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Quality of Life?

I thought I would post this because I am not sure what to look for. I had a chat with our vet on Saturday about quality of life... This being our first dog and I am not sure what to look out for. People keep saying that you will know when it is time but.. What if we are turning a blind eye to it because we don't want to make that call? Our dog is happy and allert. His numbers are terrible (kidney failure) and he is still throwing up. But as I said he is still happy, allert and playful. Our vet gives him a few weeks... I think Febuary I don't think he is ready to go... He still has a sparkle in his eye.

I just don't know.. He isn't peeing in the house or pooping in the house or anything like that. He is still eating and drinking....

What is quality of life?
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I think summed up IMHO, if they spend more time happy and content, pain and discomfort free enjoying their life, then the time they spend sick, incompasitated, in pain, etc, then they aren't ready.

Although if the time they do spend unhappy or uncomfortable, if it is severe or very painful to them, I don't think it's fair to put them through it. Just my opinion. It is a very personal choice that everyone has an opinion on, but only an owner can make the decision.
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I don't think he is in any pain..
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Our dalmatian was 11 when we put her down...she still was moving fine...and was happy...but she also was throwing up especially after drinking all her water...from what i remember...her collar was decreasing in size rapidly...but she was having accidents in the house...quite a bit actually...As hard as it was I feel better that we put her down when we did before she really really started to show that it was time. We stayed with her at the vets while she was put down which I think is the best thing you can give to them at that time.
im a worry wart...and so when Dice was aging and you could tell she was ill...I saw everything...I didnt ignore it...I laid down with her and worried about her everyday...it's a hard thing to watch...even if the time isnt COMPLETELY obviously there yet...we decided to put her down...we stayed with her...and although i was terribly sad it was a relief that the waiting and worrying about her was done and I could relax knowing that she was painfree and I know she loved us very much and we loved her.

the family i babysit had a lab...that was 13 years old...every night i babysit I was so afraid that the dog was going to pass on me while I was there. She couldnt get up or walk well...I constantly checked her while she was laying down or sleeping...For me I wouldnt be able to go through seeing it THAT bad.

If the time is right for it...I'd rather be prepared...I'd rather know that this would be our last day physically together and to be able to be with the dog while they are passing. that way you know when your last day together will be and make it special.

...I dont know...just how I feel.

I hope it isn't kohls time yet...give him a big hug and kiss from all of us

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just a member
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This is a really hard thing to come up with a straight forward answer. Our last dog, we had to make a quality of life choice. After having him for 10 years, he just was not the same dog we had anymore. The things he once did easily, was now very difficult for him. It became very obvious to us that he was no longer able to do his normal routine.

With all the happy times we had, we saw the changes he was going through and all the problems he was having. In your heart you will realize when this time will come. In most cases, you may turn a blind eye to some things, but you will start to realize that something is up after many things start to change. Especially when you have a good active relationship with the dog, you will notice any changes that will happen.

Its a difficult decision because you may become selfish and not put the best interest of the dogs aheads of yours. I think this is a normal response at first. It took us sometime to come to that realization, but we know we did the best for him. I have a Elkhound waiting for me at the Rainbow bridge.

"Never sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things" - George Carlin

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This is so diffecult, I know I was once in a similair position, and so are others as well I think, the advice my vet was given to me, she said when the bad days are more then the good days, then it was time to make a decision.

But even then its diffecult to, hope when the time is there you will take the right decision, you be in our thoughts!
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Our Dane developed seizures and fought the good fight for over a year. She was on an ever increasing amount of medication to control the seizures. The hardest part of our decision was that she still acted fine most of the time. But when she would break through the meds and have a seizure she was so confused after it was over. When we took her to the vet to be pts she was having a great day - very alert, happy, just as goofy as when she was a pup - but we knew that it wouldn't last. She gave us a wonderful last memory and we stayed with her until the end.

I feel for you. It isn't easy, but you will know the time when it comes.

"The miracle isn't that I finished... The miracle is that I had the courage to start."
John Bingham
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I know with one of our labs my dad jsut couldn't see it and waited soo long to put him down. He carried him out to the bathroom and basically force fed him and it was jsut sad. there are some people that can't see its time.

I have always heard pick three things the dog loves,like fetch,playing with the cat and eating. When they can't do,or enjoy those three its time.

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How often does Kohl throw up? How does he act before and after he throws up? Does he act like he's in pain? What does he usually throw up? Water, food, bile?
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Originally Posted by DeauxB Luver
How often does Kohl throw up? How does he act before and after he throws up? Does he act like he's in pain? What does he usually throw up? Water, food, bile?
Kohl was throwing up quite often.. It was daily for a while then we started Pecid AC and it was maybe every second day. We went for a whole week with out any throwing up then all of a sudden Sunday morning he threw up and it smelt rotton.. Like so bad we had to air out the house for the whole day. Then again last night.. How does he act after..He normally just goes and lays on the couch after. Or when he is outside he eats grass. He doesn't seem to be in any pain though.. Lately his throw up has been sour.. A little Bio and food.. Before it was his water and before that it was bio..

I can notice that he has lost alot of weight in the last week.. I am going to weigh him tonight at the vets. They are right beside puppy daycare.

