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  1. dobes4us
    08-25-2014 11:50 AM - permalink
    You mentioned your dog with DCM but you commented on the SVE's, did she have any VPB's? I have a dog that has AFib and this is her story... On her routine HW check and exam the vet heard issues with the atrial portion of her hearts. We did a ECG, thyroid and holter exam. Her thyroid came back as being hypothyroid. Her first ECG noted Atrial Premature Complexes so a holter was advised In her first holter she had close to 50,000 SVE with singles and pairs. She was started on Soloxine and Diltazem after her first ECG. We reholtered 2 weeks later with very little improvement so we added Sotalol and reholtered 3 weeks later and we had great improvement. We removed the Diltazem-did not think that helped her at all. We retested on 8/10 and we are down to 24 SVE in a 24 hour period. She has been cleared to do all her normal activities.

    If you haven't check her thyroid, I would do that ASAP. Thyroid plays a key roll in a lot of organ function.

    Don't know if my story helps...
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