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Deb53 05-07-2019 09:30 AM

Chew toys
What chew toys do many of you use for your Dobe. I was using Nylabones but I am not happy with them as the small pieces that break off are so sharp and the ends of the bones are also sharp. Kona is a strong chewer. She is over a year old now.

LadyDi 05-07-2019 09:43 AM long as they have baby teeth strong chewers can have plenty of fun chewing.
But once the adult teeth set in.......different ball game for a strong chewers.
For a strong chewer ......anything that has no give to it can break teeth.
My last Dobe broke a tooth costs me $800 to do an extraction. Yikes !!!
Hoss is a real strong chewer.........I use chew toys that are rubbery and I can stuff treats into..........
I use his daily kiddle add water to it so the kibble gets soft and mushy ...then mash this "kibble mush" into a ice tray and freeze .........I call them Kibbie cubes.......then I stuff these cubes into his extra large "Traditional Kong Toy" for can even shove the mushed up kibble directly into the kong and freeze the entire kong................they will lick lick lick for quite some time.
Plus the rubber in the Kong Toys has some give to it for the tough chewers like our puppers.
Kong offers many toys ...but the traditional kong has always worked the best for us.

GingerGunlock 05-09-2019 08:31 PM

I've been really happy with West Paw Designs toys. They can put up with a lot of abuse (chewing, stomping, flinging around, etc.) without doing much more than looking a little scuffed. We just bought a second one of these because she loves it so much and actually seeks it out: ,West Paw Zogoflex Quizl Interactive Treat Dispensing Puzzle Treat Toy For Dogs, though we've also had good results with the Bumi, which isn't a treat puzzle but is good for both chewing and tug.

MeadowCat 05-10-2019 09:35 AM

Mine like Benebones, and I don't get "shards" breaking off them.

I also do a lot of Kongs - I stuff them with huge varieties of things, then freeze them so it takes them a long time to work through them. Mine also love the rubber Chuck it balls. I buy the ones that are just a size up from the tennis ball size. They love to carry them around and will sometimes chew on them like they are gum :)

Richter is a super destructive chewer, so I can't give him any soft toy, and he's chewed through quite a few "chew proof" toys. We've tried some of the "indestructible" chew toys, but some of them he just isn't interested in chewing on, so you have to figure out what appeals to your dog that is also reasonably safe to chew on. There's a risk with nearly every "hard" chew toy (antlers, nylon chew toys, bones), but dogs DO need to chew, so you have to just make the call of what you're comfortable with. My dogs get a raw knuckle bone on occasion, I just limit how long they are allowed to chew them in one sitting. I don't do antlers, because they don't really like them so they won't chew on them. I won't do marrow bones, because for me, the risk of tooth fracture is too high (the long bones of an animal are much harder than the knuckle bone, which is cartilege). The Benebones are definitely hard, and it's a risk, but both of mine LOVE them and it gives them a good chewing outlet.

I did try the Goughnut, which is for hardcore chewers, but Richter was uninterested. He chewed through several Westpaw products, so those don't work for us, but I know lots of dogs that can have them. The Hurley in particular seems to work well.

I've also heard decent things about both the BarkBox Super Chewer subscription and the Bullymake Subscription box - those might be options to try for a couple of months to see if you can find some toys that work.

Good luck!

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