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  1. mary & prince
    03-05-2014 11:06 PM - permalink
    mary & prince
    Your last post cracked me up. Doberygirl she sounds very young, I'm curious how old her doberman is, she never answered that question.

    I was looking at that woman's site and she had a litter in August and now another litter in January, so the money just keeps on coming.

    I know what you told me ages ago but when I read anything about her I see red, must be that Italian blood in me.
  2. mary & prince
    05-07-2009 11:49 PM - permalink
    mary & prince
    Hi Mary

    The pictures you posted of Royal and Moxie are so cute, Sammy's jealous he wants a girlfriend. Tuesday my Kinetico tank with the R/O water had a small hole in the bottom and I had a flood under my sink. They came over replaced the tank and I thought great no more problems. I took Sammy out for his evening walk, when we got back he was playing I opened the faucet and I heard water under the sink. I looked and I had another flood. My Grohe pull down faucet is stainless steel and it spilt down the middle, well lets just say my Italian temper took over. I had to laugh Sammy just looked at me, came over and gave me a kiss. Its a pain when you can`t use the sink.
  3. MaryAndDobes
    04-28-2009 12:33 AM - permalink
    Hi Mary,

    Saw you were logged on to DT. Thought I'd say hi to my fellow night owl - lol. How is Sammy doing? Any progress with that ear? I haven't posted Copper's ear for a couple of weeks, and I do think that letting him work it on his own has been helpful *but* they have to be at the point of being able to work it on their own. I wish I was there so I could see Sammy myself. That's been a really hard part of this move.

    Blush is doing well. She's anxious to be playing so I'm sure she'll be glad to get her stitches out on Saturday. I put a t-shirt on her to keep her from bothering her incision but, surprisingly, it rubbed her shoulder raw. She got a nasty sore there. Some aloe spray helped.

    My mom has been here for the past few days. She goes home tomorrow. My friends went to Alabama so they brought her with them and dropped her off last Wednesday. My friends came back tonight and are staying over, and they all leave in the morning.
  4. MaryAndDobes
    03-17-2009 01:10 AM - permalink
    It's 2 am there - go to sleep! LOL
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