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Unhappy I need help in regards to food

Dustin and I have an almost 7mo Doberman - Tupac. And he seems to have a really sensitive stomach but now I am beginning to think that it's maybe something more. Over the past (I'm guess/estimating) 2.5 month he has been battling sever diarrhea.
At the start we thought that maybe it was the water (boil water advisory was on) so we changed his water to filtered. Next we thought it was his treats so we stopped giving him those. Next we thought it was a food allergy so we tried specific foods (all beef, then all chicken, then all pork). The food changed were all gradual and slow!!!!!!!! Then we took him to the vet and they told me he could have gotten a parasite so he was on antibiotics and a dewormer for 2 weeks. Still it persisted. They wanted to try another round of the antibiotics but I thought against that...
After the 2 weeks of that I then fasted him for 24hours, and then for a week his meals were small and frequent but just of rice, yam, yogurt, and banana. During this time I slowly transitioned him to Orijen 6 fish food blend. And FINALLY his poop came back to being normal!!!!!!!!
His food now was kibble (6 fish), yam, coconut oil, probiotics, banana and yogurt. I also added pumpkin and then it took a downward spiral. I thought maybe it could have been the pumpkin but he hasn't had that in over 24hours.
Saturday I noticed that he was having to go poop a little more often then usual - though it wasn't diarrhea.
And then yesterday it was. Hes pooped in the house twice in the last 24hours, we are taking him out every 2/3 hours and he is pooping still!!! After work today I came home to him having pooped in his kennel....
I am at a loss!!!!!!!
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I can't really comment on much, but changing his food five times over the course of 2.5 months seems to be a lot. Before changing again, I would recommend being a tad more patience when it comes to switching foods, although it seems like there may be something more going on with him.

Can you take him to a different vet for a second opinion?

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I would look at a vet trip again. It is possible that he might have something like IBS - Irritable bowl syndrome... or it may be that all the changes are just too much. I know that Orijen is very rich. You might want to try something for sensitive stomachs. I know you seem to be trying to feed good kibble, but some people have had good success with Pro Plan sensitive stomach even though it isn't a 5 star kibble.

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Originally Posted by Ainzley1996 View Post
Next we thought it was a food allergy so we tried specific foods (all beef, then all chicken, then all pork). The food changed were all gradual and slow!!!!!!!!

True food allergies in dogs aren't that common. It generally takes at least 6 weeks of feeding a strict limited ingredient diet to see an improvement if it's food allergies. You then have another months long process to reintroduce other proteins and/or starches one at a time to see if there is a reaction. Cycling through four different proteins (beef, chicken, pork, and now fish) in 2.5 months just won't do it.

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The vet said he "could" have gotten a parasite but did he check a stool sample? Different parasites need different meds.
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Our boy Griff has a sensitive stomach and is allergic to Peanut Butter. We give him 1 Nutri-Vet Probiotic in the morning in food and 1 at night in his food. We also we giving 1-2 Elm Bark caps in AM and PM as well to settle his stomach. We would open the caps and mix the powder in with the food. Some cottege cheese or pumpkin pure not the pumkin pie mix (easy to miss this) in is food. Once is was settled we took the Elm Bark away. It worked wonders for him.

We also feed Merrick Grain Free Chicken or Beef, the others were too rich and he had upset stomach.

Good Luck!
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Sorry you are going through this, I've had dogs with stomach problems and it sucks. If he was doing well on the kibble, I would do just that (no extras). I think doing yam, coconut oil, probiotics, banana, yogurt and pumpkin is a lot. I would only add one back in at a time, and even then rotate them so he only gets one per meal so you can isolate whether any of them are causing an issue.

Also, how much are you feeding at one time? Smaller more frequent meals could help. Regarding probiotics, I tried a lot with my dog but the only one that helped was Pro-pectalin.
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With my dog Hoss.....everything revolves around his one kibble.....he is 2.5 years ..but he eats AM and PM........ever sense he was a small pup anytime I tried to introduce something different to him as a snack it would mess up his belly and he would walk around like a camel......all hunched backed!!! So sad!!!!
So now.....kibble that's it....as far as snacks ....yep...same kibble.......I put his kibble in ice cube trays with water...freeze.....now we have puppy cool pops.....I stuff the kibble cubes into his kong.....or he just eats them as is.......every once in a while.. I test the borders ...each time I get burned and regret not sticking with kibble only. So your pup has had many changes......I would stick with kibble only..and good water intake is a must ......so keep track of that ......and see if things balance out over a month...........
Meanwhile check with your vet to make sure stool sample was tested.......and bring them up to date on the current status.....hope things get better soon.....nothing worse that an overworked pooper...poor little guy......

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Did you actually get a stool screening? That would be the first step.

Then puppy may need a bland diet (either boiled chicken and rice, or a prescription diet), for a few days or a week or so, to get back to normal. Once things are actually looking good, you transition back to JUST kibble for a while - no treats, no "additions." I'd also agree that Orijen is often too rich for pups. I would agree that Proplan is often good for Dobermans - the sensitive stomach formula (I think it's now branded "Focus") is very often a food they do well on. After several weeks, if my pup was doing well on JUST kibble, I'd consider slowly adding in a TINY bit of ONE new thing. I'd also be careful about not overfeeding.

But your first step is back to the vet for a fecal.
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