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Reccomendations on a harness

I am going to switch from a flat collar to a harness for my dobe.

I have used a few when he was a pup and young teen but i ran into redness in his arm pits and was never happy with the fit or keeping the control i can with a flat and pinch collar.
He is 8 yrs of age and is easy to walk now and i am wanting to put very little stress on his neck.
Thoughts , styles and sources would be appreciated
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Hey AJ.
See attached PIC.
I tend to buy lot of Molle tactical stuff from this site.
This is a vest I use for Hoss during the summer during nosework and when we hike in the Fall. (ours is black)
Those cobra buckles are really strong.
We also have some Sherpa straps that wrap around those belts when we plan long hikes (no rubbing).
No chafing at all from the belly or girth straps.
The handle on the top is what I hold onto to maintain my balance when hiking, but I have also used it when he was ill and Hoss needed a helping hand after surgeries. My vet tells me as long as the straps stay around the rib cage (bone) I can use pressure to lift him with that handle if needed so this vest has been handy for many different things.
That handle is a great control piece if you need to keep your pup close.
Also all kinds of neat attachments will attach to the Velcro on this vest. do some window shopping they have a lot of cool stuff.

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A lot of people I know like the Balance Harness by Blue 9.

I use a knock-off Front Range harness for parkour and a Julius-style vest harness for nosework.

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I'd recommend something like this:

It doesn't cut across the front of the chest muscles and it has good fleece padding.

If you don't mind a long wait, I use the Urban Trail harness for my two for hiking and it is a really nice harness. It's very, very padded and it has a nice fit - doesn't cut across the chest, and it has a lot of padding. It's from Alpine Outfitters.

by Shanoa Delta, on Flickr

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AJ, I've posted this info before on DT re: harnesses we use for Spock & Eva:

For harnesses, I use supplier Spock and Eva's leashes and harnesses purchased from this website, still using after them 8 years.
They are in Israel and ship promptly via US Priority Mail and usually receive in about 9 days.

Here is a customer pic page from the site featuring Spock & Eva modeling their H17 harnesses:

I ordered this H17 harness specifically for the front, side & top multi-ring connection points and large handle. Size Large fits Spock's (85-94 lb. wt. range)

I would also recommend the 7ft. L20 3/4" heavy leather multi purpose leash.

For Spock's Therapy dog visits, I attach an 18" Mighty Paw traffic lead to top D-ring in lieu of the leather lead. This keeps Spock close to handler in crowded school hallways and he was evaluated and registered with this harness/lead setup for therapy visits.

Mighty Paw 18" Traffic Lead

Spock in H17 Harness w/18" Traffic Lead- Read With Me Visit

Eva wore a Medium size when we first adopted her as she was only 60 lbs. After her weight gain & loss she now wears a Large size. If left unattended for a long duration in harness, Eva will chew on front cross strap.

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I have used a lot of harnesses over the years. This is what I am currently using:

The Flagline is the best light duty universal harness that I have ever used.

- It is super light.
- It is infinitely adjustable to compensate for a Dobe's very deep chest and narrow waist.
- The lining attracts and collects absolutely no hair or environmental debris. That alone makes a huge difference.
- Given how cumbersome some harnesses can be, this one is the exact opposite. Yet, it still provides a great deal of control.
- It has 3 different attachment points. I general use the middle back, but the front chest one can come in handy at times.
- I dries very quickly, which in Portland is quite important.
- The lifting handle is well situated and very tough.
-Finally... This harness is so open, that the dog hardly notices that it is on. It is perfect for hot weather or under a raincoat in our very wet winters

The bottom line is that this harness was developed for vigorous outdoor use over rough terrain with steep inclines and declines. Still, it happens to work extremely well simply for walking in the city or on trails.

John Lichtwardt
Portland OR

Edit to say: This harness has a reputation of being "escape proof". Some dogs have a bit of the "Houdini" in them. The Flagline eliminates this problem.

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I've never used them except for when I biked with Hara. I don't see a useful purpose other than that.
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Only used harnesses when I was tracking or training tracking and the very best one was one I got from a company in Portland that made harnesses for "police" (K9) dogs all over the west coastl He retired a few years back--too bad.

His harnesses were easy on and easy off--drop over the head with adjustable under the chest strop. Material was heavy seat belt type webbing. Wide (he would make them fleece lined if you wanted them like that--tempting because it meant nothing ever rubbed on the dog but because of tracking conditions--often wet if not actually raining--and the fact the heavy synthetic material was beyond strong it also dried quickly. All fastening were either heavy duty plastic or non-corrosive bronze or stainless steel. The one I bought is now close to 25 years old and still going strong.

Sufficient adjustment that it fits every male Dobe of mine from adolescence to maturity with a fairly simple adjustment via heavy duty velcro.

I sure miss Jim Noble and his harnesses. He was originally in business as a saddler--still was doing custom work for horse equipment but he sure knew how to make thing like harnesses fit and be comfortablefor dogs.

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Thanks everyone for the responses!
We will keep trying until we get to the right one.
He has been on very light duty for about as long as we both can take it...he is frustrated and yells all the time at me!
Thanks again.

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I prefer harnesses without strings around the armpits, I used one of those for biking and my vizsla always got irritated right in the armpits, didn't work for her.
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