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  1. timmer
    12-13-2014 03:54 AM - permalink
    thank you for the reply, very reassuring to hear what you said about growling. The only time she does that is when shes excited, like when I just come home, this eve. when I came home shes so excited, she does jump up, which shes learning not to do.She does mouth me when I'm holding her when I first come home. I say no and she stops. When I got home tonight, shes prancing around wanting me to play chase, she even kinda turned the playful growl into a bark, so we played, she doesn't run into me, which is good, I had my 4 year old son outside with me, she doesn't run into him either, goes out of the way to not bump into him and she only wants to play this game with me. Compared to two weeks ago this dog has come along way. I really appreciate your knowledge and experience and he rules you mentioned, I'll remember them and keep a watchful check on her. thanks.
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