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Conversation Between triciakoontz and Stella's mom
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  1. Stella's mom
    11-23-2015 11:47 AM - permalink
    Stella's mom
    would love any tips/tricks for getting Stella and Olive better acquainted. I have been able to successfully redirect her when I anticipate that she is about to interact either by chasing or pouncing. Usually I can just call her name and we go into another room to do something like empty the dishwasher. I have been unsuccessful when she is already chasing. So for example I didn't realize Olive was even in the living room, I thought she was in the bedroom, and Stella is playing with a stuffed kong, Olive comes running out from under the couch and bam....Stella is chasing. At that point I am unable to verbally redirect or call her off. Luckily the cat is smart and she knows that under the couch or on the dining room chair the dog can't get her, but still obviously I cant allow Stella to chase the cat. This would have been so much easier 3 months ago when Stella was less of a threat.
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