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Big Pup
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I don't know if this will get much traction but with a puppy due to come home in a little over two weeks (!!), I was curious to see what the favorite toys of some members dobies are. The dobie I had previously had two favorite toys... one being a pillow he would nurse (he chewed on it without ever really trying to rip it or shred it), the other being a baby toy that vibrated and made noises whenever he bit down on the head.

Are there any toys your dobies just can't live without?
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Nylabones, Kongs, Jolly (red chew) Cuz
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dax0402 (10-01-2016)
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Big Lil pup
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My hands and arms.... at least for the first several months!

Portland OR
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dax0402 (10-01-2016), dobegal (10-01-2016), lgcarey (10-01-2016)
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Originally Posted by 4x4bike ped View Post
My hands and arms.... at least for the first several months!

Portland OR
I keep telling John he's way more tolerant than I am about puppies gnawing on him.
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falnfenix (10-02-2016)
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Piper is 5.5 months and she loves to suck on this pillow chum that came home from the breeder with her. The breeder sent a bunch of toys home, and I found that she likes stuffy animals that have long dangling legs, squeakers, and, curiously, anything with ears. We joke she is taking out her frustration of having her ears posted on the poor little stuffy's ears that she insists on trying to chew off until we take them away.

My son picked out this snake type thing from petco that takes a beating and is definitely one that she has loved from day one. I just googled it and I think it might be the Invincible Snake Toy for Dogs. There were two lengths and we got the shorter one, which has worked great. Once she got a little older the Kong Wubba came home and that is right up there with the snake. Both those two don't have stuffing and are durable enough that I can leave out for her, with regular inspections for wear of course. The Wubba might be too big at first, it has this heavy rope ball on it. It is great because it is made of tough fabric, has dangling things to chomp on, has heft to throw well, and squeaks. She know's those two toys by name. A good old rope knot that was a $3 add-on item on Amazon and a similar one that has a tennis ball on it from Petco round out the favorites.

Oh and the "stuffed" animals that you put water bottles in (via Velcro closure at the bottom), as well as these no stuffing animals that have sheets of crinkly plastic in them instead were a hit when she was little. The latter ones she is kind of hard on and don't keep her interest any more.

She isn't a super chewer like other dogs I've had, but on the chewing end she is a fan of the Whimzee sticks (size large, at least once she was really chewing, and the tooth brush ones are shaped such that she mows through them in one sitting, which I don't want to pay for). The smart bones she really liked (looks like a rawhide with knots on the end but is made of digestible stuff), but they contain corn, so I decided against them after the first bag. The puppy nylabone saw some action, but not enough that I felt the need to rush out and get the sturdier ones later. She goes nuts for RAW (cooked can be dangerous) beef bones you get for bone broth. With a kid and carpets she only gets it out on the porch or in her crate with the bed removed, so it doesn't come out of the freezer as often, and then only for as long as she is gnawing on it (then back in the bag in the freezer it goes). Hard plastic juice jugs with a narrow neck and labels, caps, and that little ring below the cap removed are great (put some kibble in for an easy puzzle). Same goes for water bottles, but I keep a SUPER close eye on her with those. I would skip them all together if they weren't her favorite thing ever. When I can't keep as close an eye I use the one in a stuffy cover as mentioned earlier and leave the lid on the bottle to trap air so it crinkles longer. She prefers it without the cover the best.

And on the puzzle end the PetSafe Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom is great, but while it seems super sturdy and I've heard great reviews on its durability, it makes me whince when she wants to just decides she wants to sit and gnaw on it. I got it after reading this article I found (is full of great ideas): Pitlandia: Top 10 Food Dispensing Dog Toys

She loves the original Kong only as long as it is stuffed, then she couldn't care less.

Ok, reading this I think I spoil my dog

Good luck and enjoy your puppy!
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Big Pup
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Love the variation on toy favorites! I just made my boy a fleece toy with two water bottles inside. I figure it'll give him the crunchy noise most dogs seem to love and something with sustenance to chew on. At the very least, it's a bit of busy work to keep me occupied while I count down the days.

