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Lil Pup
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What's the best car for a doberman?

Can we start a poll on what the best vehicle is for your dobes? What do your dobes drive?

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Ford F150 lariat

He has to have room to stretch out.

I've known no deeper love, than that from my beloved Doberman

Think the crap in your kibble is good? Check it out

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main vehicles:
2002 Volvo V70 wagon (fwd)..w/290,000 Km
2005 GMC Jimmy 4x4 SUV...w/255,000 Km
1998 Chev 3/4 ton 4x4 extended cab pickup

^^^^ Kelly girl always on the back seat or up front riding shot gun (in front passenger seat).

Future - Like to upgrade the family Volvo for a ~2008 Toyota FJ SUV / 4runner / or Subaru...need something 4x4.
- would even go state-side for a good one owner vehicle...if anybody here, has one

------------Kelly & (Amy - RIP @ 11.7 y/o)

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Sherryh (07-30-2014)
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Our dogs (and us too!) like our Toyota 4runner and Suzuki xl7. Both have good room in the back for the dogs and easy loading from the rear door. They also both have good height and square footage for the dogs to lay down and relax even with the kids and gear packed in. Both can tow a decent load while keeping good mpg too.

If we had a 3rd vehicle it would be a ford truck. Love their heavy work capacity.

My brother LOVES his Subaru Outback but his dogs (pits and a dobex) are a little shorter than ours. Our dogs will go in his car happily but the taller 2 are a little scrunched.
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Beaumont67 (07-30-2014)
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BYB Hunter
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I'm using a Rav 4 2014 but haven't really used other vehicles other than the Suburban! Our Pontiac Vibe also works, but won't when she reaches adulthood!

"Whenever I hear somebody talk about a horse being stupid, I figure it's a sure sign that the animal has somehow outfoxed them."
- Tom Dorrance

RIP Brandy, thank you for being all I could ever ask for

Doberman Club of Canada:
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Originally Posted by SieYa View Post
Ford F150 lariat

He has to have room to stretch out.
That's the bomb! And perfect dog-mobile.
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SieYa (07-30-2014)
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Living la Vida Loca!
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We are an Acura family here. We have an RDX small SUV and a TL. Coco and I prefer to cruise around town in the TL. I get the front and she gets the back.

Coco and I are cool bitches!

Kin's Sweet Revenge aka Sugar December 31/18

Coco Loco RIP April 16/09 to December 21/18

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I have an 02 Honda CRV, square back. I love this truck!

A couple years ago, when Chicago shut down for the Blizzard, I was able to drive through snow over the top of my hood. I didn't have to go to work, so I took my CRV out driving. Why? Because I could. The roads were desolate. I was driving through a closed Burger King parking lot, and the police SUV showed up, asking what I was doing? I said, "driving in the snow." They were impressed.

Gas mileage not so good; it's a truck. I don't drive it over 65 mph. I have been asked numerous times from mechanics doing oil changes and new tires if I want to sell my CRV?
Nope. In fact, we just changed insurance carriers and the lady said "it was a really good car." (It's a truck, but okay.). I love my CRV.

My husband has a Prius and it is a speed demon. I was driving casually one Saturday morning and I saw on the odometer, "122!" !!! I thought, am I having a heart attack? How can I be driving 122? Then, cars were passing me on the tollway. I kept looking at the speedometer and it was 120 or 130!. Jesus, I think I am poisoned, or something. How can I be driving 122 miles per hour?

Low and behold, the kilometer to miles tab had been changed.

Dogs love both.
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Coco Loco (07-30-2014)
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We just bought a Honda Odyssey minivan so we can remove the seats and fit 3 crates since we travel with the dogs somewhere at least 3X a week. Prior to that we were using an Audi A6 wagon, but if we had more than one dog we could not have them in the crates.

When we moved from the Midwest to the Northeast 7 years ago we rented a minivan and drove for 16 hrs with 3 dobes, a Cocker Spaniel, 3 cats and 2 very large parrots.

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I have a Tundra 4 door which works well for the dogs. The rear seats fold up so the dogs can be on the floor so they have room and it's lower down so they can easily get in and out.
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Always Grateful
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Had to get a Town & Country van to have enough room for crates and humans and all the gear. So what it gets crappy gas mileage the Dobermans are happy.

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SieYa (07-31-2014)
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Honda Element here!

element_WKS by sizzzle_dog, on Flickr
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CH Aura's Iron Man CAA, a.k.a Stark
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Ford Transit Connect.

