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Is 11 too old to introduce a new puppy?

I am looking for some advice. I have an 11 year old female who is relatively healthy other than a little bit of arthritis. We lost her brother a few months back very suddenly. She has never been our ONLY dog until now. She took his loss pretty hard (we all did) and she is finally back to herself, but I do feel she may be lonely. Is she too old for a new baby brother? She hasn’t been around little puppies since she was around 3 years old. She likes other dogs, but I wouldn’t call her overly friendly. I don’t want to stress her out, but I do feel like she’s lonely. I can’t leave her home alone for longer than a short period of time, she cries loudly and waits in the window. She never did that before. Not sure what to do...
Love to hear other dobie owners thoughts or experiences. Thank you.
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Ruby - You just asked the ten million dollar question ! I will try and keep this as short as possible - but it will be hard for me to do .

After we lost Chi - we waited 9 years to get another Doberman - it just broke our hearts when we lost her , Then in 2000 , we got Kasia - we had always been a 2 dog family , Kasia was a Princess and the Queen of our house till 2009 , that is when we got Ali - it was a 4 hour drive to pick Ali up , so we took Kasia with us , On the way home - it was so sad - Poor Kasia was upset with that NEW puppy sitting on her mommy's lap , When we traveled - Kasia would lay her head on my wife lap all the way - Not that trip home that day - she turned around and looked out the window all the way home - would not look at her new sister . We had turned the garage into my office and a everything room - All of Kasia's balls were kept out here , that night - when we were holding little Ali girl - Kasia walked out , looked at us loving on the baby , turned around and took all of her balls to the back bed room - one at a time , till she had them all in there , lets say - she had to make many , many trips . That NEW puppy was not going to play with HER stuff .

It took 2 full years for Kasia to accept Ali , and they became best of friends - Ali was never mean to her , not once , then in 2015 - we lost our Kasia girl - Poor Ali cried and cried for her .

Then I told the little lady - we were not waiting very long to get another Dober , by a stroke of luck and knowing the right people - we got Kadin , Now the shoe was switched and friend - That did not turn out well either - even as Ali was younger than Kasia was when we brought Mr. Business home - it was not good - Her feelings were hurt - much like Kasia's were . I will say that it did not take long before they were playing and having fun - but Miss Ali sure would put him in his place - Not all her fault - he would ding dong her to no end then here he came running to dad after Ali gave him a attuite adjustment .

We Lost Ali girl last fall , before long it will be a year , Kadin took it very hard , I never seen a Dog morn as bad as him - He would take one of her balls to her grave , sit it down , then walk back 10 feet or so and lay down and just watch - Hoping she would come get her ball . Like last time - I got on the phone to our breeder looking for a new little girl ,it just takes time , and this past Sunday -I picked her up - I had no doubt that he would be just fine ( Kadin is 5 ) and happy to have a new dog to play with ------------------------------- WRONG ! He just don't understand why or who is in here , he has done , pretty well , but he hates it when I hold her , he turns his head and won't look at me , this morning when I walked into the house holding Evie - he was laying on the couch , as soon as I walked by him to pet him , he jumped off the couch , walked around the back and laid down , Now my wife can hold her and he will lay right next to her and Evie But not dad ! We are the very best of friends , and I hurt him .

So after this long winded reply - I am pretty sure that they will be friend ------- Someday - how long will it take ? I have no idea , but they will . Just be prepared - from all our dogs we have had - the dog at home will get his or her feelings hurt , anyway that's how it played out here .

I will also add that I have to wonder if age - no matter what it is , young , old , if it really makes any difference - the dog at home , I feel , will always be affected

Just some of things we have seen here on the farm

Best of luck
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We added an extremely exuberant 9-month-old to the household when our tripod girl was almost 11. She was not a huge fan initially, and would make a fuss when he went by her, but she also would do her best to follow him around when he left. She would moan loudly when they were separated, too, until she could be with him again.
I think if you set things up well (separation, lots of one-on-one time for both, etc), it can certainly be done.
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Da Boss
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We added Newton when Brandy was 10 (after being an only dog that whole time). She accepted him better than we ever dared to dream! There were growing pains of course, but I think she liked having someone else to boss around. He was so good with her, always playing to her level (she had some arthritis and other orthopedic issues). He plays so hard with everyone else, it still amazes me!
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Eschew Prolixity
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It can be done, especially if your older dog is in decent health. It will be up to you to protect them from each other, though. You'll need to keep an eye on their interactions (never leave them loose and alone together, for example) and make sure to separate them if your girl is getting pissed with a puppy who is playing over-exuberantly. You'll need to feed them separately and watch things like resource guarding—all the kind of things you have to watch when you put any two dogs together, but more so because puppies have NO manners.

A couple of things you might want to give a lot of consideration to, though. One is the cost—as your girl gets older, she might have more medical bills, and puppies can be more expensive than adult dogs too—they have more routine vet visits, for example (definitely buy pet insurance for him)—and you may find yourself doing more random impulse buying too, when you see something that you just KNOW your pup might enjoy. You've probably got a decent stock of toys, etc for your girl, but puppies' needs are different (more things to chew on, for example.)

The other thing is your time—puppies need a lot of attention. Both dogs will REQUIRE separate time with you in addition to time together. Your girl will probably appreciate the time you spend with her as much or more than the time she might have with a puppy. Give some thought into whether you're going to have to cut into your available time with her to tend the puppy, and to how much time you actually have that you will need to split between them.
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Princess Bella
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Bella was 8 when we got Loki, he was 1. Bella had been the only dog since we got her at 10 months, and enjoys perfect health. They got along and played really well together at first. Of course we always remind Bee she is the top dog, most loved etc, and she reminds Loki that too. She showed some jealousy but seemed to enjoy having a playful, passive, handsome consort in her life! Then at about 1 1/2 months into our adoption of Loki, Bella was viciously attacked by the neighbors off leash Cane Corso bitch. She recovered physically very well, but the way she plays with Loki now, sadly, is different. She is more aggressive. Gone are the flirty french kisses and now she is more snappy and growwly. We are monitoring them much more closely. It's sad. I think they are going to evolve into a loveless couple and just be companions and not play as much as they might have if Bella had not been attacked. Just my 2c. Not a lot of experience here.
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