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Pay Attention to Food

Hey! This is a post for new owners of dogs in general due to an experience I've had this week!
Pay attention to your dog's food. Know what it looks and smells like. I distinctly remember when we switched to Zeus's new Pro Plan food, I said "Your food smells like fish!" because it was the Salmon and Rice formula and thus had a fishy smell to it.

We were starting to run low on food last week, so my husband picked up a new bag from PetSmart, where we always get his food, and we started the new bag this past Monday the 6th. My husband fed him in the morning, so it wasn't until his afternoon feeding that I noticed that his food smelled a Then I noticed his poop was super loose that evening and again the next day. I investigated his food again and for sure, there was something off about the smell of it. It smelled very chemicalish, which I know wasn't normal because I've never noticed such a smell before. Also, when I looked at the kibble, I noticed a lot of flecks on the food. Looked like some sort of grain or something, but it wasn't something that I could recall seeing on his food before. I called PetSmart and told them the situation, and I was able to bring his food back and trade it in for another bag. I prayed it wasn't from the same batch as the other, and for now it seems all good. No chemical smell. No excessive weird grainy flakes on the kibble. And his poop is firming up.

So! The moral of the story is to know your dog's food so that you can pinpoint if there is something wrong with it. I'm not sure if I should've contacted Purina about it, and I'm not sure what PetSmart is going to do with the bag of food I returned, but I'm just glad it's not going into my dog's belly.
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I've had a few problems in the past from Pet Supply Plus stocking expired bags of kibble on shelves. We feed Pro Plan Shredded Chicken/Rice and once I was in a hurry and didn't check the expiration date on bottom of 35 lb. bag (I'm usually anal about this) When I got home and opened bag there was what appeared to be white mildew flecks on the kibble. Then I checked bag's date and it was expired. Normally when we buy the kibble Exp date is at least one year out.

I took the bad bag back, and got a replacement bag. I also complained online to the management. Now they stack the bags with the Expiration dates facing the aisle so workers and customers can read easily without man handling the bags. Kudos to them for this improvement.

Lesson learned
- Always check Expiration dates on bags before purchase. Always transfer to hard containers, while inspecting the kibble for contaminants after getting it home.
(Rats and mice love to chew through kibble bags stowed in garages)

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Did you take any photos of the odd substance in the kibble and save a receipt of your purchase? I would contact Purina if so!
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Kip's allergist did tell us this about storing food in a hard container though...You must wash them out thoroughly with soap and water between uses if your dog has an allergy to cereal mites. Old food crumbs which are never completely rinsed out with a new bag dumped in on top are a prime breeding ground for the little buggers.

But I do pay attention to how it looks and smells when I open a new bag. I once got a bag that I don't think was bad, but it was a combination of a couple of different foods (different shape and color of the nuggets). I did take that one back because who knows how it got that way?

Our food bag stays in the kitchen under the table...hopefully no rats or mice there. Though I suppose if you have a hungry bold dog, you might come home to a full, no longer hungry one.

The big box stores will generally let you return even a partly used bag of dog food, and either refund your money (with a receipt) or give you store credit (if you don't have a receipt). They'll ask you why you are returning it, but even if your answer is just "my dog doesn't like it" they'll take it back.

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I unfortunately didn't take pictures :/
We store his food in a hard airtight container, which I washed yesterday and today because after the bad bag of food sat in it, it smelled like that chemical smell the food had. So I'm paranoid about putting it back in the same container, even though I've washed it with soap and water twice! Luckily, the bag that the dog food came in was at the top of the trash bin, so I was able to pull it out and refill the bag to take it back the other day!

I checked the new bag's expiration date and it's good until September. I don't think I looked at the expiration of the old bag, though that might've been the problem. From now on, best believe that'll be the first thing I check before buying new bags of food!
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I also store McCoy's kibble in a hard airtight container. This mostly due to the fact that we sometimes are invaded by little "sugar ants" and they take a couple of days to deal with.

