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Originally Posted by MaryAndDobes View Post
I really wouldn't say any puppy passes or fails the Volhard test. They are just determined to be stronger/weaker in the given areas.

And fwiw, I'm not even convinced the test is all that. You're supposed to do it in a certain time frame (age), you're supposed to do it in a neutral area that the puppies are unfamiliar with (I find most breeders do it at home), you're supposed to have a stranger (to the puppies) administer the exercises (I often hear about breeders doing it themselves or they are present) - all of these things skew the results.

Additionally, depending on the size of the litter and how long the later puppies are waiting for their turn, well, it's something else that skews the result. I had it done on a litter of nine, for eg. By the time we got to 7, 8 and 9, they were worn out and tired as they had been awake and playing while their littermates were taken out one by one to do the tests. When it was their turn, in some cases, we had to wake them up or try to keep them awake to get through the exercises and their responses were kind of lacklustre on some things. Meaning they were too tired to care much.
I apologise, might be a linguistic issue, english isn't my first language, when I said 'passed' I meant they completed the test, not in the sense that they succeeded or not. Thank you for clarifying however for those who may not know. (I do have the evaluation result, my breeder gave it in a folder of other papers and info when the puppies were sold )

Regarding the test, it's only a snapshot in time of course, and these are things that can change in the course of an individual's life since so much depends on experiences, socialisation etc. So it reinforces the point that it doesn't mean much, it is one aspect that may or may not help guide one about the puppies personality, but as my breeder said, it's not as reliable as the word of a good breeder who has spent time with these pups since the day they were born. I do know that Nadia's litter was taken to a club and done by a professional evaluator who they had not encountered before etc. But again, that doesn't mean much if it doesn't translate into the work the new homes have to put in with any given dog.

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You have an entire thread of useful answers from some people who have been in the breeder for a very, very long time here:

It's up to you what you make of that.

by Shanoa Delta, on Flickr

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this isn't Doberman related, but when I bought my lab puppy, I was not allowed to choose my puppy. I talked with the breeder about my family, my plans for the pup, and what other pets and personalities were in our house. In all honesty, she picked the perfect puppy for our household. I visited several times and met the puppy that had been chosen for me, but I did not get to choose. I didn't even get to choose her registered name for that matter. I think they know their puppies best. She spent everyday with them.
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Originally Posted by Ykupri View Post
@Dobe_Mom @windamyr
questions depend based of what is provided on the website. here are the few.

I ask how many litters do they have a year
Age, height, and weight of the parents.
What is the blood line
If it is possible to visit and see and interact with the parents of the pups
If they perform Valhards
If they breed w/in or outside the kennel
If they stay in contact with the puppy owners, and for how long
If they tattoo, or microchip their pups.
How many of their progenies, to their best knowledge have developed any diseased that parents did not have according tho their medical records, after the second year of life.
What are their, thoughts on crate training?
I'm going to simply make a suggestion that may help you in the future? or may not. Perhaps instead of calling a stranger up with a list of questions like this, it may be more productive to simply start a conversation. MOST folks are perfectly willing to 'talk dogs' as long as you'd like, and many breeder do sort of expect that you have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for and use that as a starting point. While I understand you'd like to find out as much as possible about the lines a possible pup may be coming from, a lot of that is information you can research if you have the parent's names. Many breeders will be happy to answer the other questions and most try their best to keep in touch with puppy buyers from years past.MOST(not all!) breeders don't keep sire and dam on the same property, they tend to go out to breed to a male who has qualities they're looking for to complement their bitch. So it may, or may not be possible to actually see Dad in person. As far as coming to visit Mom and pups, a LOT of folks will not allow visitors in the early days of a litter, for health reasons, and for Mama's peace of mind. Many bitches get a wee bit testy when strangers are sitting at the side of the whelping box, however well intentioned they may be. And one last thought, many folks are quite gunshy of animal rights crazies these days, and for that reason are very wary of letting perfect strangers come into their home. So just a thought, but work on building relationships, regardless of whether you get a pup from them or not, those relationships can prove valuable and enriching going forward
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I know of no breeders that will allow u to choose your puppy. Most have a questionaire and will use it to select the pup for the best home. Many do temperment tests n match the pup for the training r job that pup will do best in...whether it be show, agility, r a pet. They also look at your experience. Check the dpca breeder referral n never assume. U research is old.
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Several years ago a good number of Belgian breeders received a 'questionnaire' from someone doing "research". The questions were a bit pointed, and came across as rather rude and intrusive, and no one, not a one of the breeders who received this missive bothered to even reply, much less answer the questions. Just making the point that how we approach a breeder can have a major impact on their first impression of us, we may have no bad intentions at all! But if misunderstanding occurs in the first contact, we may never get the chance to prove our intentions are good.
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akc , breeder , honest , puppy

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