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Got mutt?
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Originally Posted by BeccaGore View Post
It's no problem hun. He is mostly just a family dog. We won't competing, or anything. Though I did sort of plan on having some small guard dog training done with him.
What do you mean by “guard dog” training?

Do you mean bitesport? If so, then you should join a club, and work with a good trainer and helper, who know what they are doing.

If you mean sending him off somewhere and getting him back “fully trained”, then don’t.

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As you may know dobermans have a strong protective instinct out of the box. Couple that with their looks and big bark and you have a great deterrent in and of itself, no training necessary.

The most important thing you can do is to socialize him heavily with other people and pets both in your home and out in public. This will help him to differentiate between a friend and any potential threat if there ever comes a need for him to do so. I also discourage any kind of "board and train" with your pup. These types of programs often do more harm than good and you never know what methods said trainers will be using behind closed doors.
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Lil Dog
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Oh no, I would not be sending my boy anywhere that I can not see what is going. I basically mean that I want to teach him the difference between a friend, and an enemy. Yes I am fully aware that Dobes thrive to portect their loved ones, and we have seen this already.
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Originally Posted by BeccaGore View Post
It's no problem hun. He is mostly just a family dog. We won't competing, or anything. Though I did sort of plan on having some small guard dog training done with him.

You may want to reconsider the idea if having any kind of "guard dog" training done.

Dobes are naturally pretty protective and just their look is intimidating (all of the things that GK said in her last post are very true) and you may find that actually training your dog or having someone train your dog for "guard" work may create problems you didn't think of.

If you ever have to board your dog for any reason (vacation that the dog can't go on) a lot of boarding facilities will not board a guard trained dog or even a dog who has been Schutzhund or IPO trained. Many insurance companies will not do homeowners or any kind of liability insurance if your dog has been guard or protection trained.

Those are the two biggies but Dobes have a reputation such that people seem to like to claim that someones Doberman jumped over a fence and bit them and now they intend to sue--this happened to me the third year I had Dobes--fortunately I could prove that the dog they claimed had jumped the fence and attacked was with me and my other dog at a Specialty Doberman Show and not even on the premises where the alleged bite took palce.

I'd talk to my insurance company and think about it before I considered anything like "guard" training.

My dogs all get trained in a lot of things but I deliberately don't do anything that could be claimed to be "guard' of "protection training. Not that most of them haven't been perfectly willing and capable of protecting me but I didn't train them to do it...
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Big Lil pup
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Hi Becca...

I agree with bug, green and rosemary.

My McCoy is the sweetest most socialized Doberman that I have ever had the pleasure of calling mine.

Still.... Here were his actions at about 1 1/2 years when in "innate" defensive mode. (You may find it interesting):
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Lil Dog
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I see what you guys are saying, thank you. I do see that they are protective. He can hear things going on around the outside of the house, and starts to go nuts. If he hears one of us up, and walking around at night he will start growling, and barking. So you're right, they around have enough of a protective sense on their own.
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Eschew Prolixity
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At four months old, any barking/growling at strange noises and sights he’s doing is more likely to be uncertainty and fear about new things--experiences he’s not been exposed to. The protective stuff kicks in later.

That is one reason people should socialize/socialize/socialize their young puppies (in a non-pressured way), to give those little guys more confidence and ability to swing with the unfamiliar. A puppy who is socialized well will, as an older dog, know enough about the world that he can judge whether or not a situation is dangerous and needs a protective response.
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You have received some good advice here and I won't add to it, other than to say good luck with your Pup.
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What a wonderful experience you had. And how fortunate to make things complete.

In the past I have bred with another member here, in fact she is how I found this great site. Strange things have happened which leads one to re-think 'fate'. Several years ago my daughter called me up and told me to get ready, there was a Doberman to rescue. We drove the 60 miles and picked Kleo up. The woman who was giving her away for her son told me another man was coming for her but because I knew what I was talking about she decided to choose me, instead. As things turned out if that person had gotten her she would have gone to a dog fighting ring, most likely used for a breeder. I can't tell you how many times I have offered up thanks for the good luck. Kleo is safe, happy and is entering her 'old age'.

Yes, stranger things have happened.
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Originally Posted by falnfenix View Post
No. I care more about the breed than that. People who breed albinos are some of the worst people in the breed. Normalizing it and accepting it is just as abhorrent to me.
DITTO to everything that fainfenix said. If you breed a litter, then you ARE a breeder. The whole - "woe is me, I had an accident" is also one of the oldest stories that greeders like that use to sell puppies and get people to feel sorry for them - along with "my mother died", I lost my job, etc..... I've been in this breed a long time and on the Doberman forums since they started - I've seen all kinds of excuses from the people who breed albinos (not to mention just poorly bred Dobermans in general), and the excuses from people who buy poorly bred Dobermans. A few learn and do better while loving the dog they already have - some don't see anything wrong with crappy breeders that do no favors for our breed.

If you (generic you)are breeding an albino Doberman or z factored, you are scum of the earth in my book. This list is for all Doberman owners, but accept the fact that you have a lot to learn about the breed, and don't make the same mistake twice. This is a great list for learning and questions - but don't expect anyone reputable to pat you on the back for buying that puppy. Listen and learn - love your dog and train it well - but neuter him at the appropriate time. We do all start somewhere - my first Doberman was poorly bred (pre internet) - I loved her dearly, but didn't make that mistake again.

I would be the last person here to chase anyone away, but this forum was always about education. If that ends, I will walk away and never look back after being here for a very long time.

Mary Jo Ansel

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Thank you, Mary Jo, for saying it like it is and so succinctly.
I tend to muddle things up when I try, but you are so right.

"Lots of people talk to animals...Not very many listen, though...That's the problem. " ~ The Tao of Pooh
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