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Nail cutting

Anyone have tips on how they keep nails short
I religiously cut their nails and they progressively got longer because you can never get close enough or you "may hit the quick" and have a bleed that lasts forever without the special powder (aluminum chloride I think or ferric sulphate). The blood/nerve grows progressively as the nail grows a bit I found so it was a loosing battle.
I used traditional clippers (like scissor style cutting end)
Is a rotary grinder better ?
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If you are on Facebook, this is a good group.

If you would like a training class, then the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy will be running All Bout Nails in the upcoming June session.
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I used a dremel. Every few days I'd grind them back. Always careful not to let it get hot or hit the quick. If you wait until the nails are long then it will take time and multiple trimming to get them back. It's a gradual thing.
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Here's a bit about dremels (rotary grinder) from another thread:

Originally Posted by melbrod View Post
Once I started using a dremel, I never looked back. The dogs got so accustomed to it (and the treats they got) that they practically waved their feet in the air when it was time for me to do their nails. I never had that kind of compliance from a dog I was using clippers on. Dogs are generally more comfortable having their nails dremeled than having them clipped. Dremels don't seem to pinch or squeeze the nails the way clippers do; you can get a nice smooth edge to the nail; it's much easier to avoid hitting the quick. But they do make noise and vibrate the nail as they grind it, so you have to go slow introducing one.

I use a dremel (more or less like this one).

Mine is a cordless Dremel multipro--the rechargeable battery doesn't have a super long running time--if you're doing multiple dogs in a row, that could be a problem for you--but a corded dremel is rather a pain to use (for me, anyway)

Dremel style tools marketed specifically as nail grinders for pets often don't have enough power to do tough dobe nails--it's really better just to use an ordinary hobby dremel with the coarse sandpaper roll.

Here's more:

A nail trimming demo:

And how to get your dog used to a dremel:

"Just take it slow...depending on what she will may even need to start with rubbing it all over her with the motor off. Then with the motor on, but just somewhere in the room at a distance, then touching a nail for a second or too, then grinding one nail, then a whole foot and so on.

And of course, lots and lots of treats---sometimes even after every toenail when you get to the full foot thing.

Go ahead and start getting her used to the thing. Keep clipping if you need to until she is OK with the grinder. But, of course, do the grinder introduction randomly throughout the day and not in the same session as clipping time.

Two hints...

1. Always support the nail with a finger or thumb as you grind . That lessens the vibration on that toe, and I imagine makes it less tickly for her.
2. Never grind on one nail for more than few second at a time. The area you are grinding can get quite hot. If you need to do more grinding than that, just go on to another nail and come back to the first.
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Previous Nail Trimming Threads (of many):

(Hint, Mods: Need separate sub forums for nails, ear posting, toys, beds, leashes/collars/harnesses)




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I dremel nails as well and don't even own dog nail clippers. I use 60 grit rounds.

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Rechargeable Dremel works good for me.
Especially Dremel with LED lights ...easier to see what you are doing.
Little bit at a time.

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Particularly for big dogs and their nails, I think dremel's are infinitely superior to trying to keep nails short to any kind of clippers.

Not all dogs have nails where the quick grows as fast as the nail shell and it was my experience with a dog who had nails where the quick did grow out at the same rate that caused me to switch from clippers to a dremel.

That dog cried every time we did nails--I was at a friends house staying for a couple of days for shows up in her neighborhood and was touching up the nails on my dogs and he was crying about it. She dug out her dremel and said let me try this. No crying and no foot jerking with that and she got them shorter than I'd been able to do.

Eventually we figured out that his nails had a very heavy shell and even trimming with a very new blade or very new clipper that were sharp, compressed the shell into the quick and it hurt. I went home and bought him a dremel. I generally do nails at least every week when the dogs are young. And a dog that I got as a half grown puppy had his nails dremeled twice a week for about six months before I got them as short as I wanted for conformation.

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Definitely a dremel. Baron's nails were already the perfect short length when we got him because the woman that had him was a groomer so it was easy to just maintain. When Miley came to us, her nails were a bit longer because my friend had let them go because she was unable to dremel for a while and she only got them done once every month or so when she went to the groomer but it was fairly easy to get them back to being short by dremeling twice a week. Now, Drogo is a different story. We adopted him at 6 1/2 and clearly the former owner could have cared less about nails! UGH! They were awful. We had his teeth done after we adopted him and had the vet trim back while he was under and now I have been dremeling every three or four days and they are getting there. Back feet are better than the front. It toook a few sessions with lots of high value treats to get him OK with the dremel though. Probably will be a few more months until they are where I would like them to be.
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Going to echo everyone else and say GO WITH A DREMEL. They make dark nails much, much easier.
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