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  1. Hall3846
    01-16-2015 01:45 PM - permalink
    Hi. I just joined this site. I read your post about your dog's DCM. My Doberman was in distress a couple weeks ago, and I took him to the emergency room. He was diagnosed with DCM. He stayed a couple days in the hospital and he is now home and on ACE inhibitors, diuretics and Vetmedin. Now I am having trouble getting him to eat anything but chicken breast (I cook it partially) and raw ground beef. I am devastated as the cardiologist said he has 6 months to a year to live. I have a couple questions about your experience with your Doberman.

    1. Your dog was diagnosed early? Is that why he has a longer life span than average?

    2. Any suggestions on what to feed, especially during this early stage of starting meds and needing to get stronger?
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