I've tried nylabones in the past but they never seemed to be a hit or even remotely interesting to my previous dobie. I'm keen to try them again so may be hitting the stores in the next day or so to see what's available. I've had the same luck with kings, too! I got my boy one and he loved it... so long as it was stuffed with peanut butter. When it wasn't, he couldn't care less about it. The new puppy has one as I guess you can never go wrong with a kong!

FWIW, I'm not so keen on him using me as his chew toy but I don't doubt it'll happen and I'll oblige because... puppy cuteness!
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Petsafe Booya, Kong Wubba, Kong Wubba creature , squirrel buddy, and a partially deflated volleyball aka Juneau's Wilson.

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My boy has a big stuff led bunny that the breeder sent home with us. All the dogs used it but she said it was HIS bunny. He loves that stupid thing. He lays on it and he chews on it but never in a destructive manner. I have spent a fortune on toys but he also loves a very cheap squeaking cheeseburger that I believe my mom bought him.
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Devil Dog
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JW Pets....the red ( has to be red) rubber Chicken. his absolute favorite!!!
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Kong Wubba, Stuffed Sasquatch*, Stuffed Hedgehog*, Tuffy Lobster, 14" stuffingless fox
Oh and his beds... nothing made him happier than sucking on and flinging his bed around.

*I now buy stuffed toys like this in triplicate, because he likes to know the faces off them. Before the sasquatches were taken off the shelves (seasonal item) I think my boyfriend and I had bought about 9... I should buy stock in PetCo for sure.
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Big Pup
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Jax loved all things fleece/ fabric when he was a wee pup. He would suck on them and fall asleep. So sweet. Then he got a bit bigger and started chewing and shredding these items. Still kinda cute. Then he got a little bigger and started eating these items! Ok, now it's not so cute! He no lioger can have any fabric items. He does love Nyla bones, Nerf rubber balls( loves loves loves!),red Kong, Kong wobbler, Chuckit kick fetch ball is another absolute favourite......at 13 months he's just starting to rip it.....bugger! When it's time for sleep he loves to take his Nyla bone, sit right beside me, chew and gnaw for about 10 minutes, then he goes to sleep so he still has items to help soothe him.
Have fun shopping!

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DoberPappa (10-03-2016)
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am the law
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I think the brand is JW, they make a lot of rubber toys and most all of them have held up well to my insane crew of chewers. They are affordably priced and the dogs really seem to like them. I noticed some are scented like vanilla.

I only buy plush toys on very special occasions now, or if one comes in a BarkBox. They just don't last even long enough for a photo any more. Ditto ropes.

We really like moose antler sections around here!

When all my Dobes have been puppies they can have the cutesy little plushies and cotton ropes but it never lasts long before I start worrying they will get pieces off. For future puppies I don't think I will even buy these items any more... kind of seems like a waste of money. Better to put that $20 into a couple Nylabones.
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Frozen wet wash cloths. Wubbas. Mav loves is ultrasonic silent squeaker toys.
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Originally Posted by sgourle View Post
?.. and a partially deflated volleyball aka Juneau's Wilson.
So funny - the first think we could get Emily to go get and return was a partially deflated soccer ball. Love how it has a (very clever) name!
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Lil Dog
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Kong makes great, durable chew and squeaky toys. My Dobe loves them - the squeakier the better! They also have chew toys that have an opening that you can put food in that they have to work for. Peanut butter and small treats work, and Kong sells snacks shaped to fit, and canned cheese whiz in dog flavors. Keeps them busy for a while when you need a break. Lol!

Bully sticks are a favorite here! Lots of flavor, chewing time, and fully digestible. The downside is they are expensive.

Be careful of the Dobe swallowing things that aren't digestible and can cause bowel obstructions like stuffing, fabric, and the notorious socks.
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