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Exclamation Dobie for life but I'm stuck!

Hey y'all,

I'm from Texas and am wanting a Dobie in my life. I'm starting my search early as I want to be educated and ready for this life time commitment. So a few questions I have are:

1. How do you know what a good breeder looks like?
2. What are the all letters following the names?
3. Is there something that I should raise red flags?

I have done some research on some breeders I want to look into:

Draggin Dobermans - Houston, Texas
Aria Dobermans - Houston, Texas
Miller Dobes - Oklahoma
Drury Ln Dobermans - Missouri
Ozark Autumn Dobermans - Missouri
Doberland - Missouri
Dream Catcher Dobermans - Indiana

I have seen really great comments about so far:
Jager Dobermans
Ashtrick Dobermans

Any help is great help and really appreciated!
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You're in Texas? I'd head straight to the breed clubs.
Dallas: Doberman Pinscher Club of Dallas - Home
San Antonio:
Austin's representative is Irina Sasu-Pernoll at Rhapsody (who is an excellent breeder in her own right).

Things to look for: titles, ideally on both ends of the dog's registered names. All the letters preceding and following names are titles earned on that dog. Ask the breeder what they mean. AKC Ch or GCh is desired for conformation. Health testing, with the bare minimum matching what's listed on the DPCA website: DPCA | The Doberman | Health - and all the annual stuff should be RECENT.

I'd also want to know if they were participating in studies, whether they're a member of the chapter club nearest them, whether they encourage their pet homes to do annual holters/echos/thyroid/liver testing. I'd want to know whether they do necropsies for deceased dogs, and I'd want to know how many of your future puppy's ancestors are still alive...and the ages and causes of death of those who have passed on. I'd want to know if they have any dogs in the DPCA Longevity Program, and what their plan for longevity is. I'd want to know what their goals are for the litter they're producing. I'd want to know what happens to a dog that cannot stay in the home where they were placed.

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DPCA Chapter Club:
Regional rescue:

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Find an AKC all breed dog show or doberman specialty show in your area and go! You will learn the most by seeing well bred dobermans and talking with owners and breeders. Spend some time reading on the DPCA website as well. There are many good articles in the public education section of the site.
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Hi Dobs! And Welcome from the pacific NW...

Here is an article that was posted by member Meadowcat a while back. It is a bit long, but I found it quite informative. There also is a follow up article posted by member Rosemary that is also worth reading.

In any case, good fr you for doing your research. Keep updating!

John Lichtwardt
Portland OR
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Got mutt?
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Doberland is the same person who used to have the kennel names of Guardian Angel, Guardian K9, and simply Guardian. You might want to do a forum search for those names.
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I didn't look at all the breeders you've listed but the ones you listed that I am familiar with amount to lots of breeding, very few titles, and vague to patchy health testing.

And the "Intl. Ch." title through the IABCA that some of them are touting is basically a bought title. Your dog doesn't have to ever win against any other dog in order to be awarded the title which can be obtained in a single 3-day show. You show up with your dog, enter the ring, the "judge" hands you a certificate. Do it three times and congratulations, you're the proud owner of an "International Champion."

Its a far cry from the competition of the AKC breed ring, or even UKC ring in many breeds and areas of the country. Some breeds are more competitive in UKC but, in show line Dobes in the US, the AKC breed ring is the gold standard for truly competitive, well bred dogs. So, I'd be looking for breeders with dogs listed as AKC CH or GCH (Grand Champion - there can be different levels of GCH now, GCHB is Bronze, GCHS is Silver, GCHG is Gold, and it maxes out at GCHP, which is Platinum).

The letters that appear after some dogs' names can indicate sport titles, like - CDX (companion dog excellent), UD (utility dog), MX (master agility excellent), NAJ (novice agility jumpers), CA (coursing ability), HT (herding tested), RA (rally advanced), SINE (scent work interior novice elite), TD (tracking dog), IPO1 or now IGP1 (first level protection sport title) and many, many, many, many, many more.

And certificates earned - things like THD (therapy dog), CGC (canine good citizen), WAC (working aptitude certification), LC (longevity certified - indicating a long lived Dobe).

ROM, or the Register of Merit, is a title awarded to Dobermans who have earned (1) their AKC Championship, (2) an approved working title, and (3) passed the WAE (working aptitude evaluation). This distinction will also appear after a dog's registered name.

Dogs can also earn sport championships, and these will appear in front of the name. So, if you see an OTCH, MACH, or RACH in front of a Dobe's registered name, that indicates an Obedience Trial Championship, Master Agility Championship, or Rally Championship, respectively. And some dogs have earned a MACH multiple times over which can be determined by the number that follows it like, MACH3 or MACH10.

As an aside, I would strongly recommend reading and talking to experienced Dobe owners a lot about health in the breed. Its better to know about the risks upfront before you bring a pup home.

Anyway, there are many good breeders in the US and some of them are right there in Texas. I second the suggestion to get in touch with local Dobe breed clubs.

You might also want to search the DPCA Breeder Referral and the UDC Breeder Listing.

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It's SO helpful to go meet some dogs in person - if you can connect with chapter clubs and get to some dog shows I think you'd find it really helpful. It's one thing to read about someone's dogs, but it's so much better to actually meet them and get to know their temperaments in person, and getting to some events would really help you out with that. Chapter club meetings/events would be a really good start, and shows are a great chance to meet the dogs. I also find it really helpful to get to meet the breeders and see who you "click" with. Your breeder will be in your life for hopefully a decade - you want someone you feel comfortable with!

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hi there. I am a new member. Currently looking for a breeder in Texas. Just wondering if you ended up getting a puppy and if you have feedback on breeders from your search. thanks !
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