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Conversation Between Kansadobe and jody
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  1. Kansadobe
    02-12-2010 09:47 PM - permalink
    If you will e-mail me at home or work it will be easier to carry on this conversation. [email protected] or [email protected]

  2. jody
    02-12-2010 07:01 PM - permalink
    Where to begin? First its going be a least two years before I will be getting a Doberman Pup. I already know I want a female, have a name picked and all! First, how soon should contact a breeder and see how long of a waiting list they have? How do breeders test for cardiomyopathy ? Should animals be certified for heart, thyroid, hips, wobbler disease,eyes yearly or how often? How common is a bleeding disorder in this breed? What about disk, vertebrae problems? My biggest fear is getting a dog that is too much for me, how do I make sure this doesn't happen? especially seeing how I like Euro lines and I know they work them?
  3. Kansadobe
    02-11-2010 08:56 AM - permalink
    Of course we will answer your questions.
  4. jody
    02-11-2010 08:03 AM - permalink
    Hi, I have been talking with Von on this site, because he has a history with Dobermans. I was asking him questions about when to contact a breeder, how long should you wait before being placed on a waiting list etc. I have never had the pleasure of owning a doberman, but would love to in the distance future. I have been on several forums and trying to determine what I like and so on. It just so happens that your one of the breeder on my list!!! Your dogs are very nice looking and you obviously know the breed. Would you mind answering some of my questions? Thank you for your time.
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