I like the three thing suggestion.. He still loves to play ball and eat and drink water.. I think when those stop.. Then I think in my heart I will know..
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I lost my rescued Greyhound at age 11 3/4 to kidney failure several years ago. When he got to the point where he was uninterested in food I would hold the bowl for him and try to tempt him to eat.......it helped but he was losing weight........and Greyhounds are pretty lean to begin with. He was starting to pee in the house a couple of nights a week - no warning and always on my good oriential rugs of course :-(

The one thing he always lived for was a walk. He got to the point where while he still got excited for the walk, as soon as we started walking he was dragging and not enjoying it. It was the memory of the joy that brought him to the door for a walk.......... not the brightest bulb in the bunch because he forgot everytime :-)

When we got to this point, I took him back to the vet one last time. His coat looked awful, he was skinny, peeing in the house and just had lost that sparkle except for the one minute where he remembered how fun it used to be to go for a walk. It was time and I knew it. Hardest damn thing I ever did. I knew he could have tottered on for a while like that but the joy was gone for both him and us. The dogs are mine and so that last visit to the vet has always been made alone - amazing that I have actually not wrecked the car on the way home yet. Staying with them and holding them will give you some closure. My vet allows people to sit in the exam room with them for as long as they want, and they just send you a bill to spare you from having to stop at the desk on the way out. I make the decision before hand about cremation, etc.....

My thoughts are with you on this............ I know it sounds stupid, but you will know when it is time. It does not sound like it is time yet........but only you can know when it comes.

Mary Jo Ansel

AKC GRCH/UKC CH Fitzmar's Command A Minute CGC "Harvard"
Fitzmar's Victory Hop Devil RN CGC "Jezebel"
Ch Jalyn One Moment Please "Mabel"
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I am so very sorry for you and Kohl. These decisions are never easy to make. Don't worry about not being able to see the time, only you will know when that time is right and you will know it when it's there.

In the mean time enjoy what you have left. You have given Kohl a great home and he is obviously well loved, he knows you are doing your best.


Nothing is 'natural' about drop ears. All pure breeds are designed by man with a purpose, form, function and look that is is their heritage, their history - important parts of what made the breed and must be respected and preserved.

If we want the right to have that CHOICE, let's stand up and fight for ALL choice! Let's NOT remain neutral or silent about losing the right to choose just because YOUR choice may not be the one threatened!

In doG, we trust.
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Bumper was 17 when I finally called the vet to the house. it was the hardest desicion I ever made.
It was time though, he was hurtin. The vet gave me some decent advice about it all..
when it gets to the point that the 3 things your dog loves doing the most aren't enjoyable anymore, it might be time to consider your options.

That man sat at my home with me for 2 hours that afternoon, he talked to me and to Bumper and held me while I cried. He put Bumper out of his misery in the middle of my dining room, in his favorite spot to sleep...his head in my lap.
He took the time I needed and stayed with me for 1/2 hour afterwards to make sure I was OK.

A week later he brought back Bumper's ashes for me. And stayed for a cup of coffee again while I sat there crying.
It was time and we all knew it. Didn't make it any easier

*hugs to you guys*
being a parent sucks some times
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I agree with Velmadobe that it doesn't sound like it's time yet. He will let you know.

A few years ago I had to put my cat down at the age of 22ish. He was my first pet and had been with me throughout my childhood. He meant more to me than any other pet will ever mean to me. In the last 3-4 years of his life, he started losing a lot of weight. He still got around and enjoyed doing his daily routine. At the end, he went into kidney failure. I could look in his face and tell that it was time to say goodbye. He just was not the same cat. I stayed with him while he left this world and for a little while afterward. The absolute hardest thing I have ever done.

I know how much Kohl means to you and cannot express enough how sorry I am that you are going through this. This is the only thing that I HATE about pet ownership and every owner will see this day. It's so hard to let go. Cherish every second that you have with him. I will be keeping you in my thoughts through this difficult time.
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I am really sorry, I can't offer any advice. I have never had to make that decision, and I am dreading ever having to. I do tend to agree with the "3 thing rule" though. I think that seems like a pretty good place to start.

We are here if you need us, and I am really sorry that you are having to even think about this...I know it must be a tough decision to make.
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I had upped Jake's pain meds over the weekend and was hoping they would kick in but I believe I waited too long he was in allot of pain could not wait untill the vets opened that morning he too was eating and drinking but having problems getting up and down at 110# no choice but to get him into the vets. Jake was a Bouvier but my best friend I'm sorry I did not take him sooner but the vet had said give the pain meds a chance to work.I also stayed with him just glad we have that option to give them peace.
Patches Mom
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Still Here Despite Rumour
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There is only one person who can make this call and I think you will know when it is time,I do not envy you one bit, I had to make that decision on my last 2 dobes and it is never easy.

My favourite quote "If it's not a Doberman,It's just a dog" Anon
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Thanks guys..
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Kohl is in our prayers. I wish you all the best.


Originally Posted by TracyJo
You know that the growling is just his way to assert his dominance and attempt to control the world, don't cha???? It's caused by his brain growing faster and larger than his skull, be very careful, he could snap at any second now!!!! :-)

Here's the proof..........

RIP my sweet Princess.
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