected]

April Wallace ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED


Pamela Bertsch ----- [email protected]

Page Butler ----- [email protected]

Wendy Crow ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED

Emi Daniel ----- [email protected]

Holly Fuller ----- [email protected]

Kathleen McMahon Goral ----- [email protected]

Peg McIntyre ----- [email protected]

Jennifer Rentfrow ----- [email protected]

Joyce Sinor ----- [email protected]

Luann Smith ----- [email protected] - APPROVED

Chuck Vaughn ----- [email protected] - CERTIFIED

Lynn Walker ----- [email protected]

Donna McNeely Woodcock ----- [email protected]


Natalie Abrams ----- [email protected]

Jennifer Mueser Bunker ---- [email protected]

James Pierce ----- [email protected]


Joyce Lonergan ----- [email protected]


Anne Bernardon ----- [email protected]

Janice Carnevale ----- [email protected]

Kathy Cox ----- [email protected]

Elaine Hursen ----- [email protected]

Jill Iverson ----- [email protected]

Reem Lajin ----- [email protected]

Linad McGuffey ----- [email protected]

Frankie Prouty ----- [email protected]

Lois Cornell Yancy ----- [email protected]


Ginger Kenney ----- [email protected]

Karla Struble ----- [email protected]


Lyn Fawn R ----- [email protected]


Vicki Behrens ----- [email protected]

Carol Carbine ----- [email protected]

Paula Copper ----- [email protected]

Amy James Lacy ----- [email protected]

Alina Gurina ----- [email protected]

Rachel Kruger ----- [email protected] or [email protected]

Becca Martin ----- [email protected] or [email protected]

Jodi Krohn Reichert ----- [email protected]

Lisa Sattler ----- [email protected]

Tom Strang ----- [email protected]


Melissa ----- [email protected]
Heart's Hope Truckers Pet Transport Heart's Hope Truckers Pet Transport

There are many more you just have to look around.

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How does one get on the transport list?
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There are MANY MANY MANY more transporters in Canada.

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I am in BC and near WA
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Exclamation KcDogRescuer @

Actually my e-mail ([email protected]) was hacked June 1, 2010. I changed the password but spam emails were still sent out from my email so I deleted all my contacts so that at least other people wouldn't have to deal with it. I can still log on but I don't trust it. We had the computer cleaned and it had loads of spy ware etc. I'm still unsure about it. I've had good luck with google so I think I'll stay with gmail for now.

Also, my mom's email shouldn't be on there. It's her work email and she can't be getting tons of emails. I always forward stuff to her so it's not like she'd miss anything.

New email is
lauralovesblue @

Take the spaces out - the spaces make it harder for your email to get spammed... or so I'm told.

Much Thanks,
Laura Conroy
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This is awesome!!! I think a Stickie is in order!
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Anybody else want to add their name to this list???

You can help save a dog by moving it along till it gets to where it needs to be to be safe and cared for, maybe even to a new Forever home!!!!!!

i do not drive, so cannot help with this myself.
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My bestest bud has asked to be put on this list.

She can help transport dogs anywhere in the lower mainland/Sunshine coast of BC, Canada!

Patricia McEvoy.............. [email protected]
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I would like to be added to the list as a transporter.
I'm in Ajax, Ontario (East of Toronto).

How do I help??

Slaying Dragons since 2010
Quattro - Dragon Slaying Dobermans Incorporated Member #093
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I'd be willing to transport also - am in Portland, OR.


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So ...... these are people willing to transport an adopted rescue to its new home?

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I'm a transporter in Maryland and can travel the DMV area.
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Does anyone live near Mansfield Ohio? I need to get a mini to Canton, Ohio.
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If you do not find someone here, DeniseStar002, perhaps try contacting an established transport group?

CherryHarley transports
cherryharley transports
I've done a couple of transports with this group, they do a great job coordinating and tracking imo.

Liberty Train - [email protected]
Laura and Cherry crosspost to each other's teams a lot. I don't think Liberty Train has its own website, you'd have to just email.

Driveforlife - driveforlife - Community Profile
This livejournal community also has a long list of links to various Yahoo! transport groups. Depending on where you are in Indiana, there might be an I-71 transport already scheduled that could fit in a min-pin. (I have not worked with any of these, however, so cannot vouch that they are active, reliable, etc.)
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Thanks for the list of dog transporters. It is very useful information for people looking for dog carriers.
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Send a message via AIM to dobe627
Would love to know how I could help out

Can't imagine life with out a dobe
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