Unlike previous kibble that I have purchased in the past, Acana comes vacuum sealed in an airtight bag. The expiration date is usually a year or more out.

Portland OR
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If you store your food in an airtight container (and I do), it is recommended to still leave it in the original bag. That means you have the bag information should there be a recall or any need to check that kind of info), plus, you don't accumulate that food dust at the bottom of the bin.

Every food company I know is happy to take a return if there's anything suspect about the food.
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by Shanoa Delta, on Flickr

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I can tell you what the larger food companies do with the food that is returned and all of these (Hills, Purina, Royal Canin, and Iams/Eukanuba) have essentially the same policy.

Hills requires all food returned to us (a vet clinic) be returned to them--it all goes back to the closest manufacturing facility for testing).

Purina requires that the food be returned to the vendor from which it was purchased (our vendor just writes it off and doesn't return it to Purina but if you are buying directly from Purina they require, as does Hills that all returned food be returned to the nearest manufacturing facility for testing.)

Royal Canin requires that any food we are asking for credit on we must report it what it is, product number and expiration date--additionally if we are returning food because they sent the wrong food that it be returned at least two months before the expiration date. They then issue a credit to us and most of the time tell us we can donate it to a local shelter (Multnomah County for us) On one occasion--in the last 16 years--they told us to destroy the kibble--suggested that we dump it into a container of used kitty litter because their lab suspected that there had been a contaminate in that batch.

Iam/Eukanuba which we don't carry at all any more had the same requirements as Hills.

As far as what happens to the food returned by a client. We give them a credit or a new bag of food--the return can be for any reason--they get their money's worth and we'll eventually get credit (except for Royal Canin if it was past expiration date).

Our cat and dog foods are NEVER even close to expiration. We order from Hills, Royal Canin and Purina weekly. We check the expiration dates on food and meds when they come in and with the food, new food is stocked in the back of that row of food. Older food in the front. It is rotated as new food comes in. Most of our food never gets even close to expiration dates. On slower moving items we rely on the person who orders the food (in our case it's me and I've worked in places that sold stuff with expiration dates since 1972) to make sure that all of the foods are no closer than 6 month from the best buy dates.

WHEN CHECKING EXPIRATIONS DATES: Everything on our food shelves is at least 6 months from expiration and practically all of it is dated for 2020 and 2021--we would have returned anything that was dated September of this year. Anything dated 2019 should be at least November or December.

When you buy dog food (or cat food) I suggest you buy from big places with fast turn over--they are also the ones that never question you about why you are returning food. We ask "why" only because Hills and Purina in particular want to know if they are getting back a lot of food in the same batch because the pet won't eat it. They may then asked vendors to return anything from that manufacture date.

Cats are much more particular than dogs and regularly turn their noses up at food they've been eating for years or at a food the vet wants them to have but they've never eaten before.

Make sure that the food you sent your kid or husband to get is really the right stuff--I read the white grain like flecks in the ProPlan Salmon, Lady Di, and the first thing I wondered was if DH had picked up a bag of the shredded blend (which has a similar bag but isn't the same as the regular ProPlan Focus--the shredded blend has small bits of a highly flavored soy based stuff that is light in color). But it sounds more like you got a bag that was growing mold--which stinks.

I was also told to either store the food in a bag in a hard container or to make sure I was scrubbing out the hard contained between bags of food. My hard container is big enough to hold 40 pounds of kibble--loose and since the bags are now 30 pound bags I can probably get the bag into the hard container. I used to use a plastic garbage can until the place I was living had a plague of field rats and mice that invaded our neighborhood when they shut a whole section of stables down near Portland Meadows (the racetrack) and dislodged a whole populations group--that was how I learned that plastic garbage cans can be chewed open by rats (and then the mice can get into them too)--and that was when I changed to a REAL hard heavy walled container--but I also moved from the place that was practically in the race tracks stables back yard.


Royal Canin also packs their kibble in vacuum sealed bags.
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