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Big Pup
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Good Morning!
I’m curious about how everyone puts their pup in the car. Currently Luna is 30lbs and 16 weeks old. One of her crates she uses fits in my van so I’ve been putting her in there and she can drive around forever and she loves it. Unfortunately she’s going to out grow that crate very soon and the next size we have is way too big to get in and out of the back of the van. Wondering what options I have (nothing, seatbelt, partition, etc.) and what you have used for safety now and as she grows older.Thanks.

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Crate. Always.

If I can fit a doberman sized crate in the back seat of my midsized sedan, you can fit one in a van.
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Alpha schmalpha
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We ride in a a 4 door truck. When my boy was a pup , i used a futon cushion that folded nicely in the back seat to form a U. He rode safely as a young boy sandwiched.
The adult doberman is free inside the cab since riding is one of his joys , Someone has to warn everyone on the sidewalks that we are coming through
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joie de vivre
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I have a 36" Vari kennel for Cypress; it's strapped in with tie-downs in the back of my Honda Element. I've taken out the back seats so I can install dog crates.

Cy uses a 42" crate in the house but the 36" is fine for her in the car for now. She just curls up and sleeps on car rides anyway and I stop to let her our to stretch her legs and potty on car rides longer than 1-2 hours, so the slightly smaller size works in the car.
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Big Lil pup
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When McCoy was a pup, I used a back seat cover that could be used as a sling hung between the back of the front seats and the back seat head rests.

It was the best of both worlds.... Cushioned, restrictive yet allowing ample free movement, access to partially open windows and easy ingress and egress. I carried him mostly in our Jeep Rubicon. Oh... It also helps reduce the incidence of motion sickness, which both of our boys are prone to on road trips.

Today, for short trips I toss him in the back seat. The seat cover is down but still covering the rear seat. For longer trips I turn the cover back into a sling.

This is the cover I have:

It's about 5 yo and still in great shape. You can also by nice ones for a lot less ($40-$50). I have on that is rubberized and can simply be hosed off. It works great if your dog is going to get wet or muddy.

Hope this helps.

John Lichtwardt
Portland OR
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I use crates. And I've used them since the first accident I saw when a dog riding loose in a back seat turned into a missle in a highway accident and went through a windshield (and did not survive it).

I could, and did get a full sized grooming crate into the back seat of a VW bug when I first started showing my first Doberman. These days I drive an elderly Toyota Tacoma with a canopy and have a 400 vari kennel and a 300 vari kennel in it. Even though the 300 is there most of the time just as a spacer several of my big males have preferred it to the 400--I use 500 sized wire crates in the house for the big boys but in the vehicle the dogs just curl up and sleep so a smaller crate works fine.

And while I never have actually intended that any of the grown males should ride in the 300 crate--it's pretty funny to watch them emerge--it's like that circus trick with a zillion clowns getting out of a VW bug--and I've had people waiting for me to get a dog out of the back end up saying things like--"How does he even get in there?"

But crates are safer than anything else in an accident.

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100% crate. Take seats out. There are way, way too many stories shared online of dogs being thrown from vehicles in even minor accidents, and either lost, injured or killed.

I use a 36" crate for both dogs. They don't need the extra room to stretch out in the car.
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Got mutt?
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My reference is a crate, but since my cars are an '02 Ford Taurus or an '02 Lincoln Towncar that are also used to haul people around, I use the next best option of seat belt harnesses. Nowhere near as safe as being in a crate, but at least some protection.

My next vehicle will be one I can put crates in.

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For short rides around here and to the farm , we use about the same setup as John but added the seatbelt harness like Rosemary uses - As far as safety - A very low impact and I think it would be OK - anything else and it would not be pretty , I think it would whip the rear end of the dog around and they would have injuries - I'm afraid to there back . Any long hauls , 36" crate .
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Eschew Prolixity
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Not just injury to the dog—a dog flying into the front seat in an accident could do a number on you too, and even if you've managed to keep control of your car up to that point, he could cause you to lose it. He may just be jumping into the front to explore a bit or react to something outside (which can happen even with a well-trained dog), but if he decides to do that in heavy traffic or when you're zipping along a highway, the result may not be pretty.
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Definitely use a crate always! I wouldn't put a child in my car without a seatbelt, nor would I let my fur baby ride on the freeway without being safe!
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