Only has two front seats as the rest of the vehicle is all cargo. The floor is flat and covered with a black rubber like mat. Side doors slide open and the two rear doors open and then fold completely back against the sides. Good gas mileage.
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formerly eventermal
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Chrysler Town & Country. I love it. Good milage- about 25 mpg average, maybe higher. I can fit 4 crates in the back if I need to with room on top of the crates for my stuff.

CH Treu's Star Witness v Touchstone CA CGC WAC Guilty
Aura's Zatanna Abra AKC ptd.
"Vixie" (Papillon) NA NAJ

Waiting at the Bridge
CH O's Godiva Signature CA DJ CGC WAC Perrin
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Town and Country here, love the stow and go. I don't (and can't) have to lift the seats out and find a place to keep them. Plenty of room, I have a big dog bed for Lexi, full sheets of plywood. I never wanted a mini van, we don't have human kids and I thought, these aren't for me, but we love it. Don't know about the mileage, never checked. I have a VW Beetle and Lexi has never been in it. Ollie rode in it, but didn't like it.

Oliver RIP
With enough thrust, pigs fly just fine.
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Dobe_Mom (07-31-2014)
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2005 Toyota Highlander 89,000 miles
2 Dobermans
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Dobes stole my heart <3
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2008 Chevy Trail Blazer SS
I LOVE IT!! Its stylish, its economical, its FAST! haha .. well that doesnt have much to do with the dogs cause I drive like a granny when they are in it, but I love the space it has, and with a gate across the back seats they stay where they belong and dont seat hop.

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face. - Bernard Williams

R.I.P. Mysti 1/25/02-10/21/10
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Used to drive an F 350 lariat crew cab. More than enough room for the dogs (I could have fit six of my boy in the back seat) but it sure made him carsick and was murder on mpgs. Now I'm driving a VW Golf TDI... NO car sickies and 42 mps.
It is a lot smaller than what I'm used to. But we drove all the way to Utah and back, all four of us even slept in the car one night. So it's surely big enough for us.

Plus this little thing is faster than all get out. Turbo diesel, gotta love it. And it actually fits in parking lots unlike my 350 with its crew cab and long bed! (No matter how much I miss that big girl, this car is amazing!)

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4 Door Toyota Tacoma, the back seat folded down to make the perfect "Dobeerman Deck".
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Loose Lucy is my delight
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2009 Subaru Tribeca (the big body Subaru) I am a Subie lover and so is Lucy!

One reason a dog is such a comfort when your feeling blue is that he doesn't try to find out why - Author Unknown

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I have a Honda Accord, and let me tell you this is NOT the car to have! Can't fit a crate big enough for Aesop in the back seat, him and Toby snark if they both have to ride together and I end up with a 100# dog trying to crawl into the front seat... Toby is a flank sucker and seat belt chewer, and has managed to free himself and Acers from a variety of doggy seat belts. Never again will I have a car and 2 dogs. Never! It's absolutely mayhem.

As soon as funds allow I am hoping to get something like the Honda CRV or Element.
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Devil Dog
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BMW all-wheel drive 4 door (sedan).Yeah, it's small for a Dobe , but Ryder fits in the back seat pretty well. Just looks a bit weird.
But the car is a paid-for 2003, I love it,and a new vehicle is not in my forseeable future anytime soon, so, that's what Ryder drives.
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Super Moderator
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Dogs Name: Richter; Sypha; RIP Shanoa & Simon
Titles: Richter: CAA L1V NW1 L1I L1E L1C NW2 L2V ACT1 RATI WAC; Sypha: NW1 NW2 L1C L1V L1E RATI SOG WAC
Dogs Age: d.o.b. 7/13/2012; d.o.b. 12/6/2015
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I have a Toyota Matrix. If I have to, I can fit two 36 inch crates in there and both dogs can ride crated. Both back seats fold totally flat and the backs of the seats are plastic, rather than cloth, so it's easy to wipe clean if needed. Decent gas mileage, too. I'm not an SUV person so it works really well for me. I typically have one crate set up all the time since I usually only have one dog with me at a time.

by Shanoa Delta, on Flickr

Richter & Sypha
Glengate's Mountain Fortress CAA ORT L1E L1C NW2 L2V L2I ACT1 RATI SOG WAC
& Sirai's Golden Masquerade ORT L1V L1E L2C L2I NW2 RATI SOG DOG TKN WAC
“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you.
What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”
― Jane Goodall
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newer Sonata. can't (easily) crate her in the back seat, at least not without seriously ripping my leather, so she's belted in. we have seat warmers back there...she's happy with that.
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Dogs Name: Tell us your dogs name

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Subaru Outback for our pups ... all four of them!
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