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Which do you prefer Males or Females?

Which gender do you prefer and why?
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This post sure made me think.
I can't vote on this one.

I have had a few dogs over the years totalling now 10, but they were all males.
Gosh, how come I never had a female?
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LaRen616 (07-28-2014), Nicolerenee (07-25-2014)
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Id say males. I like the goofy, puppy like, slight immature personality of the makes. Of course there are females out there with goofy personalities and males with more serious ones, but on a general note i like the males

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LaRen616 (07-28-2014), Nicolerenee (07-25-2014)
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Mistress of All Evil
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Males, always.

I have had multiple males living under the same roof off and on for 5 years. Never had any problems. Males IMO tend to be more loving, silly, friendly and they seem more interested in me.

Sinister ~ black male German Shepherd 3.11.09

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Nicolerenee (07-25-2014), SieYa (07-23-2014)
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Males, I've always had multiple boys. Only had 1 girl in my life, love my boys.

I've known no deeper love, than that from my beloved Doberman

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LaRen616 (07-28-2014), Nicolerenee (07-25-2014)
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girls for me- I think they mature quicker and are less dominant with other dogs, they have also for me anyway been more focused when it comes to working them.
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Nicolerenee (07-25-2014)
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My first Doberman was a male and he was wonderful....

My female today is my sweetheart so can I say both are great
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bean (08-14-2014), Beaumont67 (07-24-2014), Nicolerenee (07-25-2014)
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Why is the rum gone?
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Both. I've had and trained good male dogs and good female dogs. I don't have a preference between the two. I have noticed that some of the males seem to be goofier, but I've had two who were the exception to that.

Gender is honestly the last thing on the list when I'm looking for a dog, unless the current dog has same-sex aggression. The only reason I set out to adopt a male Doberman was because my housemate's female ACD couldn't ever live with another female. Otherwise, I would've gone in with what I was looking for and taken the first Dobe that fit. Future puppy is going to be whichever pup the breeder thinks will be best... coat color and sex being the least important things on the list.
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I like both, a good dog is a good dog, regardless of gender. I might have a slight positive bias towards females, because I've mostly (or my family) had bitches (3) and only one dog, but when I originally was looking for a Min Pin I wanted a male because my then Irish Terrier didn't seem to like other bitches very much and got along way better with males. I ended up with a rescued female though (and everything turned out fine, though my uncle now has my IT because she seemed to stress my mother's allergies). She doesn't like male dogs, tends to be more fearful and aggressive of them, so when I get a dobe, I will express a preference for a female.

But overall, I think there are too many myths surrounding genders in canines, and a good dog can be any colour or sex (or breed, but Dobes are the best )
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Nicolerenee (07-25-2014)
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based on my male - males. easy to get along with and mellow. All the girlies we've met are bitchies.
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Males for the personality.

Females for aesthetics. If our girl wasn't sneaky & hadn't cultivated a stubborn streak I'd have no preference. I do love her to pieces tho, but the boys I've had are more "honest" & easier for me to understand why they do what they do. (maybe I've too high expectations for the female gender in general)

This might be a breed thing tho as I've noticed in some breeds I prefer females.

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Nicolerenee (07-25-2014)
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Big Dog
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the opinions I would be more interested in if I knew the Gender of the people posting opinions. I think that data is useful

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If you have a hard time to decide get both Dobermans work great in pairs.

"A dog can express more with his tail in minutes than
his owner can express with his tongue in hours"

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Got mutt?
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I like bitches, myself, but my next dog (hopefully a Dobe) will probably be a male if I have a choice. My older girl is... well, a bitch. I was lucky she accepted the female puppy I brought home a couple of years ago, but I'd rather not push my luck again.

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Artemis (07-28-2014)
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I tend to prefer bitches, mostly because most of the male dogs I've ever had were rescues who were accustomed to marking everything. If there's one thing more foul than cat pee on anything, it's dog pee on everything. I know it's usually not a big deal to train younger dogs out of that, I just didn't have much luck retraining.

It also seems that female critters are generally more robust internally (probably an evolutionary adaptation to cope with the incredible stress pregnancy and birthing put on the body) and tend to live longer. Maybe it's just my crappy luck, but both of my male horses died far younger than they should've due to intestinal torsions. When I hear about dogs dying of bloat that isn't caused by a foreign object, it's usually dogs, not bitches. It's also possible I'm just trading one set of health concerns for another.
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Artemis (07-29-2014), Nicolerenee (07-30-2014)
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Lil Pup
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I always prefer Male.
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LaRen616 (08-02-2014)
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Lil Pup
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I prefer males, I've always had male dogs, I had 1 female dog and I had her for 3 years and when I started dating one of my now exes she just stuck to him like glue and now she's his. But I've just always preferred males.
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LaRen616 (08-12-2014)
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Before I got Silas I would have said females. You never know what dog will grab your heart, of either sex.

I agree with Dream Valley - I think one of each is the ideal for so many reasons. My opposite sex pair has the best relationship ever. We will always have one male and one female from now on because of these two.


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Which do you prefer Males or Females?

For 30+ years my husband had dobe females exclusively. Since we were together I always asked about getting a male. It took me 17 years to convince him.
The day we went to our breeder's home to first meet and discuss our possible purchase of a puppy, we met Cruisir. He was 4 at the time and he had retired as a finished champion/ special. He sat on our laps and I thought he was the most beautiful doberman I had ever seen.
On the drive back I told my husband that I wanted to someday have a male just like him.
When we started showing Jessie, our breeder always brought Cruisir as they travel in a motorhome. Over time, Cruisir became closer with us. When my breeder had to temporarily take in a male, we took Cruisir home to help out. Our breeder warned us that he usually would get homesick and stop eating in that type of situation. He fit right in and he never stopped eating.
He never made it back to our breeder's. We are doing agility with him and he loves it here. Our breeder is happy because they get to see him do lots of other activities. It was a win-win-win for the dog, the breeder and us.
My husband, who preferred females, is totally in love with the dober boy and they cuddle in front of the tv every night. We have 2 females and 1 male and they get along wonderfully.

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I keep ending up with boys. I just love the goofiness factor not that I don't like girls, I just have to admit I have a type: it's black male dobies, and bay thoroughbred mares.
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LaRen616 (08-18-2014)
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I enjoy both and I'm pleased to have a mix - two of each now! However, if I could only have one it would absolutely be a female. My wife, on the other hand, loves a 'needy' boy and that would always be her choice.
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Ahhhh a sore subject between me and my fellow dobe owner friend...she loves the boys, wouldn't have another girl, she loves the attention, silliness, protective side of the boy. I however love the girls...IMO my girl is every bit as silly and protective as her boy as well as being super Velcro. I just don't like the idea of having a male...no idea why at all...!
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